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Sunday, 08/05/2012, 01:33 pm

In His Exact Words | Penn Wants MacDonald Fight Booked As Soon As Possible

With news of the UFC 152 bout cancellation between Rory MacDonald and BJ Penn the world has been left to speculate and wonder when the two top welterweights would enter into a new bout agreement.

Initially it was thought that the UFC and Penn would seek a replacement opponent for the two-division champion’s return from retirement. However, once news broke of the MacDonald injury Penn told BJPENN.COM exclusively that he wants off the UFC 152 card and hopes to get the MacDonald bout postponed to a later date.

Behind the scenes news travels fast and it has to come to my attention that MacDonald and his camp want the fight pushed back nearly two-full months in order to give the young Canadian time to properly heal.

For Penn, who is already weeks into his training camp, two-additional-months is not ideal and for his team, postponing the bout that long seems slightly unreasonable.

With the news of MacDonald’s wishes starting to become clear I asked “The Prodigy” what kind of message he would like to send to his opponent and the MMA community.

With the floor open, BJ was precise and exact with his expectations and wishes from Rory.

He stated…

“Rory, with all due respect you challenged me to come out of retirement and I accepted. Then, you back out of the fight!

Now you want to put our fight off for two-more-months, but this fight should happen as soon as the cut heals. 10-weeks from now is plenty of time. Let’s fight on Oct. 13th, that’s more than reasonable.”


126 Responses to “In His Exact Words | Penn Wants MacDonald Fight Booked As Soon As Possible”

  1. Pancho says:

    Damn BJ is a smart man! War BJ

    • bjpennisapussy says:

      Smart?calling out a guy when he is injured? Bitch ass Bjpenn quit when Diaz whoop his ass know knowing Rory can’t fight he is trying to look tuf,guarantee Rory will be the next champ and BJ will never win another fight to a top level athlete,all you BJ nut hugger a going to get a reality check,BJ was good when the level of competition was low know all top 10 will make BJ look like what he is a little niche overrated fighter.

  2. Lino says:

    Rory lit a fire under BJ
    Now BJ is gonna fuxk him up!

  3. joker says:

    BJ so fired up for this fight, gutted I might have to wait another 2 months to see it. Get mummy to kiss that little cut better Rory

  4. Ian says:

    Don’t give this clown time to cycle off, take the fight to him BJ! War Baby Jay!!

  5. Bd says:

    I have lost all respect for rory … Only a juicer would have to wait that long to propert “heal” .. You’re duxking 22-23 years old … I’m 23 and I know how fast we heal.. And I’m not a too athlete like this guy…. Too fucking fishy …. Honestly if all fighters were clean there would be no hold ups and down talking like there … I wonder what would be happening with no testing involved … Idk

    • Joe Bidden says:

      His…Eye is cut. You can see the pictures.

      You’re telling me he gashed his face just so he could cycle off steroids? Really?

      Shut the fuck up.

      • Bd says:

        Not at all that’s assuming too much … But waiting longer would be fishy .. He could heal up

        • Jay says:

          A gash that big takes a while too heal fully if you don’t give it time it will easily reopen in a fight, I want to see rory fully healed so no one has any excuses.

        • hitmanclark says:

          Yes, because no fighter has ever fought with a wound that wasn’t completely healed.

      • lolziez says:

        thats EXACTLY what im sayin, i garantee they would go to that extreme to cover that shit up, because they dont want to tarnish GSPs good name by having someone from his camp get caught with PEDS…DERP

  6. 808 says:

    Hahahah .Now what

  7. Josh says:

    Siyar the great keeps asking to fight BJ on twitter. I’d like to see that.

  8. stephen riddle says:

    Whoop his ass bj he might just back out altogether.does a fighter only train a certain amount per camp? Can they lose their edge if it goes to long? Anybody?

  9. Xaninho says:

    MacDonald will look way worse as soon as BJ is finished with him.

