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Wednesday, 11/21/2012, 09:44 am

Hendricks: GSP Can’t Take Me Down | UFC NEWS

“Well I’m not as good as Anderson, but I believe I have what it takes to beat GSP. I’m a wrestler, I’ve been wrestling since I was five. And, they say that’s what GSP is the strongest at and also I have knockout power. I can lay anybody out at any given moment. The only thing is that sometimes I like to fight, just because I like to fight. You know what I mean? I don’t like to end it fast. And sometimes I go in there and I know I have to make a statement and I know I have to do something to put myself above everybody else and that’s sort of what happened with Kampmann. No. No, I don’t [think GSP can take me down]. I’ve wrestled all my life and if I really wanted to I could go into a fight and take him down. I just haven’t had the thrill of wanting to take somebody down. For some reason, just hitting someone in the face is a lot more exciting to me, and also to the crowd.”

_ UFC welterweight contender, Johny Hendricks via


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  1. P90 specialist says:

    I don’t really wana see George fight Anderson but i would love to see him fight Hendricks. I think George has another tough opponent ahead of him. Hendricks is a beast and he has the KO power and he has been wrestling since he was young. This would be a better match for him then anderson

    • TheTude says:

      +1, Hendricks is an awesome contender for the belt. If GSP has a contender like thath to deal with then the super fight should be put on hold. SIlva has cleaned out his division, even though i think BIsping deserves a shot next, it is unlikely that will happen. The only fight that makes sense for silva right now is Jon Jones but I am a Huge fan of both of those guys and i dont think it would be any good for either one of their careers

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Come on man what has Bisping done to deserve a title shot? Look at fighters in other divisions who have beaten 3-4 top 10 fighters and have 5-6 wins in row against QUALITY fighters not the mayhem millers, jorge rivera’s. Bisping has one fight win streak. Get it a grip Bisping is overrated at best.

        Hendricks is the real deal and most MMA fans have not a clue how great of a wrestler johny hendricks is. Johny has forgot more about wrestling than GSP will ever know. Just because Johny doesn’t need to LAY N PRAY like Fitch and GSP doesn’t mean he isn’t the best wrestler in UFC WW division. GSP will probably not have to fight johny and that is good forhim because he will be dodging a bullet bigtime. Johny had already earned a title shot when he KO’d Fitch then again after beating Koscheck and then again after his KO Kampmann. WE all know UFC will make Diaz fight him

        • TheTude says:

          Hendicks claims he is going to wait for GSP but if they throw enough cash at him he will fight Diaz, if i were GSP i would be worried, he is either goiong to have to fight Silva or Hendricks becasue Hendricks wouold destroy Diaz

  2. MMAnalyst says:

    …yes, we know how GSP has such a tough time with great wrestlers, how he can never take them down or defend their take downs… good luck Johny.

    • allmightysandman says:


      we’ve NEVER heard a wrestler say GSP couldn’t take them down before have we?? that must be the secret to beating him then…right Koscheck, Hughes, Alves, etc.

      it would be a good scrap for sure, but Johnny best give the man the respect he deserves.

  3. Eric says:

    Alves? not a wrestler, his game plan was to catch with a knee or uppercut as he comes in.

    Hughes, is a great wrestler, but past his prime.

    I still think Koshcheck has what it takes to beat GSP, sadly he didn’t perform to his abilities. The way i see, A LOT, of guys get mind fucked when they step in there against guys like silva and georges.

    Hendricks on the other hand, can out wrestle GSP, and has the finishing power that GSP and Condit doesn’t have. He also is a Division 1 wrestler like the others, but he’s also a Big 12 Conference champ. If you wrestle, or have wrestled than you know what it is to be a Big 12 Champ. Those who under estimate Hendricks are in for a rude awakening.

    • Harry says:

      Yeah, you’re right. Condit deffs can’t finish anyone. It’s not like he’s done that in the majority of his fights or anything. GSP could take Hendricks down, and keep him there, but he’s more likely to put on the same 5 round striking clinic that he did for Kos. GSP isn’t going down any time soon.

