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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 06:35 pm

Jon Jones On Gustafsson | "I don't think it is appropriate to be comparing us.The only thing we have similar is that we are both tall."

By Jamie McAllister:
“Alexander Gustafsson is close to a title shot. I think if he wins two more fights against like, Lyoto or Evans, I’d like to see him with another wrestler. I don’t think it is appropriate to be comparing us. The only thing we have similar is that we are both tall. Were different fighters, I kick fast, I’m good in the clinch and accurate and he has great boxing.”

“I like his swagger though, he exudes winning when he steps in the cage, he has the potential to be a star, he just has it.”

Jon Jones has his say on Alexander Gustafsson during today’s UFC 145 pre-fight press conference.

If you were watching the event the odds are you would have heard the comparison between Jones and Gustafsson being made. However the Light Heavyweight Champion does not agree with the assessment.

Gustafsson defeated Thiago Silva at the UFC on Fuel TV 2 card in impressive fashion and could find himself one or two wins away from a potential title shot.

Do you think Gustafsson now or in the near future has the necessary skills and fighting style to cause Jones problems and get the victory ?


45 Responses to “Jon Jones On Gustafsson | "I don't think it is appropriate to be comparing us.The only thing we have similar is that we are both tall."”

  1. Pijan says:

    We’re already talking like Rashad lost?

  2. chris says:

    There can be only one.

  3. Speak for the Dead says:

    when goldberg was making that comparison i was WTF? he looked nothing like jon jones. i thought he looked more like anderson silva then jones but thats just me goldberg is a tool.

  4. King Mo says:

    Looks like Jones doesn’t want anyone compaired against him. He can be the only one. What a joke he gets pissy about everything. Don’t want to be compaired to anyone, he doesn’t want to sign his fans replica title belts, I want to be known as the best. OMG can this guy get of his high horse Maybe he needs to learn home humility

    • You are being dramatic. Your comment is the typical comment like I see on youtube where the guy is like “he’s so into himself” yet they can’t give me a solid situation where he has been disrespectful in that manner. Don’t be that guy. He just complimented the fighter and said he’s a star. All he said was they’re not the same. I agree. Most people do. They don’t have anything in common. I bet you don’t jump on rashad for all his disrespect and bashing he’s publicly showing towards Jones. Posting pictures of Jones lookalikes and all. Stop looking for reasons to not like him. He’s a classy dude and respectable. Grow up!!! Bet you dog on GSP as well. I guarantee it.

      • Robert says:

        thinking someone dogs on gsp is alot to assume. personally i don’t like jon jones either but i do believe he has a right to speak about the comparisons he feels gustaffason does not deserve. Gustaffason isn’t as young, he’s not as well rounded, he’s not as creative, nor is he as athletic. Gustaffason i think is not even that good he’ll fold once he’s faced with a really good fighter right now he’s fighting the cans of the division. Thiago was a fight tailored to him though. A striker with shorter reach and flat footed. But i do beleive jon jones is disrespectful and a great example is the rampage fight. Third round ended he had shot on rampage the bell rung rampage was about to walk off and since jon already had his ankles jon thinks its okay to go halfway through the takedown and then proceed to throw rampage off of him so he falls. Bells already rung you can’t flip ur opponent like that. rampages feet were still on the ground there was no need to take him up off the ground over ur shoulders and then throw him. That is one of the most disrespectul things i have ever seen in the sport. He treats his opponents like shit. When he choked out machida he didn’t give a dang either although it hink thats morally ambiguous and not necessarily bad. The rampage situation was totally uncalled for. Rashads never puleld any shit like that… i mean hell i’ve never even seen tito ortiz do that kind of stuff. Zero respect for others. That would have been worth hitting a guy upside the head after the bell if someone did that to me.

        • what in the fuck???? says:

          Ahhh Rashad grabbed his croch during a fight, Tito flipped his opponent and the audience off during a fight, thats not disrespectful???? Hmmmm??? Figure that one….

        • JAC says:

          Rashad grabbed his crotch at Forrest because he got kicked in the balls. Jones is the dirtiest professional fighter I’ve ever seen. Grabs throats, elbows throats. I’ve even seen juijitsu tournaments where Jones has grabbed his opponents throat twice in one match, Then in his second match with the guy he elbows him.