  10. Rory Macdonald says:

    After BJ was done doing the first test with VADA. I RORY MACDONALD faked an injury and requested the fight postpone three months so my piss is blue again. FUCK YOU BJ I’M NOT SCARED OF YOU BRING VADA OUT !

    • Youranidiot says:

      Look at the photo you stupid cunt, go suck on bj’s steroid free left nut

      • Big J says:

        Woah, woah Stone Cold Steve Austin, save it for your next match! It looks like someone else is having a bit of Roid Rage, as well! :)

        • Youranidiot says:

          Im cold, but my names not Steve or Austin, typical bj fans still mad about gsp beating the shit out of penn that they have to take there anger out on someone who trains at the same camp as him, get over the loss you idiots, is your hatred for gsp and tri-star outweighs your love for penn then i wouldn’t call yourself a fan of mixed martial arts or bj penn…smarten up folks

        • Big J says:

          I personally don’t mind GSP, he is respectful and a good fighter; however, I do think him and Rory are suspect of PEDs, though.

          I don’t like the way Rory disrepected BJ at the press conference, that is something GSP would never do. I wish these fighters would all be clean, so all are on the “same playing field.” That’s my frustration with this sport.

  11. the Natural says:

    Let’s do it in hawaii!!!

  12. g00db0y says:

    BJ’s gonna put a whoopin on that ass like he did with diego sanchez!!
    He sound motivated! WAR BJ!!

  13. Joe says:

    Where are all the Rory MacDonald fans? What do you guys have to say about this? What a FUCKING JOKE this kid and Tristar Gym is… an extra 2 months to heal a cut haha get outta here. BJ gonna smash this kid and shut everyone up. What a bunch of cheating bastards. WAR PENN

  14. Thom tucker says:

    Y all the hate rory needed something like 40 stitches 3 layers thats a crazy bad cut

    • Joe says:

      It’s a bad cut, but not 2 months bad c’mon now that’s way too much time. A little fishy seeing as it came 2 days after the VADA papers were finalized

      • Thom tucker says:

        I wanna say good responses thanks for not going douch u had a good answer …. And I thought 2 months was long too but then I thought its like 30 days no contact right? So he would need time to get back in shape ….. If anything bj should this extra time to get better I love bj but he does gas against good wrestlers I would hope he just uses this time wisely .

    • thetude says:

      Maybe the cut is going to take so long to heal because he is cycling off, macdonald you ain’t foolin nobody, get clean then get ur ass beat, is it just me or does rory look like a 14 year old with roid rage all the time, I called it months ago, google search for rorys shiner he sustained during practice on, how is that much acne possible without the presence of ped’s in his system

      • Ok says:

        Uhmm, well for one, he’s a young 24 year old guy that trains 8 hours a day and wrestles with other fighters and probably doesn’t wash well enough. See how that works or do I need to spell it out for you?

    • Jake Simmons says:

      One time I needed 52 stitches for a head laceration, a cut also to the bone. I think it was raked in 1.5 months.

  15. Thom tucker says:

    Also y does everyone think he’s on roids

  16. Thom tucker says:

    Also y does everyone think he’s roiding

    • 808 says:

      I have friends who roid it up for the sake of looking good, not competition. When juicing, they all had mild to severe acne, more so on the back. Rory Macdonald has all the symptoms and is deceptively strong for his size.

      • Thom tucker says:

        Micheal McDonald has a lot of acne but I don’t think he’s roiding I think really young fighters just get a lot of acne …. But I’m not a doc just curious thank u

  17. Michael hamlin says:

    Who cares!!

  18. Rory McRoider says:

    Dude I need more time to cycle! 10 weeks just won’t do!


    Because BJ fans are the most finatical groupies know in the MMA community and EVERYONE besides BJ is on roids or cheating somehow… it’s pretty comical to read some of the retarded shit they come up with sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I’m a BJ fan as well (how could you not be) but I’m not about to start swinging off his frank and beans like some fans have made a career out of doing.

