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Monday, 04/09/2012, 09:47 am

If Removed, Who Should Replace Overeem at UFC 146?

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A lot has been speculated on in regards to Alistair Overeem’s failed drug testing. One of which is, who will replace him if he is officially removed from the card?

We compiled a short list of fighters based on the most popular consensus amongst MMA fans to see who rates overall as the best suitable replacement.

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85 Responses to “If Removed, Who Should Replace Overeem at UFC 146?”

  1. Totes Magotes says:

    Mark Hunt. Obviously.

  2. Jb says:

    This Ralley for hunt thing is retarded. I like mark but in no way does he deserve a title shot. I do feel that Mir deserves it but the Cain/Mir fight is a bog draw for the card so don’t expect that to be touched. Pat Barry would be interesting. Or another shot by Roy

  3. AG says:

    Mark hunt mark hunt mark hunt!! Would be a sick fight!

  4. Nick10958 says:

    The 121 people who put Fedor should never be allowed to watch, participate or even think of mma ever again. Not trying to be a jerk, but you are all idiots.

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      meanwhile… the 248 (and counting) people who voted for Mark Hunt, tearing up the division on that 3W-6L title run…. those people should apply for mensa.

      I’ll break it down real simple. The one fighter that made sense has enough testosterone in him to get an entire third world community through puberty. Dana said the fight that makes sense is not happening, for some reason. The remaining choices are equally retarded.

      Of the three choices, one is a middleweight, the other lost 6 of his last nine, and then there is the former world champ #1 p4p fighter who is 33- 4, and a HUGE draw, but picking him.. only an idiot would want that fight, obviously.

      • AG says:

        mir does make the most sense, but he’ll just get his eggs scrambled like he did against brock and shane. styles make fights, and with hunts 3 fight winstreak it makes all the sens in the world to put him in there with another world class striker. as for his gas tank i feel that wont be an issue as i forsee this potential fight not lasting longer that 2-3 rounds at most

    • John C says:

      You are the idiot!
      If there was ever a time to get fedor in here it is now. he has no leverage when it comes to negotiation, and this is indeed a “filler” fight. he would be best replacement, and sell at least double the PPVs that the next guy would get.

  5. Taz Styles says:

    We already know that Mir vs Velasquez is still happening.

  6. Oyston says:

    Hendo or mir are the only two who maybe deserve it but lets be honest none of these will beat dos santos

  7. Champ vs champ. Non title, JDS VS STRIKEFORCE champ. Strikeforce heavyweight division is getting droped anyway. Lets see who the best is people.

  8. Willie monaghan says:

    Mark hunt sounds great it would test HOW’S chin

  9. Jb says:

    AG your an idiot. Roy went three rounds and ate everything jds had. Yea he’s on a skid but look at whose he lost to. And how. Barry likes to stand so it would be interesting. I don’t see anyone taking his belt tho. AG stop talking shot behind a computer wow. Can’t even have a discussion on here without trolls.

    • AG says:

      hahaha so you just want to see roy get beat up for another 3, possibly 5 rounds? you dont make any sense. pretty sure Hunt would stand with jds just like barry, but would have far more success thn barry would. once again. smh acting like you know mma.

  10. FresnoMMA says:

    Mir really deserves the title shot but dana said he’s not breaking up the MIR/Velasquez fight. Overeem still has a chance but we all know its very unlikely though. Mir or Hendo would maybe last a few mintues before getting KO’d

  11. Thomas says:

    If removed??? WHEN removed!

    Mir btw 😮

  12. David says:

    Mir & velasquez are still fighting, hendo should stick to fighting LHW, Fedor doesn’t deserve it, Mark Hunt needs about two more wins before he deserves a shot, I don’t understand why no one has said Werdum? His stand up is way better then the first time they fought, and he smashed Roy Nelson.

  13. MMAnalyst says:

    Hendo is too small, Cain just lost to JDS and Mark Hunt sucks (sorry everyone, but he is one-dimensional and gases and would get smoked) so that really just leaves Frank Mir. But Dana said he wasn’t breaking that match up… so anyone else out there would be REALLY jumping the queue and that wouldn’t be fair to the top contenders – tough spot to be in for the UFC.

    I think the UFC and Overeem will find a way to fight maybe… we’ll see.

  14. David says:

    To be honest Mir deserves it, if he is going to bring in Fedor, make Fedor fight Velasquez that would be more entertaining the Mir vs Velasquez either way JDS wins easy.

