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Monday, 12/24/2012, 10:34 am

Hendricks Believes Ellenberger is More Dangerous Than GSP | UFC News

Johnny Hendricks accused the UFC welterweight champ, GSP of ducking him and tells Sherdog Radio

 “It’s not that it’s more difficult but, it’s a little bit more dangerous, you know what I’m saying?  Like I said, you don’t know which punch will be the last.

With GSP, you know where he’s going to want to take it, you know he’s not going to want to stand with you. He’s going to want to go in there set up his jab, throw a few leg kicks, or he’s going to get you to the perimeter, to that black line, and you know a double leg is coming. Ellenberger, he is going to try to knock you out before he takes you down.”

Johnny Hendricks will meet Ellenberger at UFC 158 in March, on the same card that St-Pierre defends his title against Nick Diaz.


16 Responses to “Hendricks Believes Ellenberger is More Dangerous Than GSP | UFC News”

  1. Sean says:

    So basically you were wanting out of a more dangerous fight to

  2. the original steve says:

    jake ellenberger the guy who lost to kampmann condit and even rick story is more dangerous than gsp. you can be mad at gsp for picking diaz instead of you all you want don’t say stupid things

  3. everyone says:

    who has faced GSP knows what he’s going to do. And they weren’t able to stop him. What makes you think you’re any different Hendricks? A loss is a loss. Doesn’t matter how it happens. But of course, you’d rather get knocked out, than be beaten on for five rounds and look like ground beef at the end. It’s cool, we all understand.

  4. Hendricks and Ellenburger are REAL FIGHTERS says:

    GSP is boring ass company man who fights as little as possible. I would pay to see Ellenburger or hendricks and day before I would ever consider paying to watch mighty (BORING) point/safe fighter GSP. UFC is just trying to get rid of GSP’s most dangerous opponents one at a time. Instead they would rather match GSP up with one-dimantional fighters like Dan hardy. UFC hads no interest in who is actually the best only who brings in most money for them. UFC/WWE circus act

  5. Dave says:

    Sounds like Hendricks is preparing his defense in case he loses to Ellenberger. I’d rather see GSP/Diaz than GSP/Hendricks sorry to burst your bubble. First you should find a way to beat Koscheck (which you didn’t do yet…).


      You may want to actually go watch Hendricks vs Koscheck before spouting B.S. Hendricks beat Kos fair and square and Kos’s face was messed up bad. Ok for GSp not to knock anyone out but if Hendricks doesn’t get a KO then he lost the fight. I will tell you about a fight that had no winner (DRAW) GSP/Sheilds was a complete stalemate. One was scared and the other one was glad of it. GSP hadn’t fought for a year before the sheilds fight and then didn’t fight again for 20 months after that fight. GSP is a disgrace for a champion. Too bad judging isn’t based on who takes most damage in each fight because GSP would have alot more losses on his record.

  6. MMAnalyst says:

    Ellenberger IS more dangerous, and way easier to defeat …like lots of top welterweights, most will be more dangerous than GSP and expose themselves to more counter attacks, submissions and take downs and ultimately losses. But yes, more dangerous. But at least they are beatable.


      Just because Ellenburger doesn’t runa way and avoid fighting deosn’t mean he’s easier to defeat. YES Hendricks and Ellenburger are REAL warriors who actually try and engage and put on an exciting fight for fans UNLIKE GSP

  7. David2021 says:

    Lol look at all the GSP fans. Your defending a fighter who lays on you for five rounds and hasn’t finished a fight in 4yrs. If it was anybody else you pole riders would scream he is lame. Hendricks is rocking the same credentials as GSP and can easily land that left and as far as we know its a one hit KO from almost any angle. GSP is ducking the fight because he feels he hasn’t recovered completely after that crap fight with Condit , so of course he takes the slow lane to test how well he is doing. Ellenberger is going to lose..simple. Lol and at the moron bringing up that was at his start of the carrier…how about GSP go back and avanege the loss against a dude almost a foot shorter then him who beat his arise like now other in please stfu before you open your ignorant mouth. Your not a real fighter and never probably trained a day in your life. Your a bandwagon fan who hops on then next champs victory stick brush. ( lol his reply will be I do practice and have trained.) Yea on the ufc trainer for kinetic

    • David2021 says:

      Insert – Koschek

    • Guss says:

      LOL! You must be vetriliquist. I hear you talking out of your ass. You obviously know nothing about fighting or MMA. Let me guess your one of those WWE fans that jumped on the UFC bandwagon. That or you don’t have any idea on how to watch a fight. If you call beating down opponents, till you break them, then make mince meat of their face, then I suppose GSP is ‘boring’. Lol So how does one do so much damage to his opponents, if he’s just laying on them or running away? Hmmmmm. Ya…edumacate yourself.


      Despite the UFC as well as all GSP pole smokers EVERYONE knows GSP dodged the #1 contender. After GSP lay n prays Diaz for 25 minutes he will sit out another year. Oh I’m sure he will have plenty of excuses like his abductor hurts, his knee hurts, he’s deciding if he wants to fight Silva which has been going on for over 5 years. One thing I know GSP will never do is ever supply random samples to a LEGIT PED testing organization. GSP will continue to fight in Canada (with no PED testing) Dana whit will fire any fighter who brings up that he wants GSP to agree to VADA testing and not 8 weeks later like rory did. I watch MMA with over 30 different fans on and off and we all have our favorite fighters but one thing everyone agrees on is GSP has been on PED’s his entire career and he si the least tested fighter in ALL MMA.

  8. punchkick says:

    if ellenberger wins, will he get a title shot?

  9. mannski says:

    No way Hendricks beats GSP. His split decision with Koscheck is very questionable and so was his fight with Mike Pierce. He is no doubt a great puncher but saying that Ellenberger is more dangerous is just plain stupid. Once you lose to GSP your fight career is never the same. Just ask Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy, B.J. Penn, Matt Hughes, and Jake Shields.

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