    • Dipstar says:

      How do u make a career out of that, sign me up. You sir are an idiot and wasted your time typing a paragraph about nothing. As far as everyone on this site being bj penn fans, guess what your on killer

      • LET THE HATE RAIN DOWN says:

        I was actually replying to Thom tucker’s question above “Also Y does everyone think he’s roiding?” but didn’t reply in the right place. You would honestly sign up to swing off of BJ’s frank and beans?!… you’ve got some issues bro but thanks for making me laugh and providing a good example of the retarded shit BJ “groupie” fans say sometimes I was talking about.

    • Youranidiot says:

      The ONLY reason people say rory is on or has done steroid is because diaz hinted at hit and he has bacne. Sorry BJ nut huggers i hear laying on sweaty mats all days and being young may lead to acne. And being strong when your fighting somebody who should be in a weight closer lower than you, well im sure even you idiots could figure that one out

  20. Thom says:

    Thats whatsup, WAR BJ!

  21. Jenuel says:

    BJ is on roids!

  22. Wrestlingdoesntrule says:

    I am a maxillo facial specialist and I can tell you that a wound that is about that size with about 40 stitches are typically removed within 1 week, sometimes 2 weeks. The face heals roughly 10 times faster than any other part of the body due to blood supply in that area. That being said, I would advise 2 days of relaxation and then light working out for 1 week and then he would be allowed full contact after 3 weeks of initial accident. Something else is going on here with Rory, this seems really fake to myself and my colleagues.
    Good luck with saving face on this one Rory.
    BJPenn, you are a true gladiator.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. I attempted to do a backflip into our pool when I was little, but I miscalculated and hit my head off the ladder. My head was split wide open, much worse than MacDonald’s cut. I cannot recall the exact number of stitches I received, but I remember they were taken out within two weeks of the accident. So I am not understanding how he wouldn’t be “completely healed” come mid-September.

      • Uh ok says:

        You BJ fans are pathetic. So much talent wasted on a lazy whiny douche.
        Don’t know what the hurry is for BJ and his fans, the sooner the fight the sooner BJ gets his ass whipped.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          The guy is claiming to be a medical professional with expertise in the specific area of medicine in controversy. He made a point that is highly relevant to the specific matter on which the article is based. How is that pathetic? I never even claimed to be a Penn fan. So you jumped to a conclusion. I was just curious based on my own experience with a pretty bad gash, combined with the fact that you rarely here of a fighter pulling out of a fight because he is “cut.” Consequently, I invite you to go fuck yourself.

        • Xaninho says:

          People take the time to explain their opinions and all you bring to the table is ‘You BJ fans are pathetic. blablabla’

          you’re just butthurt because your favorite Roidy SmackDonald is getting exposed.

    • backne says:

      i had a nasty cut on my knee that needed 78 stitches, and it healed in six weeks rory is roiding that back is nastier than my knee was

  23. EP says:

    hahahah HELL YEAH BJ!!! Lets see what Roid Head Rory has to say to that statement. what a fkn bitch … calling a legend out of retirement, then not submitting a test bc he cant cycle out in time, now the cut, and backing out of fight, now post poning it for 2 more months… kid is full of excuses….. what happened was the kid saw the video when BJ said it was dream fight to beat rorys ass in his own back yard and the kid got a dose of reality and realized wtf was gonna happen. Dude i cannot wait to witness the beating BJ is gonna put on this punk. WAR BJ … TEAM PENN ALL FKN DAY EVERY DAY !

  24. Nick says:

    Man you guys stay running with assumptions. Has this kid ever been caught with steroids? NO. Get off his nuts about it. I mean it’s a deep cut, but somewhere are mid to late October he’ll be good to fight. I mean it’s probably gonna take 4-6 weeks for that to heal up properly.

  25. kevin says:

    ok yes it doesnt take that long to heal but what u nut huggers forget is that he cant train till it is healed so yea he would need a month to heal and then a extra month of training to make up for the month missed its not rocket science

    • Bd says:

      He can work out doing other exercises that don’t require contact.. I mean am I the only one that thinks that he can’t keep his cardio but just not do any contact till he’s ready?? Isn’t that what professionals do???