  15. MMACRAVER says:

    Big Mark Hunt fan, but I would really rather he didn’t get a title shot under these messed up circumstances.

    It would be preferable if he could get a whole training camp in against whatever champion happens to be there.

  16. James says:

    The people who think Hunt deserves a title shot for winning a couple fights are probably the same people who would rate Boetsch a top 10 fighter for winning his last fight. P.S. I like both of them, but let’s be realistic.

  17. Jb says:

    AG again I’m sure I’m more well versed in this sport than you are tard? Who has hunt beat latley ? Last three fights of top tier guys??? Nope Mir makes the most sense but Dana doesn’t want to loose the whole card. Hunt has not earned it yet tho. Keep the hate alive AG

    • AG says:

      Ha keep telling yourself that. Mir would have no chance to beat jds and that fight would just turn into Mir getting posterized…. Again. By a bigger stronger heavyweight.

  18. actual Jenks! says:

    the only reason i would want to see mark hunt fight him is to see that fat cocky bitch get knocked the fuck out by JDS!!!

  19. Xaninho says:

    Tyrone Spong, Sem Schilt or Badr Hari.

  20. slacker says:

    Should be Frank who gets it. Hunt is a good second choice.

  21. Jorge Rocha says:

    I’m Brazilian, so I want to see JDS against Mir! D

  22. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    WHAT!?! Nobody is picking BJ, even in retirement, and on his own website, DAMN! WAR PENN WAR!!! I feel they’ll probably pick Mr. Mir or maybe Hendo. Please not another rematch again. One love from the city of “NO” for Penn nation. To Xaxinho, we can only wish my friend, Hari would be a great matchup for JDS.

  23. Dick Diaz says:

    kind of rooting for Fedor on this one man… it’s a huge name…

  24. show says:

    Who else.. Lets Go BJ Penn VS JDS…..

  25. GRT 3000 says:

    oohhhh skunt, I think I’m gonna choose HUNT!

  26. war hendo says:

    hendo !!! hunt suck he will get killed fedor sucks too if they scratch cain vs mir cards ruined they should do the undisputed and undefeated champ chael sonnen

  27. Petar says:

    The best replacement
    is Fedor.



  29. winning says:

    WERDUM! what a joke, you have fedor on this list, hes not even on the ufc roster……………………………………………………….

  30. killasteez says:

    Mark Hunt???!
    You F***in’ kidding me?!
    He’s an overweight, overated, and underachieved at HW
    DEFINITELY hasn’t earned a title shot!

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Hey Mark Hunt looks to be in the best shape of his life atm. I still think Frank Mir deserves a shot more than anyone on the list, but Mark Hunt is not the worst choice.

      • Reality says:

        I don’t think barely beating Rothwell and beating Kongo qualifies Hunt for a title shot at this stage. As for Mir, he may have a good win streak but I don’t think it’s an exciting fight. Thinking back to what Carwin did to him and how Big Nog was about to beat him leads me to believe he’d probably get flattened early in the 1st rd. with JDS. He’s seems very succeptible to the KO vs. these big guys. Hendo vs. JDS would probably be a bigger draw even though I think JDS would win that too. My vote would be for a Velasquez rematch over Mir. None of it compares to the Reem vs. JDS though. Pretty messed up.. Hopefully the Reem has a good explanation and we can see this fight.

      • sean says:

        omg ppl are nuts ! mark hunt are u fucking kidding me ! wow ppl that dont know mma should just keep there comments to themselves

    • cjc says:

      Wow thanks man. it seemed like i was the only one who didnt think mark hunt deserved i frank mir should get it. anyone else besides that would be retarded

  31. Keith R. says:

    Just give Mark Hunt the Title shot he is the only one on a win streak who hasn’t fought JDS. The Skyscraper already lost to JDS & Pat Barry doesn’t deserve a Title shot yet having 3 straight losses his past 4 fights. Or maybe Dana can remove JDS vs. Overeem & make Mir vs. Velasquez the main event.

  32. Keith R. says:

    My favorite heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko is probably never gonna be in the UFC because of Freakin Dana White doesn’t want him in the UFC. And It’s too late to vote for Mir or Velasquez because those two are already going to fight each other so dont be voting for them you idiots.

    • chris says:

      They could easily put either Mir or Cain in against Cigano and scrap the co-main event fight. Or even put Hunt in the co-main event against whoever remains.

