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Tuesday, 07/30/2013, 12:53 pm

Hendricks: ‘I don’t want to take GSP down… I want to break jaws’

“I don’t want to take ‘GSP’ down. I want to lay him out. That’s all I want to do. That’s what the fans want to see, and I know I have the power in both hands to do it… I will bite on my mouthpiece and eat a jab to land a right or a left hand on his jaw line. That’s the difference. Punch me in the face, I’ll punch you twice as hard. When I’m in there, my goal is to break someone’s jaw. Let them forget who they are that night. Let them wake up the next morning and go, ‘What the hell happened?’ That’s my goal every fight… If he’s going to sit there and do that jab, watch. I’ll bite on the mouthpiece. I’ll eat one to throw my left or right hand all day long.”

During the UFC’s World Tour, Johny Hendricks got a chance to discuss how he plans on approaching his UFC title fight against GSP.

Can he deliver?


46 Responses to “Hendricks: ‘I don’t want to take GSP down… I want to break jaws’”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    I’d be prepping for the double leg Johnny. GSP’s too smart to let him land anything significant, he’s going to be looking to put him on his back and run the clock out.

  2. D-rak says:

    Hendricks will wind up just like kos getting jabbed in the face for five rounds and gsp will take him down whenever he wants 2

  3. Bring it to him says:

    I cannot wait for this… Hendricks is the most likely fighter to be GSP. He has great wrestling,knock out power, and is not afraid to brawl.. All it is going to take is one good shot to GSPs chin.

  4. VALE TUDO 101 says:

    GSP is going to want to lube up and make love to him.

  5. 757 says:

    Hendricks talks to much. He is going to get a busted eye socket just like KOS did. GSP will stop this chump. He has no gas tank like when he fought Condit and he is going to get desperate and get subbed.

    • Steve says:

      The only way gsp will lose if he gets caught plain and simple. GSP has some of the best takedowns, he has a very well timed explosive take down. GSP is very smart he will duck under what Hendricks throws take him down, do a little bit of GnP, maybe if we are lucky a submission.

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    well that’s Hendricks ONE shot at the belt. KO’ing the Saint. if he can’t land it he’s fucked. GSP will super-man jab him for 5 rounds & school him in the mastery of tentative fighting & point victories.

  7. magoo says:

    Careful what u say Johny! GSP may be the one bustin jaws! I like u Johny but ur being disrespectful to the greatest WW to ever live, and we know what George does to disrespectful opponents.

    • BX81 says:

      Yeah, you tell em. GSP don’t play that mess. You disrespect him he’ll slowly 5 round decision that azz. I don’t understand how Hendricks is being disrespectful. He fights to ko his opponent. Would you get upset if Gsp said I’m gonna win by decision? Nope because that’s what he does. Now if Hendricks wasn’t known for racking cats then I could see it being cocky. All Hendricks has to do is stop Gsp from taking him down and Gsp will get ko’d it’s really that simple. The problem is Gsp is good at mixing a couple of strikes in with the take down and holding guys down. It’s not rocket science. If he takes you down that’s bad. If he doesn’t that’s good…. Except if you’re kos and just stand there like a meat head.

  8. 757 says:

    Did you honestly just say that all he has to do is stop GSP from taking him down? It’s just that simple. Hey son there are allot of fighters that in there prime would have busted Hendricks pudgy ass and they got worked. Btw he beat some people in the stand up that he wasn’t supposed to either. GSP by sub. Hendricks will run out of gas and that’s the end.

    • BX81 says:

      If that’s all you took from that then read my reply again. Start at “The problem is Gsp is good at mixing a couple of strikes in with the take down”.

  9. pc says:

    i hate to say it but i see this fight going down like rory vs ellenberger 2.

  10. Dddddddd says:

    I hope this is a good fight. I think Goerges is more technical but Johnny can take away your technic at anytime with a nuke. If Johnny can get inside I don’t think GSP can roll with it like Condit.

  11. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Ok here is how I see it going down. Think GSP vs Kos 2. But more dangerous for GSP. GSP will jab to keep distance. Hendricks will look to close distance for his left and right he has been working on. GSP will counter that by looking to setup his takedowns by the jab and when Hendricks comes in to close, GSP will duck under and bam power double leg Hendricks down. From there, GSP will look to hold him there and tire him out and Johnny will need to move and get up. This is how he will beat him by tiring him out and submitting Hendricks in the 5th or a decision. Hope I’m wrong, but unless Hendricks catches him, GSP should win.

  12. confucius says:

    henricks relied on his wrestling to beat condit since condit was getting the better of him. once he realizes he probably wont be laying gsp out with one punch hell try to out wrestle him, but whens the last time anybody has out wrestle GSP? Hell most likely just neutralize hendricks and win a technical decision. Then again anybody can win a fight. Hendricks obviously has the power, but is GSP going to let it happen is the question. GSP by UD or possible SUB. Hendricks by KO is the only chance he has.

  13. drew says:

    hendrix=will be the best welterweight of all time

  14. drew says:

    hendrix is going to finish gsp, i see no way it not happening

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