  26. Scotty says:

    Supposedly as what Dana has given out.. Doctor said No contact for a one month so that would be September 4th-5th.. which gives him 6 weeks to prepare for a fight if it was on October 13th.. And the next event would be another month in montreal which would give Rory a full training camp.. Now this could be a blessing for BJ.. Do some light training but get his cardio and nutrition on point for this month.. Then go in to a full training camp for November and beat Rory in his back yard!

  27. Bob'O says:

    Rory is guilty of something. Again, why no head gear anyway? It makes no sense whatsoever.

    I could see it now. Rory and GSP staying really late at night at tristar gym when Georges asks Rory “what is the matter my young pupil, you look troubled?”

    Rory replies: “I can’t handle the anxiety anymore G, I hear noises in the night and I think it’s Vada banging on my window wanting me to take their road test”

    Georges then says: “I told you what you must do, and you must do it to protect your name, and most of all the gym. I do it for you Rory”

    Rory then replies: “Ok, let’s do it. Just get it over with. Pop a few of them zits on my forehead while you’re at it. It will look like they busted when I didn’t really get punched”

    Georges:” Give me the razor blade. Ok…..What a minute, shhhhh, what was that?”

    Rory: “Oh that’s just Firas, he usually gives me a ride home when my mon can’t, but I told him that you’re gonna tonight. He’s a little butt hurt.That was probably him just locking up and leaving. Ok, be gentle G”

    Georges: “Ok, here go nothing……………..lay still, no pain no gain Rory”

    Rory: “that’s good, ok…….stop. Let me see? That’s good enough”

    Georges: “I am not impressed with my performance, you need atleast 40 stitches to even come close to convincing those crazy BJ Penn fans at BJ PENN .com. You want them call you greasy back liar, or Roidy Macdonald the cheater? No, I think not”

    Rory: “ok, just a little more. eeeeeeEEEEOOOOO!”

    Georges: “Well done. That should do it. Now you champion like me. Don’t forget deal though. You owe me my next grease rub down.”


      • Yonkers says:

        Ha Ha!!that was so funny……a moron who posted that obviously has no life and is a fucking loser.stop sucking dick panty pancho.bob bitch must’ve wrote that down first before posting it,that fag is corny and has no good commentary whatsoever,took a half hour out of his life to post stupid shit.

        • Irie nation says:

          And you took 2 minutes out of your life to read it you fucking queer

        • Pancho says:

          Damn Yonkers, someone is mad because daddy isn’t there to tuck you in at night. Keyboard warriors like you wouldn’t last a minute in a fight.

        • Pancho says:

          That or youre mad cause everyone doesn’t like watching GSP grease up and hump people like you. Fucking faggot.

        • Yo says:

          Lmao,u mad?….steroid luva

        • Bob'O says:

          Yonkers The yANKER, Oh come on bro, you can’t take a joke about your herO Rory?

          LMAO! Get over it crybaby. It’s back to school soon where your only claim to fame is being the biggest loud mouth idiot on the school bus.

          Have a great day son. 😉 ~Bob’O

    • Mr blue says:

      U should start writing scripts u loser.i see someone has a lot of time on their hands,far from funny,more corny than anything.laughing at u dude…..Lol

  28. Drew says:

    I said this from day one and I stand by my words… There is no way rory is going to win this fight… The roided rory self-Inflicted himself because every one at tri stars reputation is on the line… People are saying only someone who is mentally ill would do that…. It is clear as day this wound is systematic and precise… Rory had no chance of flushing his system…. Fuck tristar I’d burn it to the ground and watch with a big fat J of the sticky icky along side the penn nation
    Warrrrrr BJ!!!!!

    • Irie nation says:

      Fuck yea get that cali green in there…let’s get irie!!!