  4. Ryan says:

    Koscheck was singing the same tune. Hendricks is a beast, but you just can’t compete with GSP’s strength and explosiveness with the takedown. He’s a monster, and I think that although Hendricks would give GSP a run for his money, I see GSP scoring takedowns all day.

  5. ET71 says:

    Have a lot of respect for hendricks but its the same bullshit we heard over over again . Hendricks is good at wresting in the sport of wrestling….. but in a MMA scrap hes OK…Hendricks has been taking down numerous time in MMA….GSP in the other hand is a monster and probably the best MMA wrestler..

  6. allmightysandman says:

    I know Alves is not a wrestler, i just meant he claimed GSP couldn’t take him down, and so did Koscheck and so did Hughes.

    And none of them could stop the TD.

    Hendricks is good, but can GSP take him down…OF COURSE HE CAN.

  7. LAiE 4 liFE says:

    I think GSP is not going down soon. The dude fight smart and showed that he got a lot of heart. Hendrix got Ko power and wrestling but gsp is not going to stand in front of that left hook/straight. he trains boxing with one of the greatest trainer aka roach! GSP is not a brawler and hendrix shouldnt just underestimate GSP.

  8. NotaGSPfan says:

    Hendrix taking some lessons from chael sonnen, & opens his mouth to disrespect GSP. He says GSP can’t take him down because he’s been wrestling since he was a pup. Hmm, this sounds all too familiar. this alone to me is an indication that he wouldn’t win against st.pierre. If he’s going to go in there with this mind set he WILL get taken down. There is so much more to GSP than just taking someone down. His boxing is crisp, his foot work is awesome, his TIMING and his entire jiu jitsu game and how he uses it all and puts it all together, I don’t think everyone completely realizes what’s really going on in his fights. Hendrix to me, should have to go through Condit before he faces GSP. Hendrix is one dimensional, I don’t even know why he’s even opening his mouth. His 1-2 combo that you’ll see coming a mile away is pathetic. Just shut your mouth and shave your beard you hobo.

  9. domp says:

    You guys do know that rick story trashed hendrix on the feet and with wrestling. GSP would destroy him in grappling get a grip. I like Hendricks but come on reallllly?!

  10. slacker says:

    Hendricks might be able to stuff half GSP’s attempts, which is helpful. But even if he keeps this fight on the feet, he has a 69″ reach. Alves had a 70″ reach, Koscheck had a 74″ reach. Of course, he wants a big payday and he believes in his power – which obviously he has! But, he will get broken down, round by round, like the two guys mentioned above. Condit had the best chance in ages out of anyone. He made a big mistake by voluntarily posturing up, just before the GSP upkick and scramble. He was just a couple more forearms or stiff shots to the head, and I believe he would have finished Georges. I hope he puts together a 3 fight winning streak and fights him again. I believe he can do even better the next time.

  11. BrianWilson says:

    This ragin cajun is a one hit wonder. If he misses with his one big shot, would be out classed. If he doesn’t get taken down in the first round, it would only be a diversion of the inevietable. He not as good as Liddell eithher in defending the take downs, Liddell was a lot lankier.

  12. domp says:

    again lets remember rick story took him down in their fight… please stop saying josh kos he blows lol!

  13. Sasquatch says:

    Good luck with that one Johnny, everyone says that and look what happens.

  14. 757 says:

    Hendricks is good. He is powerful, and has a great wrestling pedigree. He is getting a bit ahead of himself. GSP is a natural man. He has taken down division 1 wrestlers all over the UFC. He is far better than anyone that Hendricks has fought, and Hendricks may panick if he get’s taken into the championship rounds. I would like to see him calm down a little and start showing the champ a bit more respect. It would make him a little more likable. Right now he is starting to get on my nerves. GSP has accomplished everything that Hendricks wants. Hendricks would do himself well by not shooting his mouth off. I hope GSP fights and whips that ass like he has so many others…….Koschek can tell you what it’s like (Big puncher with great wresting)….oh yeah and a broken orbital bone courtesy of GSP’S jab.

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