        • So choking people out is disrespectful??Frank Mir breaks arms. Jon does everything that other fighters do except he makes it look better and easier and that’s why you think he’s disrespectful. Funny how I don’t hear any other mma fans really talk about the rampage fight but you. Hmmm, wonder why that is. If Jon had a mohawk and a dragon penis tattooed on his head and had a couple losses under his belt then people wouldn’t say these things. Oh, and Tito is the most disrespectful UFC fighter to ever exist. I remember him pushing Rashad Evans in the crowd and being disrespectful to any opponent he’s ever faced.

      • yes and they probably think anderson silva is shit too,dumb fucks

    • Matt says:

      Jones is nothing but a young self centered arrogant asshole. I bet even his wife hates his guts behind the scenes. I hope Rashad beats this punk ass kid and teaches him a thing or two about modesty and respect. Asshole.

      • Rashod bad mouths Jones every day and post fake pictures of him. Every opponent Rashad faces he tells them that they’re garbage, impersonates them, and disrespects them. He does this every time. Rashod left the Jackson camp because he wanted the camp to be focused on him only, not him and Rashod. Jones is being way more of an adult and not saying disrespectful things about Rashod or tweeting insults at him yet Jones is the arrogant asshole???What you’re trying to say is that you hate guys that win all their fights and look good at it.. Dirty???lol come on man you can do better than that. Bet if Jones wasn’t the champ you wouldn’t be saying these false retarted things. Don’t be that guy.

  5. MAULER says:

    NO 2 FIGHTERS are alike so COMPARISONS in any form are riDICKuluss!!! 1 shot can change the fight in ANY fight and instead of any given Sunday, its more like any given PUNCH/KICK/CHOKE etc. No 1 is invincible! The GReatest of ALL time (SPIDER) has 4 loses…early in his career, yes but still everyone is susceptible to an L

  6. Fedor says:

    More hype around a mediocre fighter. But hey if they push him like they pushed jones hell have a title shot. Hype machine.

  7. Faggot cracker c0ckskr says:

    He should fight machida he is top 5 beats him he should have the shot next Or Hendo 8)

  8. Leo (spanish/italian) says:

    Sounds like jones trying to act like no one can compare….he’s just mad there is another young gun that is just as good if not could be better then him….and no im not a die hard Gustafson fan….and in my POV….gustafson is the LHW division last hope for someone taking the title from jones if jones beats rashad……looks like skin bones will be moving up to heavy weight soon if no one beats him even though im sorry that would be soooooo stupid on his part part just imagine jon jones vs guys like shane carwin and overeem? (yes i know carwin is part of GJ) lets be honest that reach wont be shit

    • Robert says:

      Yeah i feel like before he makes that move he’s going to need to get like… overeem buff. pretty close at least. thats a long way off. The guys in that division are just too powerful for him and his reach would not be as effective. I think before he becomes a heavyweight he needs to master combination striking because he can’t do that yet. He throws one and two at a time but never a combination. that needs to change big time because if he throws with dos santos or the reem or even if he fought a guy like cain he’d be in trouble. I honestly could see him losing to brock at heavyweight. Its a whole different ball game there. He needs to beef way up first. and get those combinations down

    • Hey idiot, yeah you. Maybe you should read the whole thing. Jones already said that this guy is a star and complimented him. All he said was that they’re not the same. Guess what, most people agree that they aren’t similar too. They look nothing alike when they fight. Jones never said he’s not great. Stop making up things and looking for reasons to hate him. You’re that guy!

  9. Tyrone says:

    I don’t get how people call Jones mediocre! I mean even if you don’t like the guy you can’t overlook the fact he beat Machida, Shogun, Rampage along with other good fighters. He is te champ until proven otherwise so he can’t be considered mediocre! No fighter in the UFC an be considered mediocre because they all have balls to get in the ring and all have skills in various martial arts!

  10. YO MOMMA says:

    looks like he doesnt like ppl to compare him to some other fighters, yet he compares himself to Ali, fucking idiot !

    • Matt says:

      Well put dude!!!