    • EP says:

      Drew I couldnt agree with you more brotha. I have said this since day one as well there is no fkn way , no chance at all that rory wins this fight. its honestly not even up for discussion in my opinion. BJ is going to smash him and finish him, doesnt matter if its in Toronto, Rio, Montreal, or wherever or whenever they fight… the kid is done. Like you said GreaSP and his shit hole tri star team knows whats going to happen… and its OBVIOUS to anyone with half a brain that Rory is juicing … anyone that says hes not, he is an idiotic or a huge gsp nuthugger/bj hater. The cut is was too suspect, especially given the timing of everything. rory is just a roid headed punk who called out the wrong dude. BJ is a legend, Rory is just hype, nothing more. I pray this fight still happens so BJ can make an example of this punk and embarrass him and his whole Tri star team, then go get his belt back from Grease St Pierre! WAR BJ #JUSTSCRAP

  29. domp says:

    word at rorys gym is he messed up his PED cycle and thats why he is claiming his cut is worse then it really is, heard it was a mere scrape but he need “time”… Whata joke that kid is turning out to be

  30. JMFP says:

    It’s crazy that bisping is fighting on the same card and got cut a few days ago and said its ok we’re 8 weeks out which is more then enough time to heal(not in those exact words) yet Rory needs to wait until November?? Saying he cut himself is a bit excessive but damn until November though really??!!!!! Who the hell does he think he’s fooling?!!!!

  31. Damnu says:

    Big bj fan for a long time that said this shit seems real shady! Why are you training like that where you’d get cut? Doesn’t make sense…

  32. Alex says:


  33. Kinda worried about this fight what if ronald mcdonald get another cut during then fight he might have to call a time out so heal can heal. what if he realizes that he can’t beat BJ and his feeling get are they gonna call a timeout to tell him its all right and fall down when BJ punches you. Oh well Hey BJ after party out your hale i hope get laulau

  34. Jason says:

    You guys are acting as if rory has a history of steroid use.

  35. rvca man says:

    rory u little clown boy..I cnt wait for bj to smash u !

  36. xhoochiex says:

    is there an online petition or forum where we can try to get BJ to go Black House since AKA is not happening? lol

  37. Drew says:

    Again, rory is a shady dude I don’t trust him if anyone else gets that feeling lookn at him

  38. NiggerDick says:

    Love BJ, but he should be glad this happened so he might actually have enough time to get in shape for once, get the fuck out of Hawaii aka your comfort zone where everyone and their crackhead friends kiss your ass daily. Bj is too small and won’t be in good enough shape to deal with a better, younger version of GSP. Bj needs to get real just like all you kiss ass’.

  39. Pedro says:


  40. Killuminati says:

    Bj was my favorite fighter back in days.The UFC is not like how it used to be.The Illuminati controls the UFC now cause it hit the mainstream with the big fox deal.Just listen to the WEC intro,they even used the all seeing eye in their promotions.The Illuminati controls the entertainment industry and music industry cause of their money and power.And they are evil,satanic,greedy,and sick people.Their flag is the skull and cross bones and their god G-O-D spells gold,oil,and drugs.They are the holders of the light,they see things we can’t see.they beleive in human blood sacrifice and they worship lucifer.They have plans to use these UFC fighters as their slave masters for the new world order.Their objective is to brainwash you so they can control you therefore they can set out their evil agenda.Secret societies,satanic cults,Illuminati,the Freemasons are running and controlling everything u see.And all we are is slaves and the new world order is already here people.Their doing it right in front of us leaving satanic symbols in music videos,the media,movies,and global business.Wake up people,do your research.

    • says:

      you must have to be pretty upset with how your life is going if you spend time researching how underground cults are influencing it. Try just living in the world you born in too without pointing a finger at someone blaming them for society. My suggestion would be to stop this stupid theory research propaganda bullshit, but if they really take over the world in some way, youll be the first to say “i told you so”

      • Mike Cannon jr. says:

        Ahahahahaha… He musta pissed off… Iron man doc strange professor x.. Reed Richards … Namor … Huh? He better watch out….they will send him to another planet… Ahaha …

  41. Youranidiot says:

    btw living in CANADA you don’t get to party with your shirt off to much in the hot sun. If any of you knew anything you would realize the sun ACTUALLY kills acne on the body.

