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Friday, 11/16/2012, 09:06 am

If GSP Beats Condit He Will Fight Anderson Silva Next Says UFC Boss | UFC NEWS

“Silva said he wouldn’t fight Chael either. He will be in Montreal on Saturday night and if GSP wins, they’ll fight. When we go to Dallas, I want to bring the right fight there. I think it is either GSP-Anderson or Anderson-Jon Jones.”

UFC president Dana White via ESPN’s Sports Nation Fan Q&A.


34 Responses to “If GSP Beats Condit He Will Fight Anderson Silva Next Says UFC Boss | UFC NEWS”

  1. Rommel Vasquez says:

    I think GSP is afraid of Anderson! pls let it be Silva vs Jones.

  2. Thetude says:

    Dana is such a greedy dumbass. Bad for the sport!

    • Texas0utlaw says:

      Your An idiot Dana white has done now for mma that anyone besides Bruce lee. And he’s just starting > he will do more for martial arts than any man ok history….

    • says:

      Bad for the sport how? Because GSP will lose? Don’t be such an ignorant kid, Dana White doesn’t allways makes the best choices but Silva vs GSP is the right choice! I would personally liked to see him against Jones but it would never happend so everyone just drop it. Delusional thoughts from fantasy island.

    • Yucky sleeth says:

      DW is always running his big mouth. Why can’t he just shut the fuck up!! Let GSP and Condit get their fight over with first then start talking more about GSP v. Silva. DW is such a distraction, just shut upppp!!!

      • Mike b says:

        HAHA!I was thinking the same thing.I was like damn gsp has a hell of a lot of pressure right now,He’s been inactive for 18 months,he’s fighting in his home town,now all this silva bullshit.Let the man concentrate on condit he has enough pressure as it is.But gsp is smart fighter,I think he’ll be alright.

    • GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) (forever) says:

      if only mma had as many champions as boxing…you wouldn’t say that sh*t…superfights always happen…too bad for the ufc they only have 8 belts..cant wait for both fights to happen

  3. dana black says:

    GSP vs Jon Jones

  4. Jim says:

    @rommel vasquez you are a fuckin idiot gsp is’nt scared of anderson silva. More like anderson is afraid of jones you silva dickrider

  5. Jeremy Haslam says:

    If Dana white never gave the fans the fights they wanted then the UFC would have never have been as big as it is now. Fans want 2 c who the best is and Dana gives those fights. That’s why boxing is goin down and mma is goin up

  6. ufc fan says:

    I respect Silva but only way i think Silva would win if he would to win is with those strikes that come out of no where like he did with Vitor, other than that GSP should get it I believe and Silva vs Jones would be a more fairer fight due to size and weight and more exciting

    • yeahrightman says:

      More fairer? Jesus, your English is a bad as your MMA knowledge. Silva would smash him, and GSP knows it. Same with Silva who knows bones would KO him too….Miss matches, both fights.

  7. Na'im says:

    Yo guys they’re fighting,, not u guys so just shut the hell up & watch history in the making,, critics.. All talk no walk

  8. TheGreatJuan says:

    GSP is gonna get smashed!!!!!

  9. yeahrightman says:

    I think Dana, and a lot of new UFC fans who have only started watching in the past few years as well, are delusional. Neither of these fights really makes any sense. Both are total mis matches ad the heavy guy will not be able to cut to a catch weight, or do they want to! It’s a case of the smaller guy coming up in weight and they have both (GSP and Anderson) made it clear which weight division they fight in. I may be wrong but I think Dana is trippin.

  10. Josiah says:

    if GSP wins, what if condit does?can never count out a guy like condit…what do you think guys? coz’ the way DW is saying it, it looks like the fight has already been decided between GSP & condit, not unless of course if dana says, win or lose GSp is gonna fight AS or else he’s done…now that makes more sense…

  11. wtf says:

    not interested in seeing GSP vs Silva. I would rather see Silva vs Jones. GSP would get Koed fast. Who gives a shit about that. I want to see Silva fight an intrigued match agains Jones.

  12. learntoread says:

    You know, it’s completely fair game when Dana & Co. state who a title holder will defend against next, the champions are aware totally aware that, and the company is of course entitled to make those big decisions…but to tell a long time title holder that he NEEDS to jump up in weight and basically force the situation up him is a bit ridiculous IMO, especially when said fighter has no history of jumping up in weight.

    With Silva fighting Jones at 205, that’s a bit more realistic seeing as Anderson has successfully fought at LHW numerous times now, so it’s no real stretch for him to do it again. At this point in time, it’s Silva who has basically cleaned out his division (*minus maybe Bisping), not GSP (where there is a wealth of new contenders at the door).

    Make the Jones/Silva fight Zuffa, it makes far more sense right now.

  13. Kenny powers says:

    First off, Dana can’t make them fight, he can put the $ on the table, but If they don’t want it, they don’t have to. Second, even if GSP wins, he’s been out for 19 months! And there’s countless contenders he needs to defend his belt against. And finally, Anderson would demolish him, wouldn’t even be a fair fight. Bring on Spider vs Bones, and again, i’d take the spider in that one.

