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Saturday, 07/28/2012, 06:20 am

Injury Update: Palhares Will Not Need Surgery For Injured Knee | UFC NEWS

Earlier this week we reported that top UFC middleweight, Rousimar Palhares, was forced out of his scheduled UFC 150 bout with Yushin Okami due to a knee injury.

At the time of the report it was unclear as to the extent of the injury, however, in a recent interview with his doctor confirmed he will not need surgery, which will mean a faster return to action.

Here is the report:



After a few exams with Luiz Antônio Oliveira, a specialist in knee injuries, Rousimar’s doctor Michael Simoni said he won’t need to go under the knife.

“Toquinho got hurt while defending a takedown and he won’t be able to continue his trainings. But, at first, there’s no risk to need a surgery”.




5 Responses to “Injury Update: Palhares Will Not Need Surgery For Injured Knee | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    i didnt bother reading this article but to say one thing about this guy, he sucks. he hits the weights all day then when its time to fight he has 1 move and thats to sub ppl once on the ground. this guy needs tons of work in the striking field.. he will never win a title and is irrelevant.. only write articles about fighters who have a chance. this guy only knows how to sub everything else he sucks..hahah.. all those muscles for no reason… makes guys like me look bad.

    • Whatever says:

      Well he does use those muscles to get guys to the ground and your best Jui jitsu players in the world only have about 3 go to movies. I agree his stand up needs work but with the exception of Hendo and Alan no one else could stop his takedowns or his subs. JMO

      • tobes says:

        I think you mean with the exception of Hendo, Alan (Belcher), A. Silva, Chael Sonnen, Rich Franklin, Vitor Belfort, Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping, W. Silva (basically any top 15 MW), + (Maia, GSP, Marquadt) etc. any top 5 WW or high level grappler).

    • Darcy says:

      Really?? This is a unified MMA site talking about someone who fights in the UFC. If you only want to read about champions, then don’t click on links with people you don’t like. No ones forcing you to read every single post on this site. Even though I’m not really a fan of Palhares it’s still good to be updated on injuries.. If they fight in the UFC I think that it warrants a post on this site.

  2. Reality says:

    Yay Paul Harris.

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