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Friday, 02/22/2013, 10:19 am

Hendricks thinks GSP is scared to fight him | UFC NEWS

The UFC’s No. 1 ranked welterweight, Johny Hendricks, is growing tired of champion Georges St. Pierre.

Hendricks called out GSP after his last victory but he finds himself on the outside looking in while GSP defends his belt against rival Nick Diaz at UFC 158.

Hendricks will be fighting Carlos Condit on March 16, in the co-main event of UFC 158, stepping in place of the injured Rory MacDonald .

Hendricks spoke to during a recent appearance on The Verbal Submission about a number of things, including St. Pierre being scared of him.

“I’ve been saying even more that he might be scared,” Hendricks said. “I do not know why he didn’t take the fight. All I know is he just proved what I thought. I am the number one contender. GSP should be fighting me and no one else. Why he didn’t, only he knows and his camp knows.”

Hendricks also had some choice words on the hypothesis that GSP will fight Anderson Silva after the Diaz fight.

“If I ever saw him, I’d probably slap him,” Hendricks said. “Like, really? If that happens, then everything that we believed is true. Everything we’ve talked about, everything all the fans are trying to figure out, we know it’s true. Here’s what I really believe. He wants to finish on top. What if he retires after this fight? That’s something I’ve thought about too. What if he retires, then comes back out of it and fights Anderson Silva. That sucks. You always want to retire when you’re on top and not when you’re on your way out.”


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  1. Nuitari X says:

    We all know Rory McDonald is GSP’s training partner and friend. I’m willing to bet that GSP asked McDonald to pull out of the fight in the hopes that Condit will take out Hendricks for them. I lost a lot of respect for GSP when he took the Diaz fight over Hendricks or Silva. I hope Diaz stockton slaps the shit out of his ass.

    • magoo says:

      You and Hendicks both sound retarded nutari x!!! Condit will end Hendricks fantasy world… Georges is scared of me garbage, the more Hendricks flaps his gums the dummer he sounds…..sheesh

    • Joe T says:

      Nuitari youre a dumbass. Diaz called out GSP and guess what GSP accepted his challenge. I guarantee he will accept Hendricks’ challenge when he’s done with Nick. You lost a lot of respect for him, you’re a nobody, he doesn’t need your respect, someone called him out and he’s fighting him which proves that he ducks no one. Yeah he called Rory and told him to pull out of the fight purposely to take out hendricks, you’re a fucking idiot, you don’t know shit

    • WikeE says:

      Here we go again! I just don’t get it why Hendricks is still crying over that fight. GSP scared of fighting him? That’s BS,LOL! You have a one punch knockout and terrific wrestling background, but that shit was a no show on Kos’ and look what GSP did to Kos’ he freaking broke his orbital bone. GSP will dominate this guy! Let’s see if he gets pass Condit, and I;m also pretty sure Condit will kick his ass! He believes his hype too much!

      • Quazzi says:

        Agree gsp is not scared of hendricks but dont blame him for talking shit trying to get something started. That is how nick got his title shot right? Cuz it wasnt by winning in the ufc. Everyone knows who gsp is really scared of and thats silva. Hendricks only has a punchers chance and diaz should enjoy himself and light up a bowl before the drug test to save himself 25 mins of getting dry humped and jabbed into submission. A. silva is the guy to beat gsp. Why do u think everytime this fight is talked about within 2 weeks gsp has another fight scheduled? CUZ GREG JACKSON KNOWS IT

      • I Agree, but... says:

        then again, Josh “Clockcheck” kinda sux… all he’s good for is eye pokes and watching the time go by.

    • allmightysandman says:

      lmao…you sounda ALMOST as lame as hendricks does.

      I understand trying to talk your way into a fight, but he just sounds plain ridiculous.

      GSP has beaten this guy already (he just went by the name josh koscheck at the time), and if you think he’s afraid of wrestlers with a good right hand then you deserve the beating you’re going to get.

      Not saying GSP will finish him, because i’m really waiting for GSP to start finishing guys again too, but he will dominate johnny if johnny even gets to a title fight.

      most of the guys that say GSP will lose to this guy are GSP haters, not MMA fans…big differenc.

