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Monday, 04/09/2012, 04:13 pm

An Important Moment In MMA History | Randy Couture Beats Tim Sylvia

By Red Mattos:
I have to start out by saying I am not a Randy Couture fan. You read that right- not. That is to say, I don’t hate the guy, nor do I even dislike him. I am just not a fan. His acting excites me more than his fighting style. I realize as I’m typing this, I should probably post this under ‘anonymous’ for fear of being caught in a rear naked choke while being asked if I was bored, every time I enter an MMA gym.

The reason I open with this honest, albeit possibly unhealthy admission, is to prove how impressive to not just the MMA world, but to myself, Couture’s win over Tim Sylvia truly was. The year was 2007, the nation was inviting everyone under their collective umbrella –ella , ella’s— to protect them from Eddie Murphy in yet another fat suit. A young MMA fighter by the name of Randy Couture decided to come out of retirement to take on then-heavyweight champ, Tim Sylvia. Needless to say, Sylvia’s 6ft. 8 in. frame coupled with Couture’s 43 years on this planet, made even the most diehard Couture fans a bit apprehensive.

The scene was set: Columbus, Ohio. UFC 68. The crowd was pumped and ready to watch a man who was alive during the Johnson administration, take on a man who probably thinks that was a phallic joke. Like most, I had hoped Couture’s end would be quick and as painless as an MMA loss can be. However, as any novice MMA fan can attest to, that was not the case. It didn’t take long for Couture to show Sylvia and the entire MMA world that this old dog had some fight left in him. In fact, a mere eight seconds into the first round, Couture dropped Sylvia with a well-placed punch, taking the round and setting the tone for the rounds to come. Couture used his superior speed, wrestling and grit to control Sylvia anywhere the match went. Couture scored a unanimous decision win, earning the heavyweight title and honor of being the oldest (so far) champion in UFC history.

While this epic and awe-inspiring fight did little to “Couture up” my MMA rankings, it did give me a newfound respect for him and MMA. It also showed the world that like MMA, Couture was evolving and would be a force to be reckoned with.


5 Responses to “An Important Moment In MMA History | Randy Couture Beats Tim Sylvia”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    randy has always been overrated to me but with that said it is amazing what he did at that age wish we could have seen a younger randy, randy at ufc 1 would of been 31 lol that’s crazy and he would of won the tournament with cage work and dirty boxing that would have been just as mysterious as bjj

  2. mike says:

    haha, Randy certainly seems like a nice person… but c’mon..he was one of the most overrated fighters to ever compete in the UFC. He received so much fame despite the fact that he got his ass kicked so many times. Do people actually think that his win over Tim Sylvia ( a world class bum and fat ass) showcased anything other than an average wrestler who out wrestled a fat boy with no grappling ability whatsoever? People like to forget that Randy got his ass kicked several times by even during his early UFC days. Captain America’s recent wins include Tim Sylvia, James (lights were never on) Toney, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Mark Coleman.. His losses include….. ahhhh, I ran out of room

    • HarryH says:

      I agree and I disagree. Couture is iconic for the things he did in the sport e.g., first man to hold two championships in two different divisions. But he did get is ass kicked by Chuck, Lesnar and Machida as well as a few others

      • Ricky says:

        Did we forget he humiliated a young “Phenom” in Vitor Belfort? It’d be easy to disqualify him had he been Young, but he wasn’t. He was supposed outdated due to his old style of Greco-Roman wrestling and some sleezy boxing style that proved to be enough to stand up with a few guys and outdo so many others. I’m a Captain America fan. No doubt. No shame in it either.

  3. pat p says:

    Heavyweight losses for randy are like welterweight losses for bj in that they arent fighting in the division they belong in. So at light heavyweight he lost to machida in his retirement fight being forty fuckin seven years old, and to chuck when chuck was still the iceman.

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