  14. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Everyone knows GSP will find a way out of fighting Silva. I mean he has avoided him for 5 years at all costs. I don’t blame GSP because even though Silva is only 5-10 lbs bigger than GSP naturally Silva is a beast and FOR SURE in a whole differnt league than GSP. GSP will annouce that he’s taking the fight then about a week out he will say he pulled his abductor again or his knee isn’t 100% and then the UFC will let GSP watch someone like Diaz who will fight anyone anytime anywhere. Diaz is a REAL FIGHTER where as GSP is all about the endorsements/titles and doesn’t give a rats ass about fans. GSP goal is to fight only every 2-3 years and still maintain his cash flow thru UFC while everyone else fights. I think it would be awesome for Silva’s camp to request VADA testing because with the LOUSY 2 bit testing now GSP is able to use HGH, EPO’s. synthetic testosterone, designer steroids (Victor Conte-Kyle Kingsburys secret stash to the ELITE) the differnce between VADA and cheap ass $20 testing that is curently used by all athletic commissions is a joke at best. Let me give you an analogy that anyone that has ever been drug tested for a job will understand. You know how low level employers like Walmart use $20 testing which everyone beats real easy. Well places like Fedral government and State jobs and some Pain clinics use the $400-$600 test that catches everyone everytime no matter what they have been taking and even if its been a month or more you still fail. VADA costs like $5000 and they will nail anyone like GSP and carwin and 80% of all MMA fighters who are on HGH, EPO’s, designer steroids (Barry Bonds-Victor Conte/Kyle Kingsbury) whihc only very elite fighters can afford (except Kingsbury who brought Conte Into MMA prob gets it for pennies on dollar) Trust me if they asked for VADA testing GSP would claim he was injured just like Rory ROIDER did to give himself and extra 6-8 weeks to clean up.

  15. Clay says:

    Everyone has such emotional opinions about this fight. Like a bunch of little girls. No one is actually knowledgeable. But all this bitching and attention brings hype around the fight, so the more comments u leave the more likely it will happen, regardless of anyone’s ignorant statements. Anderson’s will win in the 2nd TKO.

  16. bigdickie says:

    Gsp actually has a few good contenders now…diaz,Hendricks,kampmann,Ellenberger,Maia,and even fitch and erick silva if them 2 get there shit together. Anderson only has Weidman,Bisping,and boetsch…maybe lombard if he wins a few in decent fashion. So Anderson should probably be the one taking a catchweight bout. And look at jones…Hendo,Gus and he is out of contenders for a bit. All i am thinking is that its a shitty time for gsp to be in a catchweight fight when he is coming back from a year and ½ layoff and has multiple contenders. I am a true fan though,so i am down for any fights….its not like a catchweight bout is a bad thing when p4p are involved.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Everyone always forgets about Grover Teixiera at LHW. My guess is Jones-Greg jackson will avoid that fight at all costs. When Jones vacates LHW you heard it here first Grover Teixeira will be the UFC LHW champ. If GSP loses to Condit he should just retire so we don’t have to see the USUAL Dana/UFC rematchs SAGA that will plaout like all Frankie Edgars REMATCHES that held the Division up for 2-3 years. Kampmann and Hedricks both have already earned a title shot but were matched to get rid of one of them which is a bad move IMO. I would pay anything to see Ellenbeger vs GSP if he loses to Condit because i think there would be a very good chance we would all see a REPEAT of Ellenbeger/ Sheilds. Remember GSP vs Sheilds and hoe GSP sytruggled in that fight. Ellenbeger is fast enough and has way wway way more power than GSP and i belive it would be a very short nite for GSP.

  17. Idiots says:

    I doubt any of these guys are scared of each other it’s more business and paving the future. Minus GSPs weird locker room stuff he always seems confident, Jones and Anderson wouldnt throw crazy things if they scared and not confident

  18. the oracle says:

    here we go!
    1st round, fight! GSP starts of with a couple of jabs, AS utilizing some head movements. double jab followed by a superman punch by GSP, AS moving backward, GSP was able to get a hold of AS, double underhook for GSP, AS trying to push away, GSP drops for a double leg, and then a power takedown followed. AS trying to maintain guard from the bottom, GSP dropping some bombs, until the end of the round.
    2nd round. AS trying to stand low to avoid another takedown. GSP utilizing his jabs again. AS tried to engage with a few of his own. but nice footwork by GSP prevents him from being hit by some of the damaging strikes. GSP attempts another takedown 20secs before the bell ring, AS able to defend
    3rd round. AS getting more confident, displayed some of his unorthodox striking and caught GSP at one point. GSP blooded up.
    4th round. AS was taken down early in the round. GSP was able to pass AS guard and has side control. GSP pounding AS, AS rolls and gives out his back. GSP, two hooks in, looking for a choke. GSP unable to get it, round ended with AS on his back.
    last round. AS looking gased already, an easy takedown by GSP. AS trying to stand but GSP is not allowing it, GSP lands a couple of descent shots, elbows, knees and hammer fists, round ends with AS on his back.
    ***GSP wins via UD***

  19. EP says:

    This comment is on the money, i couldnt have said it better myself… and just add as a side note, BJ is going to destroy Rory badly very badly on Dec 8th. No questions asked.

  20. Diazfan says:

    GSP would get destroyed by Silva on there feet. He would have to rely on the takedowns which is Andersons weakness. I just think Anderson has to good of striking and is to big for GSP. Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones would be a way better fight.

  21. aries says:

    next in line for the WW belt is johnny hendricks, i thing GSP would prefer getting KO’d by a legend like AS so this fight could happen….

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