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Blah, blah, blah. GSP is scared of Hendricks, Hendricks is scared of Ellenberger, and I’m scared of the cookie monster…

  3. DaMan says:

    What a lame old goofy fool. Nick Diaz is a former title holder and known as one of the best welterweights in the world and hes proven that for the longest time. Diaz is a hpusehold name you hear Hendricks and nobody knows who the hell that is, you hear Diaz and everybody knows who you talking about. I aint scared of you Hendricks I would fight you for free just for fun, and if I aint scared buddy GSP is definetly not scared of you, he is just smart enough to know whos the tougher opponent. And fact of the matter is Diaz and GSP was supposed to happen a long while back, you just crying because you know the fans have been waiting for GSP DIAZ and nobody gives a crap about seeing you fight GSP cuz everybody knows you going lose. GSP has fought and dominated guys far more talented than you so you should just be quiet and wait your turn, most likely GSP ANDERSON SILVA AND JON JONES, are prolly going to retire as champs because they have the entire skillset striking grappling clinch game ground game wrestling. They are the best for a reason and they are all on humongous win streaks in dominating fashion something Hendricks can only dream of.

  4. Rodriguez says:

    We know for a fact GSP isn’t afraid to fight a guy with knockout power and good wrestling. It’s getting annoying that he keeps complaining, and I understand he wants his shot…but let GSP and Diaz settle their shit, and be happy that you have one more warm up fight before getting in the cage with the champ.

  5. Bobby says:

    Dont get too cocky Hendricks. You are dangerous but he aint scarred homie. He just has to deal with this grudge match first. Diaz did too good of a job getting under his skin.

  6. UFC 84 Forever says:

    By this logic then Hendricks himself is scared of Ellenberger, is he not?

    How’s about you shut up, you fight, you wait for your title shot like the rest; not everyone can be Chael Sonnen and get by on trash talk…

  7. UFC 84 Forever says:

    By this logic he is scared of Ellenberger is he not?

    Just hush up and wait for your turn, GSP has fought devastating strikers before, people really thought Dan Hardy could knock out GSP too, people thought Condit could break his teeth out of his skull – by comparison Condit is the much better Mixed Martial Artist.

    Condit actually has an excellent chance to win, I just don’t care for Condit vs. GSP II…

  8. krafty11 says:

    Thought GSP was number 1 ranked welterweight?? Maybe being the champ of the division isnt enough these days… lolz! Hopefully it was a typo..

  9. ^ says:

    Stfu hendrix, the more shit that spills out your mouth about gsp, the more you sound a child not getting what you want. Theres more to trash talking than just saying “Hes scared of me”, i think you need some lessons from Chael, at least when Chael talks shit its entertaining and not just annoying everyone.

  10. BringFitchBack says:

    Johnny is just trying to pick a fight. Trying to get GSP mad at him so he will WANT to fight him next. My guess is that the UFC wants to make a Jones vs Silva fight leaving the opportunity for a new 85 champ. Silva gets to vacate 85 undefeated and possibly be the 05 champ. Either way Silva gets big bucks and gets to retire undefeated at 85 and a possible two division champ. Silva knows he will never be considered the top fighter if he can’t be a champion in 2 divisions. GSP also knows that too. So you heard it here first, Silva to 05, GSP to 85 and Rory to 70. My personal predictions are that Rory becomes 70 champ, GSP becomes 85 champ and Silva loses to Bones. Of course Weidman could change it all for Silva.

  11. hendoooo says:

    ok this cunt has lost my respect, to think he is even in the same league as Anderson Silva is just a joke. Who the fuck does he think he is? I’d like to see him try and knock out Carlos, or Rory. Two people that are the true contenders in the WW division. Johnny is going to get picked apart with a jab by GSP, not even worth GSPs time. Just worry about Condit you midget fuck because you’re not going to get past him.

  12. Nuitari X says:

    LOL that is trolling my friends. Look at that shit!! I say one fucking thing being totally fucking silly at the top of this thread and the whole world goes ape shit!! LOL!!! ” You’re a dumbass nuitari!!” ” You’re a nobody nuitari!!” Well you know what? You jackasses that took the bait are pathetic. What a world we live in. Jesus Christ.

  13. 757 says:

    GSP is the champ….Hendricks is whatever. GSP is the champ and most dominating welterweight ever like him or not

  14. GRT 3000 says:

    work that hype train Hendricks – I’m sure you’ll wrangle a good handful of MMA noob idiots with your whining. for seasoned MMA fans we all know your full of shit. GSP would beat your ass like he beat Koschek, which YOU lost to.

  15. hendricks the cry baby says:

    i wish this guy would quit bitching around

  16. 123 says:

    the only fighter to beat George St Pierre is Rory Mcdonald in my opinion.. Nick Diaz & Johny Hendricks will both get controlled for 5 rounds.

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