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      no you are a fucking idiot

      hes not once compared himself to Ali, media has done that. hes even said he doesnt like the comparisons he aspires to be them. any fighter would


      as for gustaffson, hes saying hes good and hes his own thing. they are not alike at all. the only thing they have in common is height


    • He never compared himself to Ali. All he said was that Ali also said he was the greatest and had that mentality. He never said he was going to be a legend like him. Guys like you always hate the talented and look for reasons to root against people that accomplish way more then you ever will. I guarantee your an ex high school nerd or girls aren’t into you for you to be bashing and lying the way you are.

  11. Edward says:

    More Jones haters. Jones is a legitimate champion. Even his attitude is humbled. He just sure of himself, which everyone should be. Not only does he speak it he proves it. He finishes hall of fame fighters easily. Alexander has to prove himself, but there is no comparison.

    • Robert says:

      So you’re telling me after round three of the rampage fight when the bell rings and jones is down grabbing rampages ankles (keep in mind the bell has sounded) it was not a disrespectful and self centered thing to do when he flipped rampage over his shoulders and tossed him off. If he respected others he would have let rampages feet go and stood back up. But he doesn’t respect others he just pretends to do so. He’s not humble. He speaks about being humble but he always has the cocky smirk and he is not humble within his actions. Actions speak louder then words. Jones only talks but his actions speak volumes about himself. Ring conduct man.

      • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

        he was already under him

      • So his smirk means he’s not humble even though he’s speaks respectfully to fighters?? Hmmm I should tell him to smile differently than he has his whole life because it’s offending you.. Bottom line, you’re wrong, you know you’re wrong, and you’re searching and fishing for reasons here. You’re once again still talking about the Rampage fight because you have nothing else to go on. Move along there little buddy. Nick Diaz does more offensive things daily yet you probably love that guy.

  12. Sloth says:

    Alexander fights(runs) like a fairy.

    • Robert says:

      i’d have to disagree he just uses footwork to out box his opponents. fighting does not mean standing in front of a guy and slugging it out. Think of all the best boxers that have ever been and plenty of them including Ali himself the greatest of all time did not stand in front of guys but used running tactics. You dance around and pepper your opponent to soften him up then u finish him. He didn’t get the finish this time but he did in his last fight.

  13. freermma says:

    I would have to agree with Jon Jones. I think a better comparison is to a young Anderson Silva with Gustofsson. His foot work and relaxed nature on the feet, the confident movement and accuracy whil in motion during exchanges are skills that Jon Jones has been unablt to produce. Gustofsson is a huge threat at LHW.

  14. freermma says:

    To the guy talkin about who Jones has beaten: the only threat thus far was Machida. Shogun and Rampage are past prime. Machida really had him worried in the first round. Rashad has speed and quickness, much like Machida, and is the biggest threat he has faced.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      so apart from rashad in that division who else at that level was he going to face when they were clearly at the top?
      machida was champ and had beaten rashad, got beat by shogun. both got beat by jon jones and rampage went in for a laugh and got his ass handed to him in great fashion too.
      what more do you want.

  15. Jon says:

    It’s just the way he words his response here. “It’s not appropriate” suggests there’s something offensive about making the comparison. He could feel it’s inaccurate, but those are two completely different things.

  16. Lbc87 says:

    You people that talk shit about pro fighters are arrogant none of y’all have stepped in a cage keep it shut and nothing jones said was full of himself he just feels that they have different styles he brings all of this hype because he continues to improve every fight and grow as a fighter and he has confidence in himself and y’all are acting like that’s bad it shows that none of y’all have been in a ring or cage

  17. jon anti-christ jones says:

    The only guy you can compare to jones is Scott Ferrozzo.

    I get the same feeling when I hear both of them speak. Scott Ferrozzo is closer to god though

  18. Matt says:

    This is hilarious , ur comparing a guy who finishes the likes of machida and shogun to gustaffson…. The sooner gustaffson takes this fight… The sooner his career is over … Can anyone tell me one reason why and how this guy could win this fight…? If jones finishes Evans which I think he will with no problems, the LHW division is dead …

  19. LMAO says:

    LMFAO…but it is appropriate to compare Jones and freaking ALI though??? GTFO!

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