  42. jesus korean says:

    BJ when u do fight roids mcbacne make sure u punch or elbow the shit outa that vagina cut on his head.

  43. CombatRusse says:

    Of course, McDonalds needs 2 months to get his body cleaned from all the juice he’s been injecting

  44. Bjj BB says:

    Any fucking idiot that comes on this site and say “we” bj penn fans are nut huggers…….ect, is a fucking idiot and should get bitch slapped on site!! U go2 mcdonalds cuz u want a fucking big mac! U go2 wal mart cuz you want to buy shit from there, so when u come on bj what the fuck do you expect to read?!! A bunch of ppl who only hate bj?!! Or at least 95% of the ppl on here talking about how he still and always will be the G.O.A.T?!! Your on BJPENN.COM YOU FUCKING DUMB FUCKS!! GTFO IF U AINT A FAN U PUSSYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Xaninho says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

      Don’t like BJ? Then GTFO

      • LET THE HATE RAIN DOWN says:

        FYI most people come to this site because it’s a MMA site about MMA not just news about BJ and EVERYONE is welcome here not just BJ GROUPIES that are here rallying for the top position on the “BJ Penn frank and bean swing team”.

        As a matter of fact you want to know how BJ’s most hard core fan’s were rewarded for their devoted love for him… they had their COMMUNITY taken away from them that they were apart of since the web site was up and running. Believe me these guy’s and gals were BJ’s biggest supporters but some of them were seriously finatical and ultimately I think that was their demise. Like it or not what fighter’s fans say and write reflect directly on them and some of the shit that was said about anyone (not just GSP) who was fighting BJ was ridiculous!. I used to visit the Community periodically just to get some good laughs in because there was some real characters over there but never join in because I never would have been accepted due to my lack of ass liking ball sniffing even though I am a BJ fan… first and formost I’m a MMA fan who thinks realistically.

        My point is first off this is a MMA site for EVERYONE to visit… “MMA FANS” not just BJ FRANK & BEAN SWINGERS. Secondly becareful not to be too much of a SWINGER and cause casual MMA fans to look elsewhere for their MMA fix (be the cause for visits to this site to drop) or you might suffer the same fate as the Community.

        • Xaninho says:

          No need to lose the control over reality, but the site is called Some chumps on here are disrespecting the man on his own site. I don’t care if they’re just here for common MMA news, that’s not right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, my own opinions aren’t exactly mainstream, not that it stops me from voicing my opinion. But straight up insulting someone on his own site is messed up.

        • LET THE HATE RAIN DOWN says:

          I couldn’t agree more Xaninho and I don’t condone it but unfortunately there’s trolls on every site.

        • Bob'O says:

          Oh come on, what do you expect? Fans get heated and passionate about their favorite fighter. You take the good with the bad brah. Just like reading your arrogant, know it all, condescending post to us all.

          Yeah, this is an MMA News website, and a very good one. It’s home of The Prodigy first though.

          And just because you’re too ignorant to type in the Community page URL or just search Community BJ Penn. com on yahoo or google doesn’t mean we have lost it because it’s still here. You stuck on dumb dumb brah.

          So get your facts straight before you make an idiot out of yourself next time by spreading disinformation. Oh and uh, There will also be a new Website in about 2 months or so. Like uncle Rico said, “Sounds like there is a whole hell of a lot that you don’t know about?”. LMAO! ~Bob’O

        • LET THE HATE RAIN DOWN says:

          So now I have to search google or yahoo for BJPenn Community to access it cause there’s no link HERE??… sounds like really cares about it.

          You know Bob’O from what I can remember you were one of the more respectable non fanatical fans and I respect that. I’ll be honest with you I am a huge fan of BJ and would love to shake his hand some day (as I would lots of other fighters) but some of the shit that comes out of the “groupies” mouths like all the conspiracy and cheating accusations are fucking ridiculous man!.

