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Saturday, 09/08/2012, 11:09 am

How Fast Is Vitor? Faster Than A Lightweight Says Trainer

On September 22nd Vitor Belfort comes up a weight-division to face the champion, Jon Jones on just 4-weeks notice.

“The Phenom” is promising his best, and his coach, Mike Dolce, tells where they think he has the advantage in the bout.

“The Monday before the fight he’ll probably weigh between 210 and 212. Our goal is to have him at 208. That’s my goal. Anywhere between 208 and 212. We know his body and he performs best right around that 210-pound range. I’m shooting for 208 pounds because he doesn’t have to be BIGGER than Jon Jones – he just needs to be FASTER. He’s faster than Jon at 220. At 208 Vitor is faster than most lightweights. Anyone that has trained with Vitor will tell you that he’s the fastest guy they’ve ever trained with. So we’re going to maximize power, speed and endurance at that body weight. I saw the odds – 13 to 1 underdog! When I heard about this fight, as soon as Vitor called me I said, ‘You’re going to win this fight! You are perfectly built to knock Jon out.’ Look at Jon Jones versus (Lyoto) Machida. Machida could touch Jones all day with that left hand to the jaw. Vitor is twice as powerful and four times faster than Machida. So if Machida can touch Jones’ jaw, Vitor is going to obliterate it. No disrespect to Jon, it’s just a terrible matchup for Jon Jones. That’s my belief.”


34 Responses to “How Fast Is Vitor? Faster Than A Lightweight Says Trainer”

  1. Brend0magic says:

    I really hope Vitor KO’s Jones into obscurity. Honestly I think if Jones loses this fight, ALL the fans will turn their backs on him.

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    LOL this a easier match-up for Jon then the Hendo fight. Vitor can be fast all day long if he wents but when Jon gets him to the ground I dont think his speed will help him from Jon’s elbows so night night Vitor.

  3. pimp stronghand says:

    I’ll believe it. I could see Vitor going berserk and knocking him out. But, I could also see Jones taking him down and having his way. I hope for Vitor to win though.

  4. T.DADDY says:

    I hope this guy is right.. but I see jones the PPV killer winning easy

  5. Gibby says:

    I said as soon as this match was announced that making vitor a 13-1 underdog was ridiculous. Any punch he throws can knok you senseless. He’s lost once since 2007 and that was to silva. He’s lightning quick and I don’t think Jon jones is going to be able to handle it. If vitor is going to win it will be by KO in first or 2nd round. If it goes longer than 7mins jones will get him down and finish him. I’ve got my 30 bucks on vitor, crazier things have happened. I honestly think jones mind isn’t mentally ready for this kind of fame ad stardom and he’s fucking up making enemy’s left right and centre these days. I hope he gets KTFO :)

  6. stephen riddle says:

    And the NEW light heavyweight champion the phenom!

  7. Me says:

    Fast as a LW? Get out of here Doulce.

  8. Nuitari X says:

    Jones can handle it with range and wrestling – Blackzillians have a curse; no ability to win gold

    • lol says:

      Alistair has the best chance of getting the gold, a very good chance actually.

      • Aaron says:

        You’re kidding me right? Allistar would get destroyed by Dos Santos. Against Lesnar Allistar looked slow and didn’t show good movement. Dos Santos has neither of those problems.
        But that dude is right, Blackzillians seem to be cursed. I bet Jones takes him down and gives him 20 elbows to the dome.

  9. Nuitari X says:

    wait wtf this isn’t my info why’s it coming up automatically…

  10. WAR says:

    As Joe Rogan said after Vitor knocked out Rich, “that’s how fast Vitor ends fights”. Vitor is a flat out killer.. If Vitor rocks Jones, it could be over. I believe what Dolce says. When Vitor has you hurt, he swarms until its lights out. I.e. Akiyama, Franklin, Lindland.

  11. Rob says:

    Vitor by sub after he gets taken down

  12. Dan Rod says:

    I think Vitor stiffened his shoulders. It would be interesting to see if they can can loosen him up. He use to be fast, but no I see him as very slow.

  13. Nick says:

    I want Vitor to win just to Humble Jones I think if he loses he will get better

  14. Flex monkey juice says:

    Vidorz wrastling is too good. He’s gonna piledrive jones then camel clutch him to oblivion. Jones by 1st roundKO you fuckin fools…

  15. CMUSMC says:

    Not a jones fan. Still wouldn’t put real money on Vitor in this one. Sorry but he has no real chance. Same chance Matt sera had against GSP in the first fight…… Fingers crossed.

  16. Flex monkey juice says:

    If Veetorr wins, Jones ain’t gettin no immediate rematch a la Frankie egger either. UFC is gonna let him rot for a year or 2. That will be the best part if vidor gets a lucky haymaker in…c’mon vedor!!!

  17. Flex monkey juice says:

    I wish I was bones jones. I’d be fucking dead for sure if I was UFC champ at 24….straight up hookers, blow, bentleys, whatever the fuck…

  18. ya herd says:

    Vitor always chokes in big fights so im exspecting a boring fight. jon jones wins by ground and pound round 4

    • 757 says:

      ^^^ Are you serious? Vitor fighting in Brazil and winning! Vitor fighting in the biggest fights at the time and winning the belt! Vitor coming off a long layoff with big wins to include Rich Franklin a former champion! Come on dude always chokes in big fights? You boy Jones is about to pull a Tiger Woods. He is going down in flames.

  19. Timbo says:

    he didn’t look all that fast when silva booted him in the face….but power to him i wannna see a belt-winning vitor swarm and a little lesson in humility for mr jones

  20. Tommygunzz says:

    13 to 1 underdog wow….don’t ever count vitor out.

  21. 123 says:

    Jon Jones Will Try & Hold Him On The Ground & Win With His Elbows

  22. Technical_KO? says:

    Is he trying to tell us something, never seen this guy with a girl, and he’s posing for a picture sucking on a mouthpiece.

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