  33. jonny says:

    if anything mark hunt or werdum rematch

  34. Fedor says:

    Dont vote for me. I would never last in the UFC. I am not in the same league as JDS. My fighting days are over. I just don’t know it.

  35. Hobart says:

    Cabbage Correira

  36. mark says:

    it should be fedor or cain

    • Nick10958 says:

      I am sorry, not trying to be an ass; but you saying Fedor is a completely stupid thing to say. Fedor will never fight in the UFC, especially for the title. Cain just fought JDS and needs to beat Mir to get that title shot. In my eyes only Hunt or Werdum deserve a shot. Werdum already fought Dos Santos, so I say give the shot to Hunt who is on a 3 fight win streak and has never fought JDS yet.

  37. mike says:

    whats the point that entire list would get demolished by JDS

  38. Trevor says:

    You people are idiots, The most deserving heavy weight is Frank Mir, That being said i love frank mir but his chin is bullshit lol he would get rallied in the first round unless he uses his size to quickly try and take him down and submit him, Plus Mir just submitted on of jds mentors in Big Nog, I guarantee that Mir Vs JDS would be the biggest ppv you could do at this point without the Reem, Hendo shouldnt even be an option at this point! id love to see a Mir Vs JDS and then put either Fedor or Hunt against Cain

  39. Xavier says:

    i think frank mir makes the most sense out of the guys listed.
    personally, i don’t think mark hunt has any business fighting for a title just yet. seems pointless. might as well give it to mark coleman then.

    like someone else mentioned, werdum could be kinda cool.

    really, other than mir and maybe velasquez, no one else is deserving.

  40. Chuck says:

    Dan Henderson deserves a title shot. He threw his name out there in the open as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a title shot in any weight class than Dan Henderson. He has proven himself time and time again, is coming off of huge wins against Fedor and Shogun, and has beaten Rodrigo Nogueira in the past. The fact that Hendo does not care what weight class he fights at proves what a legend he is.

    • charles says:

      dan henderson is a cheater. he’s so hopped-up on testosterone, he’d fight an elephant if given the chance. he’s not title worthy.
      besides, we really shouldn’t be rewarding cheaters. might as well just let overeem fight, if that’s the case. at least it would be close and entertaining.

  41. snooks says:

    I’m all for Mark Hunt.

  42. realist1 says:

    Since overeem is so damn strong why don’t they just have him stop weight lifting or lift only once a week until the fight? Just thinking that would counteract the PED’s and make it fair. let the boys play!

  43. spyro says:

    Hunt hasn’t earned his spot for a title shot yet.
    Mir is the guy to pick but he is stuck with Valasquez.
    Henderson is the other most deserving next to Mir but I don’t wanna see Hendo lose his long awaited title shot. He needs to wait for LHW or MW. I wanna see Hendo get a full time camp and proper match in terms of size.

    I didn’t even know Fedor was a realistic consideration but if some how possible, that may be the most appropriate.

    There’s a few of the bigger LHW that could make for a very interesting matchup.. But that’s pretty much fantasy thinking.

  44. Steve says:

    Where is Josh Barnett? If these guys are owned by the same organization, the fact of the matter is Josh is the absolute best contender out there for this. All of these guys except Hunt are washed up or recycled, with all due respect I think losing Alistair on this fight really lowered the anticipation for the card. You bring Josh Barnett over and at the very least you’ll have another big name with a lot of potential in the line up.

  45. Brend0magic says:


  46. WTF says:

    I thought the whole rally for Mark Hunt thing was a joke and was supposed to be funny. Do people actually think he should fight for the title and that he deserves it? Heeeeeell noooo….

  47. tristanpt27 says:

    Sorry, but if you voted FAKEdor or whatever his name is, your a MORON!!!

  48. m says:

    Dan Hendo is sitting and waiting for a shot at a belt. He’ll fight anyone. He fought a much larger HW in Fedor and destroyed him.

    With that being said, JDS would knock him the fukout

  49. Mustang Jody says:

    What? No slot for Brock Lesnar? You guys did see what he did to John Cena? Rotflmao

  50. #1 Haole says:

    Mir. Don’t be foolish with your hunt. I know he’s a samoan and all that but come on. If you put a bet against Jds. Would you rather have Hunt or Mir

  51. #1 Haole says:

    And fedor is a joke as well.

  52. sean says:

    hunt doesnt deserve shit ! he has fought no big namers and won ! he is a scrub

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