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Wednesday, 03/19/2014, 07:54 pm


Hendricks: ‘Robbie Tougher Fight Than GSP’

During an appearance on UFC Tonight, newly minted champion Johny Hendricks, took some time out to discuss some items coming out of last weekend’s pay-per-view headliner.

Check it:

Johny Hendricks on who was a tougher fight, Lawler or GSP: “As of right now, Robbie. He has power. You can’t take it lightly. Every punch could be your last one with him.”

Hendricks on if his injured biceps affected his fight: “It was painful. But realistically, I just had the wrestler instinct – it’s the difference between being hurt and injured. I knew I was injured but told myself I was hurt until after the fight.”

Hendricks on when he’ll return: “I hope to be on the same timeline. I should be back and ready to go in normal time, October or November would be perfect. I don’t want to rush it, but want to give people a shot at the belt.”


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