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Monday, 05/20/2013, 10:48 am

Humbled Rockhold Says TRT Had Nothing To Do With Belfort’s Kick

“I mean it’s hard to say what went wrong. I was feeling good. I was finding my timing. I felt like I was controlling things, and then he landed a spinning heel kick to my head. I felt good in this fight. I had a great camp. I felt good in the fight. I was focused. I don’t know if I got overconfident or what exactly happened. I don’t know. I thought I had it.

“I felt good. I saw his punches. I saw everything. I was landing some shots. I felt like I was starting to control things, and then I got caught. It happens. TRT had nothing to do with that kick.” Rockhold said.”It sucks right now. I don’t know. I want to get back in there. I want to fight, obviously. Everyone says it, but what can you do at this point? I want to get in there. I want to fight. I want to redeem myself.

“I lost to one of the best guys in the world, and it was something pretty spectacular. I don’t know what to really think about anything right now. I just want to get back and fight and beat someone up. That’s what I’m focused on. Good job by Vitor. What can I say?”

Prior to his UFC on FX 8 fight again Vitor Belfort Luke Rockhold gave media and fans the impression that the TRT use of Belfort was an unfair advantage. However, during the post-fight press conference a humbled former Strikeforce champion admitted defeat and took it gracefully saying TRT had nothing to do with the fight ending kick.




17 Responses to “Humbled Rockhold Says TRT Had Nothing To Do With Belfort’s Kick”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    Welcome to the UFC bud; if he’s determined that loss will elevate his game, and then the UFC can re-start him where they should have in the first place. Chucking an import in with Vitor Belfort his first fight was like throwing Belfort a light snack. anyone with half a brain could see that. I can see this Rockhold guy doing some good things, but at this level he’ll need to train hard and work his way up.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Do you even realize how condescending you sound…It was a good match up, Rockhold has an excellent record in Strikeforce but he got caught with a head kick, it happens. IMO 7 times out of 10 he wins that fight. Can’t wait to see the juice head aka Vitor get smashed from either Jones, Anderson or Weidman. It’s cheating every time he steps in the ring.

  2. BJPennrules says:

    Class act he will get better and be back.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    He’s not a sore loser. He doesn’t have to say he had a broken rib,injured himself in training or cry about the flight.
    I’m proud to be a fan of this dude regardless. He had a bad showing it had nothing to do with where he sits anywhere or with any one. Come back strong bitch.

  4. 36thdisciple says:

    You think Rockhold was feeling good in the fight?

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