          I realize you have to take the good with the bad I just hate to see BJ’s name get tarnished or lose some newbie MMA fans because of some fanatical irrational ones… believe me it can happen.

  45. BJ is KING says:

    little bitch chickens out because of a drug test, first he calls BJ out, then he calls BJs drug test and now he pulls out because of an “injury”. Definitely from the school of GSP, that is pathetic. The kid shouldnt even be allowed to mention BJ Penn and fight in the same sentence. What a disgrace and a joke

  46. krafty11 says:

    Will be an awesome B-day present if it is Oct 13th.. Will be my 40th b-day as well.. getting up there in years.. War BJ!

  47. Nelsonx says:

    A cut heals 1% per day so November bout would be about 100 days from now . I still think BJ is going to flash that agresive style he used on the nightmare Sanchez and we all know what happened there!!!!!

  48. CombatRusse says:

    I think that every body here agrees that McDonalds is out of the fight because he’s not ready to pass VADA drug testing.
    But I was wondering, why doesn’t BJ use the same “miracle supplements” used by most, if not all other fighters of the UFC?
    He would destroy the likes of GSP and McDonalds in the first round
    As a fan of BJ Penn, it won’t bother me because all other fighters are not clean

  49. 808 says:

    Fuknnn Roidy RippedArnold

  50. Twayne says:



  51. Mike cannon jr. says:

    October 13th was Sposta be on Friday this year…. Buuuuut noooooOOO!!! leap year.. Grrrrrrrrr.. I have extra fun on my birthday…. When it’s on a Friday..but if BJ faught on my birthday… That would be just as cool…I’m still gonna wear my hockey mask… And sharpen my machete….ahahaha

  52. Twotone says:

    Im thinking Rory just wants to fight canada… But I dont subscribe to conspiracy theories

  53. Twotone says:

    Im thinking Rory just wants to fight in canada… But I dont subscribe to conspiracy theories

  54. Mike Cannon jr. says:

    If u look at the way the stories line up… Above.. It tells the story…. Ahahaha. Dude calls out BJ from retirement… BJ says yes .dude opens up as betting favorite… BJ says drug test…. Dude gets mad says he will hurt BJ….. For this….. And backs out of fight rite b4 he’s drug tested…. Ahahahahaha….

  55. Bob'O says:

    And another thing, If and when they do fight, BJ is gonna jab Rory’s eyebrow right back open anyway November or no November. Rory had his chance to fight in Canada. Now if there is a match up it should be held in Brazil. ~Bob’O

  56. A. says:

    You people are all fucked. Seriously. You seriously think someone would give themselves a gash that required 3 layers of stitches that close to the eye to postpone a match? Rory was already set for the VADA testing and has been publicly open to it the entire time until BJ put the brakes on before finally consenting. He does not use PEDs and never has – he’s always been a clean fighter. He has way too much respect for the sport to ever cheat. He wants the fight in November because it’s in Montreal/Canada and would probably be a great co-main event to GSP v Condit with all the existing rivalries between all four of them (ie. Rory/Condit rivalry and BJ/GSP rivalry). Just because Nate Diaz needed to bitch and whine when he got his ass kicked in 129 and because he had acne, you BJ nut-huggers are all saying he’s roiding? Be real. Rory has had acne since he was 14… was he roiding back then too? The flaming comments here smack of jealousy. That’s about all I see.

    • Bob'O says:

      Nobody knows what really happened to his eye. Rory had his chance to fight in Canada. His own actions caused this fight to be canceled whatever the case may be. Why wasn’t he wearing head gear 8 weeks before the fight?

      Look, BJ never wanted to fly all the way up there and fight in the cold anyway, but he agreed to. Now, it’s time for Rory to be the stand up guy and jump on a long flight to Barazil where BJ can fight in a warmer climate. Nope, Rory had his chance, Montreal isn’t happening bro. ~Bob’O

      • A. says:

        Fight in the cold? The fight was scheduled for September. It’s usually around 70-75 degrees in Toronto.

