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Thursday, 01/30/2014, 06:07 am

How Frank Mir Got A TRT Exemption In New Jersey

It was recently revealed that, former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir has been approved for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in his upcoming fight against Alistair Overeem, going down this weekend at UFC 169.

Doing their due diligence,, reached out to the NJSAC boss, Nick Lembo, for some details on the process Mir underwent to get his exemption approved.

His statement reads:

“Frank Mir has been licensed and medically cleared by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB)for UFC 169. Typically, the NJSACB does not discuss medical matters or drug testing. Such is due to applicable privacy laws.

Please be advised that we have chosen to honor the TUE’s for TRT for Mr. Mir already granted by the states of Nevada and Wisconsin. Those records were provided to this agency.”

Upon application in New Jersey, Mr. Mir was required to be seen by a board certified endocrinologist at a major medical institution for this particular exemption for this particular fight. The detailed report from the endocrinologist and applicable medical records were reviewed by our lead MMA ringside physician Dr. Sherry Wulkan.

He (Mir) has been, and will continue to be monitored via blood, hair and urine testing well prior to the event, near the event, pre bout, after the bout, and well after the competition date.

Any further comment from this agency will not be made until after the competition. At this point, both Mr. Mir and Mr. Overeem should be able to solely focus on their upcoming bout. Any distractions due to this issue would be a disservice to the contest.”


5 Responses to “How Frank Mir Got A TRT Exemption In New Jersey”

  1. ISTADUMHI772 says:

    mir is a perfect example of TRT not necessarily translating to wins

    • Tincat says:

      Ya, because Barnett, Cormier and JDS are all can fights that he should have won right? 😉

      TRT controversy is silly. All that matters is that we give all the athletes the same stick to be measured by. The same rules to follow. Your Testosterone to Epitestosterone must exceed X while being tested.

      Bottom line, don’t exceed X. Follow that and it’s a clean fight. The end.

      There will never be a perfect system to assure completely clean enhancement free athletes, there isn’t even a way of everyone agreeing on what forms of enhancement should be considered wrong.

      Setting standards to not exceed in your p.i.d use is the way forward and the best solution we have at this time.

      • Tincat says:

        edit *Must ‘not’ exceed X*

      • MatteLärare says:

        You bring up the ratio-test like its something good, TRUTH is the test is totally useless.

        • Tincat says:

          Useless in what way? My point is, it’s impossible to implement a foolproof testing method to test fighters all year round. It’s already shown to be impossible to come up with a list of what should be tested for and what constitutes cheating that everyone can agree on.

          So what we can do, we can work to ensure fighter safety by setting realistic standards that have the fighters health in mind rather than continuing to bash our heads against the ‘zero tolerance’ wall that hasn’t worked since p.e.d’s started showing up in sport.

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