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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 08:54 am

Kenny Florian on King Mo | "His Penalty Was Extremely Harsh"

By Jamie McAllister:
“It’s really unfortunate, especially for a guy like King Mo, who I really like as a person. I think you can’t question his talent, the guy is a tremendous talent and a tremendous fighter and, you know, sometimes we are all going to be victims of our own emotions and I think that was the case with King Mo. I think he definitely regrets what he says but I think the penalty was extremely harsh, as well. I think anytime you get someone who questions you and is supposed to be in a position of authority, and kind of says something like that to you, “Do you speak English?” Listen, I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, that’s going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. I think there is nice ways to say on both sides. I think King Mo has learned from this and a guy that talented needs to be fighting in the UFC. I think he is sorry for what he said and I hope to see him, if not in Strikeforce, then hopefully in the UFC as soon as possible.”

Kenny Florian comment’s on the King Mo situation in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

In case you forgot “King Mo” called Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Chairperson Pat Lundvall a “racist bitch” following his suspension for a positive steroid test. Since then he has apologised for the remarks.


9 Responses to “Kenny Florian on King Mo | "His Penalty Was Extremely Harsh"”

  1. Ken Flo is right says:

    Punishment was far too harsh loads of guys have done far worse Mo vs Rampage

  2. Ken Flo is right says:

    Also has rampage been punished for that rape spoof video ?

  3. Not You says:

    Hahah, “Overeem is cheating filth. What kind of no Syer cheats to win?” “Oh, I feel bad for Mo, he had such a harsh punishment.” He tested positive, for te second time. Get your head out of your ass KenFlo. If you want to stay strict, do so across the board.

      • Not You says:

        It’s true though. The same should be said for Dana, I understand he’s upset that Overeem put the main event (and all that sweet ass money) at risk. But Sonnen went INTO his fight with Anderson and 16:1. Yes, he had his doctors “note”. But he still fought with elevated T:E levels and Dana had nothing to say about it. But Overeem tests hot 2 months away from fight night and he can’t believe anything worse could happen ever.

        Also, I’m not trying to take away from KenFlo opinion or the fact that he’s right about PEDs users being cheaters. It’s just unfair that everyone is throwing the Reem under the bus while Sonnen has done the same thing, amongst other fighters. I like KenFlo as a person and fighter. He’s just got to keep it “tough love” from point to point.

    • Carlos says:

      Dickhead even thought he was punished he was still able to prove that it came from a protien shake he bought at the store and was later taken off the market due to having steroids in it so you get your head out of your own ass bitch!!!

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Ken Flo, I completely agree they overcharged for the crime. He has an extremely ethnic name, he’s probably been dealing with this as long as he has been alive. I don’t think anyone on the CASAC panel can tell one fighter from the next buy and large because they have so many promotions to deal with. King Mo should have kept his mouth shut and deleted his fucking twitter.

    The guy got staph infection, they charged him $40K (Idk if he makes that much in Strikeforce per fight without fight bonuses), suspended and fired. When it rains it pours. He’s still a human being, we all make stupid mistakes.

  5. Frankie says:

    KenFlo is just a punk. He will always be known as a choke. He can get to the title show in 3 different weight classes (even tho I don’t think he deserved a shot against Aldo after just one fight). But you know what he got fired because Dana believed he should be cut for being caught with PEDs twice, and for how he reacted to the Commision. So being fired as a penalty is fit when you act like a bitch.

    • Yushin O says:

      Since when was lightweight and featherweight 3 different weight classes? Sure he’s competed in 4 in the UFC but he’s only ever had a title shot at 2 of them.

      One of them was against Sean “Roid-Shark” Sherk which was only his 8th fight and against a huge wrestler. The other two were against BJ Penn and Jose Aldo, and I don’t really think losing to two of the greatest champions in UFC history constitutes being labelled a choke-artist.

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