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Monday, 12/17/2012, 11:33 am

Hendricks Not Happy With Scared GSP, But Says With Next Win Champ Will Have No Where To Hide | UFC NEWS

“(I) just have to win and GSP has nowhere to hide from me. Man, he’s scared. That’s why he wants me to keep fighting because maybe I’ll lose and then he won’t have to retire (before fighting me).”

Johny Hendricks thinks UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, is afraid to fight him.

After knocking out Martin Kampmann in his last bout, Hendricks was all but guaranteed a shot at the UFC belt, but GSP stepped in and changed the game up.

Now a Diaz vs. GSP title fight is set to headline UFC 158 and Hendricks was forced to take a bout with Jake Ellenberger.


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9 Responses to “Hendricks Not Happy With Scared GSP, But Says With Next Win Champ Will Have No Where To Hide | UFC NEWS”

  1. NotToday says:

    Hendricks has some ko power and is pretty damn scary, I’ll say that. GSP is a well-rounded fighter whose got a great record against power strikers. Johnny reminds me of Thiago Alves back when he was wreckin’ shop, but Georges did made him look real bad in their fight. Koscheck also relies on his boxing, more than his wrestling abilities nowadays and he couldn’t match up to GSP on that end, either. Condit, same story with his boxing. Hendricks has one submission victory in pro career, which makes me question how good he will be against a guy like St. Pierre. GSP will take Hendricks around for all five, but will have figured out how to avoid that rush and power shot of Johnny’s – IMO.

    • Nunya says:

      Very well put sir. Although i believe Hendricks would pull out wins against Alves & Koscheck. Would probably have more trouble against Condit, but i feel Hendricks would get the win. Against Diaz is a tough call. In my opinion Hendricks would not get a win against GSP for the facts you have stated.

  2. Michael Post Cronberg says:

    I don’t thin GSP is scared of Hendricks, he just really wants to fight Diaz after all the trash talk. As Dana White said when GSP vs. Diaz was going to happen, GSP has never wanted to fight someone as much as he wants to fight Nick Diaz. Yeah sure, I agree Diaz doesn’t deserve a title fight, but seeing how fights have been put together discarding all promises of number one contender spots, why not give GSP, the biggest PPV-draw, and a great champion a little gift, Nick Diaz. Hendricks will get his shot, and hey he shouldn’t complain after such a short run in the UFC, there are alot of fighters who have waited longer, for instance Bisping. GSP vs Diaz first, than GSP vs Hendricks.

  3. michael says:

    Hendricks is exciting to watch. But lets be honest, so is half the welterweight roster. He has incredible ko power and a very good chin. Unfortunately we havent’t seen much else. I believe this is just another fight for GSP and he will wont struggle at all against hendricks, its going to take a much more well rounded fighter or even a more explosive fighter to take GSP down as opposed to one with just a power punch, lets not forget what GSP did to Koshcheck. Hendricks has his hands full with ellenberger and to be honest no one wants to see hendricks fight GSP when GSP can fight Nick Diaz. Thats a no brainer.

  4. Rattus2025 says:

    Whilst Hendricks is on an impressive winning streak, I honestly think he needs one or two more top ten wins to be considered for title contention. He will have his chance at GSP, and we the fans will enjoy seeing it :)


    Hendrick’s is scurred about how long he will have to wait to get that title shot payday. He should fight the winner or MacDonald/Condit and then he will deserve a title shot if he wins.

  6. ShaqAttack says:

    This guy should be happy he get to fight on the main card. How can he consider himself a top guy when he hasn’t fought let alone beat any top guys. Nice try but journeyman and gatekeepers aren’t considered top guys. Try Condit, Rory, Diaz, and Penn first, then bitch after that.

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