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Sunday, 03/25/2012, 11:35 am

If Stars Align Jason MacDonald Hoping For Story Book Ending | Retirement Bout At UFC 149

“I’m excited on a personal level. I got a tough fight coming in May, but I really hope to be a part of the show (in Calgary). It’ll be a storybook ending for me. I’ll hopefully retire from the UFC in the Calgary show. For me the show is really special.”

While he may be set to square off with Tom Lawlor at UFC on FUEL TV 3 in May, longtime MMA veteran, Jason MacDonald is hoping to get included on the UFC 149 card in his next scheduled bout so that he can fight in front of his hometown crowd in Calgary.

After going 25-15 in a career that has spanned the course of ten-year’s MacDonald just wants to end his career where it all started, in Calgary.

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5 Responses to “If Stars Align Jason MacDonald Hoping For Story Book Ending | Retirement Bout At UFC 149”

  1. give him the fight says:


  2. i always enjoy watching him fight…sad that he is retiring :(

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Mcdonald has some sick jits problem is he gets hit too much before he has a chance you use any of his ground skills. I can only think of one other fighter that has taken as much punishment in as short of time as Mcdonald had while he was in the UFCa nd that is Frankie Edgar. Sometimes as fans we forget the toll that constant puishment is taking on these guys. Brain damage accumilates ie: adds up real fast and we the fans probably only see part of it with most the training sessions being closed to outsiders and THE ATHLETIC COMMISSIONS. Example of this is remember when Dana White PUBLICALY BEGGED his best friend Chuck Liddell to retire but he insiisted on one last fight with Tito (when they were coaches on TUF) then near the end show Tito backed out said he needed neck surgery and Rich Franklin replaced him on show. Well anyway obviously Dana knew alot more than al us fans because after Chuck was KO’d by Franklin someone leaked out that Chuck had been KO’d OUT COLD 3 times in sparring (with head gear on) within a few weeks of the actual fight. That means multiple concussions with no down time or rest. This si the stuff we as fans and the althletic commissions have no way of knowing. Then we all read about Dana white and his CONSTANT preaching how MMA is the safest sport in world. Between the huge ego’s and the pressure to perform and all the UFC HYPE-Rogan propaganda machine its a no wonder alot of these guys fight hurt (concussed anyway)

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Go away & wipe yer soppy vagina Anti Fitch .

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          must be rough taking it up ass every night in prison huh there bla blah bla. You are nothing but a punk bitch that i would slap around and have you begging for your sorry life. I would travel 5000 miles just to beat your ass and teach you some respect little bitch. anytime anywhere

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