        • Bob'O says:

          El WrongO bro. More like 60 degrees, which isn’t that cold, but sure as hell isn’t Hilo or Brazillian weather. plus, it’s more about the long flight. Rory had his chance to fight in Canada. Nope, sorry brah. Balls in BJ’s court now.~Bob’O

  57. Jay Unidos says:

    Rory should be healed in plenty of time for the Brazil card. BJ was cut and received stitches a month before he fought Diaz. Rory should also continue with VADA testing to make a statement as to how clean a fighter he is, ending the speculation once for all. If he chooses not to do that, then how is that going to make him look in the eyes of MMA fans?

  58. kevin says:

    Why did Dana say it was BJ that wanted the fight and he ask MacDonald to call out BJ.?

  59. Dee says:

    I say ok Rory continue sitting out, but you have to be drug tested all the way up to the fight, and GSP has to fight in your stead.

  60. Cody says:

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire

  61. RJ KANEAO says:

    A frieid of mine received a severe cut on his chest from a fireknife dance routine.. and His cut took litterally 2-3wks to heal and hes 40yrs old and in pretty good shape.. I don’t believe this guy needs 2months..obviously ducking the sept date for some reason.. and obvious speculation just knowing what camp he’s in is he’s trying to cycle off.. He agreed to VADA and now he’s buying time.. It’s ridiculous circumstance they offered up and BJ was more then gracious buy giving him till oct.. RORY stop being monkey.. You opened your mouth enough times and showed no respect for anyone not even your own camp.. So grows balls and man up.. It’s ridiculous.. till oct is already streching BJ’s training period.. they wanna hit BJ off peak and deter from testing positive.. BJ youre a smart man I know this personally.. I know u know whats up..Aloha

  62. Dizzle says:

    They should keep them on the drug test thing. Rory got “cut” to avoid a drug test so soon. Needed time to cycle off I bet. Something seems fishy to me about this 2 months time to heal a “cut”

  63. Bob'O says:

    What the hell is with this thread all of a sudden? It won’t let me post a response to an earlier post no matter how hard I try? Something weird is going on braddahs. Irritating man. ~Bob’O

  64. A. says:

    You can’t compare cuts/stitches like this guy got cut and he only needed X-amount time, so that must be the exact same time needed for all people who get cut across the board. The cut is just above his eye – 3 layers of stitches – it’s not about superficial healing, it’s about not having the gash open up over and over again in a contact sport where you get hit in the face constantly. If his doctor has said 4-6 wks that takes it close to the Sept. fight time and then that leaves what – 2-3 weeks to train before Rio? Timing doesn’t make sense. Not to mention the Rio card Is FULL already at 12 fights and totally stacked. There’s no room on that card anyway so I don’t know what everyone is bitching about. Montreal is a couple of weeks away – what’s the big deal? If someone was going to fake an injury, you think you’d put a gash that goes down to the bone right across your face? Really? Cause that’s the easiest route to take, of course – taking a 40 stitch gash two inches from your eye. I think people need to chill and stop with the chest beating and conspiracy theories and look at the situation intelligently. BJ was going to fight in Canada anyway – Toronto, Montreal – whatever – who cares. It’s not like his home town either way – he’s from BC. The montreal card just happens to be the one that falls next in line after the Rio card that has zero space for another fight anyway. Rory picks the most rational fight date based on timing and space on the card and everyone freaks out that it must be because of cycles – grasping at straws even though he’s had no history of them but is condemned randomly anyway. I don’t get it.

  65. MMACRAVER says:

    Rory’s fault for getting cut in the first place…

    BJ is older, retired, he’s going to be giving up size and reach to this guy…..

    Pretty bitch move on Rory’s part… Fucking suck it up… it will heal by fight time.. He just will have to baby it in training. Once again.. Tough shit for Rory.. It’s his own fault.

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