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Monday, 07/01/2013, 11:04 am

Hendricks ‘knows exactly what GSP brings to the table’

“I know exactly what Georges is. He’s a jab guy and a takedown guy, he’s going to lay on top of you as long as he can, he’s going to try and control the clock, he’s going to try and get you as tired as he can as quickly as possible. That’s Georges. Me, on the other hand, you don’t know. Am I going to knock you out? Am I going to take you down? Am I going to let you back to your feet? I know I can take Georges down and I know I can keep him off my legs.”

In a recent interview with AXS TV, welterweight title challenger, Johny Hendricks reveals that he’s the only one with tricks up his sleeve leading into his title fight with GSP.


22 Responses to “Hendricks ‘knows exactly what GSP brings to the table’”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    Bigg Rigg is in for a big crash!

  2. Steven Thurman says:

    Right, just like you kept Condit down? GSP wont have a problem getting up, and his technical striking will be more than enough to avoid any left hand from you.

    • I love my TRT says:

      I’m agreeing with you on that. Condit wasn’t kept down and when he was, he was active on his back. GSP’s more tactical at his striking than Hendricks so GSP will slip past it and keep Hendricks off his game.

  3. Drew says:


  4. Drew says:

    Haha I read the above comments we found gsps 3 fans do you all hang out and watch Gsp hump grown men and not finish a fight in over 5 years ???? wait let me guess u all watch the koscheck fight ? wow was that an amazin performance ??? geez he really did work on a guy with one eye, do y’all wear tights and eat popcorn ? Gsp is what’s wrong with the UFC all around

    • magoo says:

      I watched Georges beat the piss outta Koscheck! It was awesome! Josh was never the same after that fight,GSP made him a broken man. A KO or submission sure in the hell wouldn’t have done that to him, think about it!

      • haters hate shredders dominate says:

        WHAT? his not a broken man when he fought again and AGAIN… fighters don’t break they retire dummy when they know there time is done.
        Don’t talk about a fighters heart, don’t talk about lions when your a sheep who can be eaten at anytime in the cage. F#@king sheeps these days. BAHHHH BAHHHH move along now.

        • magoo says:

          yes he’s fought numbnuts, but he’s never fought the same! He’s gun shy dummy, like I said he’s a broken man…. Sugar coat it any which way you want Koscheck is done!

  5. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Drew most accurate statement I have read in months. GSP is a SNOOZFEST and sooner he retires or gets Ko’d better for UFC and fans

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    I’m a Canadian & a GSP fan (sorta) but Big Cheese is right, the Saint needs to follow through with some combos…I mean it doesn’t get more tentative than a ‘Superman Jab’ for shit sakes. I can understand having that in the toolbox, but an entire fight the same shot?! F(u)ck! super-jab his head back, throw a low kick then a one-two – fuckin’ something dude!

  7. nothing says:

    Thank you GSP is so boring and so predictable sense he got knocked out by Matt Serra it so boring to watch him fight, if I wanted to see gsp fight i would just watch my nephews as they clamor around and then the bigger one just lays on top and that 3 yr old wrestling/mma and it is the same for GSP

  8. D-rak says:

    Big rig had a split decision victory over kos….that’s pretty sad

    • magoo says:

      He lost to Rick Story that’s even more sad! You may think you know what Georges is gonna do, question is can you stop him? You better get that cardio up, Condit would have had his way with you had it been a 5 round fight! This is gonna be a tough test for the champ no doubt!

  9. jason says:

    Here’s the money Question? How many better wrestlers has Georges Man Handled in his fight’s. Yeah i remember too.As a fan of “Big Riggs” i think Georges is going to be way to strong for him on the ground. Good wrestler Vs Good Wrestler= Negate.Good Wrestler Vs A good wrestler that is a Superior Athlete. Yeh that’s what I thought….

  10. Jamie says:

    The best part about this fight is the fact that it wont be in canada which means instead of the crowd cheering when gsp takes hendricks down (he will take him down) they will boo him to deafness and i will love every second of it! i like gsp alot just wish he would finish more fights because he can but for some reason chooses not to

  11. zzzzz says:

    so we all know what GSP would do…question is, can someone stop it?

  12. Tincat says:

    Here’s the thing.

    GSP is the number one Pay Per view draw for the UFC.

    The number 1. By a long ways. When he’s on the card, the gate is huge and the ppv is massive.

    So if he was such a snooze to watch… why would he be so popular?

    You guys don’t dislike gsp, you just don’t like the fighting style, and to each his own. But you act like his style is unpopular… but it’s not.. it’s just you.

    Millions around the world, including myself, enjoy his fights.

  13. Keoni says:

    Nah some of his fights are boring if you don’t appreciate how he is able to transition from bjj to wrestling and standup! But he did have a few good ones he tko’d Serra in da rematch & Hughes … The bj penn fight was good to I think if bj would stuck in there for one more round he coulda had a come from behind win! But some times it’s good to hate on a guy like GSP cuz its fun to root against him and hope he looses! I know I always use to watch Hughes just to watch him get hopefully tko!!!

  14. 757 says:

    GSP has fought and beaten the best guys that the UFC could put up. Hendricks talks to much shit. He fought and barely beat Condit and fought Kosheck (who BTW actually beat Hendricks and got jacked out of the decision). GSP will beat this guy too. All GSP has to do is stay active and Hendricks will gas anyway and then GSP will whip him. GSP beats this guys like he beat everyone else.

  15. Dddddddd says:

    This is a tough call. I think the 70s are very progressive and every time they fight they look better. The Condit that Johnny fought was nastier and rolled so well the punches it was crazy. I think the thing that sets Johnny apart in this particular match is his speed. To say Kampman can be kod easily is silly and the fight against Koscheck is hard to say with such a nasty eye poke. Goerges is surely better with distance but Johnny like Ellenberger closes the distance so fast it’s scary. What punches has Johnny been working on to set up the nuke? What defensive tactics has Goerges been working on to be able to deal with someone that fast and powerful?

  16. MJ says:

    Im not a GSP fan boy, but I promise you he isnt going to be out wrestled by a guy who lost a grapling match to Ben Henderson. GSP is taller, stronger, much better cardio and has more tools. He will tire John out and maybe get his first finish in awhile. Not saying its what I want, but Jake would be a more dangerous fight for GSP than Hendricks…He can wrestle and has fast hands with KO power.

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