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Wednesday, 05/02/2012, 12:22 pm

VIDEO | Here Is Corissa Furr's FUEL TV Debut With Josh Koscheck!

UFC Ultimate Insider takes a trip to Fresno, California to check out welterweight Josh Koscheck’s eight-room, waterfront mansion and all of his awesome rides. Find out why his favorite “ride” is by air, not by land…


34 Responses to “VIDEO | Here Is Corissa Furr's FUEL TV Debut With Josh Koscheck!”

  1. jeremy says:

    Boys got some some style definitely feeling the house, the rides, and the plane!!

  2. Justin says:

    Hard work pays off

  3. ieatvag says:

    he’s a douche
    and he lives in fresno, “the NO”, the worst part of the central valley

  4. Me says:

    the plane shows that he will lose to Hendrix , he is not into fighting anymore , he is done with mma as a fighter

  5. cant watch it in canada…fuel tv sucks ma ballz 2x!

  6. OopsNoCash says:

    Alright, so… how’s he going to afford everything after he’s burned through all his cash? The guy has apartments everywhere too. He clearly doesn’t know how to save money. Oh, I’m glad he’s enjoying it now, while he still can.

  7. Peterbeater says:

    How much does this peckerhead make a fight? He better slow down or he’ll be another bankrupt athlete.

  8. Martin Ek says:

    There’s so many clips not avalible in Sweden. Sucks.

  9. To All Those Who Think The UFC Pays Their Fighters Too Little says:

    Remember this video. The guy’s a baller. Beautiful house. Insane vehicles. Unreal aircraft. Awesome.

  10. mike r says:

    And they say UFC doesn’t pay their fighter much… hahahahaha

  11. LOL says:

    Well one thing is for sure… he has the total noob poser dj controller LOL! If he really had a clue, he would have not let that get on camera.. but instead he thought.. well Im going to show all the fans that I can fly, and oh yeah let me show them that I DJ with a Noob system that autosyncs the songs. I know, I Know, this isnt important for people who just want to see cars and all.. but Kos dj set up is about as legit as Scott Ferrozzo in the current heavyweight DIV

    • Mike Custer says:

      you mad dude?

      • LOL says:

        no not at all… Its just funny to see a fighter at the top of his sport in the UFC, but has dj controller system with training wheels

      • LOL says:

        no, i’m not mad. I’m just gonna point out the one “negative” I see and ignore all the other things I’m jealous about, like the house, car, toilet paper, airplane, hot chick interviewing me. I’m staying focused on the dj equipment because eventhough it cost more than what I make in a week at work, it is still only for losers in my opinion. so, yeah, koscheck ain’t nothing! hahahaahaha. I’m not crazy, I say! hahahaha..

    • James says:

      Scott Ferrozzo LOL

  12. RFK says:

    Kos is a boss he is gonna beat some ass this weekend

  13. Gabi says:

    Damn I don’t like dude but he’s doing it big that’s for sure. You can NOT hate on that at all.

  14. Martin Ek says:

    I dont have to hate on that. It’s easy to just hate him, since he’s one of the biggest jackasses around. And no, it has nothing to do with if I could say it to his face or beat him in a cage, so no need to comment on that.

  15. k says:

    damn I thought he dyed his hair blonde, but I guess that’s his natural hair color lol

  16. The Mantis says:

    every time this guy uploads a video it is not available in my country new zealand

  17. Xaninho says:

    For the fellow foreign folk this one is viewable outside the US.

  18. Mike McMack says:

    And people say the UFC doesn’t pay fighters good.

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