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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 03:50 pm

Hunt Injured | Lavar Johnson Steps In As Replacement Against Struve

Mark Hunt has been forced to withdraw from his fight at UFC 146 against Stefan Struve, due to an ailing knee injury. As a result of the injury, Lavar Johnson will step in for the Super Samoan, Hunt, for the heavyweight clash.

Johnson just fought at UFC on Fox 3 where he knocked out kick boxer Pat Barry in the first round of the fight.

Hunt is coming of a three fight win streak and was rumored to be filling in for Alistair Overeem on the same card. When his title bout campaign fell short, Hunt was left with Struve but now is unable to fight at all.

Struve and Lavar Johnson are both bolstering two fight win streaks and are anxious to stand and bang on the UFC 146 heavyweight main card.

After Overeem was pulled from the main event following a failed random drug test, Frank Mir will battle champion Junior Dos Santos live on pay-per-view from Las Vegas on May 26th.


20 Responses to “Hunt Injured | Lavar Johnson Steps In As Replacement Against Struve”


  2. toneloc24 says:

    Struve has terrible luck.. he went from one guy that was gunna knock him out, to another. Poor guy

  3. Ray Rosa says:

    Johnson is a beast! He is going knock that lanky ass silly!

  4. joe says:

    Sucks for stefan.. Hated the hunt match up. And now this…

  5. CALI says:

    Damn they arent giving struve a break here…poor guy

  6. Ly-er says:

    Damn, is this event cursed or something? Its like musical chair match-making!!!! LOL

  7. SmoothAssNigga says:

    Imagine if he did get the title shot and this still happen. We’d probly have Mir vs JDS either way lol.

  8. byebyesilva says:

    doesn’t seem like a fair fight….lavar is on a good roll but if struve can utilize his distance he should win no prob but if lavar connects with 1 of his haymaker punches that should be it for stuve.

  9. DMAC says:

    Struve should be able to take Johnson out in more ways then one. I’m a fan of Johnson but he reminds me of Houston Alexander on the ground and sooner or later someone will exploit that. But get that money Johnson!

  10. Lol says:

    Came from struve getting his jaw rewired to struve just getting knocked out. Poor struve lol. This card was the shit now its offically just shit. Most exciting fight is now cain vs bigfoot. Mirs getting clocked

  11. Sick Brah says:


  12. San Da FC says:

    Goodnight Struve…..

  13. Brend0magic says:

    Damn, wanted to see Hunt KO Struve, but I won’t mind watching Johnson KO him.

  14. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Damnit shit damnit wanted to see Hunt fight so bad… Now I get to see the guy who TKOd Pat Barry again… breaks my heart.

  15. 50 Tyson says:

    Fuck!!!!!! Man!!! All the best fighters are getting injured wtf now this card is lame as fuck

  16. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I hope Struve lays on him for all rounds and steals a victory by robbery.

  17. Clay says:

    Don’t under estimate struve. He’s still young as fuck. I’m rooting for him. I can’t believe all these injuries lately! That would have been hilarious if he replaced reem to fight jds then got hurt last second.

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