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Saturday, 01/18/2014, 10:34 am


Hendricks Wants To Retire As Middleweight After Clearing Out 170

Johny Hendrick’s isn’t content with being a one-division fighter.

The large welterweight competitor recently told The Dallas News that he wants to test himself up a division as a middleweight before hanging them up.

“Yes, once I can get through my weight class, I would love to retire at 185,” Hendricks told them. “I definitely don’t want to go down a weight class.”

Most fighters are looking for the coveted two-division champ moniker, but only two men have been able to do it. Can Johny follow Couture and Penn’s lead and be successful in two divisions?


8 Comments to Hendricks Wants To Retire As Middleweight After Clearing Out 170

  1. bubbagum says:

    The only coward is GSP who would not give Hendricks a rematch…

  2. Tadpole Triplett says:

    2 division champs usually need to be champ in 1 division before a second…

    • realfighterfan says:

      Too bad GSP was too much of a coward to ever fight at MW. GSP wouldn’t even go up 5 lbs to fight A Silva at 175lbs

  3. Sasquatch says:

    The f**kin bonehead shouldn’t count his eggs before they hatch.. might want to concentrate on winning the fight with Robbie first before talking like this.

  4. T.Daddy says:

    Man, Hendricks really made you GSP fans mad when he beat GSP down for 5rds… Lol. He is the champ everyone especially GSP knows it

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