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Friday, 04/13/2012, 11:54 am

Poll Results | If Removed, Who Should Replace Overeem at UFC 146?

In our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM we wanted to know who you guys thought deserved a shot at the UFC heavyweight crown if Alistair Overeem is removed from the bout.

Several fighters have thrown their name in the hat, but few have actually been considered as viable options.

With that being said, it’s always important to know what the fans of MMA want.

We gave you five options this week to choose from and it was a pretty close race down the entire board, but in the end it was Mark Hunt who garnered the most fans support.

Hunt came in first with the fan votes with a 28.9% (1,579 votes), Frank Mir came right behind him with 25.5% (1,398 votes), Dan Henderson took third with 20.5% (1,124 votes), Fedor Emelianenko came in fourth with 16.0% (878 votes) and Cain Velasquez rounded out in last with a mere 9.0% (493 votes).

Thank you for your participation this week. We will get another poll up Monday!


27 Responses to “Poll Results | If Removed, Who Should Replace Overeem at UFC 146?”

  1. A.James says:

    Hunt and JDS would be a fucking slug fest

  2. jvd says:

    Hunt and Mir. I just think that hunt is really freaking huge.

  3. Joseph PWNY says:

    any of those 4 would be fun fights

  4. SuperKid says:

    Ok. I am a huge Super Samoan fan. Mark Hunt is, was, and always will be, one of the best strikers of all time. I cried tears of joy when he put Kongo to sleep. That being said, does anyone remember a guy name Shawn McCorkle??? No? For those whom do not, Mr. McCorkle submitted Mark Hunt and then proceeded to fade into obscurity. I love Mark Hunt but he would get destroyed by JDS, and as a huge Super Samoan fan, that’s the last thing I want to see. My favorite fighter just getting beat up for five rounds. I say let JDS knock Fransisco Miranda out. (Frank Mir). Thank you.

    • skinnyjitzfreak says:

      you make a good point but that was a while ago and its clear hes been working on his ground game since then, so it may have been the eye opener he needed. he looked pretty solid on the ground against ben rothwell. weve seen more of his ground than JDS lol. (i was rooting for kongo btw lol :P)

  5. John says:

    Put Jones against him!

  6. Anthony is clearly dumb says:

    Fedor has never been out struke standing. Fedor would Knock JDS jhead off out of no where. Bet on it


    Fedor nuthuger

  8. Cain sux says:

    Cain just lost to JDS wut maks u think he could beat em I think they need to wait a bit no ones really ready for the shot

  9. jonesy says:

    wow what a fukin waste of a poll////u could have git serious results about this but u wasted 9% of votes putting fedor name in the vote,,,,hey stupid he is not in ufc how will he replace reem in 1 month .?? sign with ufc and have his first fight month later only….fukin stupi

  10. The natural says:

    Fedor proly would beat jds the only reason he lost to hendo was he was a smaller faster guy no heavy weight can pull off the switch hendo did to fedor that why there r weight classes

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