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Saturday, 03/24/2012, 08:09 am

Hendo’s Striking Coach Identifies Holes In Jon Jones Game

“With his age it’s best to wait for a title shot. He got that chance, which is pretty hard to get, so it’s best to way. There’s no problem… I guess Jon Jones wins this [fight against Evans]. They know each other pretty well, actually, but it won’t change much. Jones is a best striker, much taller, a complicated guy to fight against … Rashad hasn’t shown great stand-up skills, he’s no good in comparison to Jones… It would be complicated actually. It’s hard because the guy is tall, but we’re not getting there to lose. He’ll find Jones during the fight… I’ve watched the fight between Jones and Lyoto and I could see some flaws on his stand-up. He’s tall, uses his reach, but he’s not that good technically. Lyoto showed us some of his weak points … It would be a hard fight between Dan and Lyoto because the guy moves a lot. Jones had some trouble finding Lyoto… Dan has great counter-attack and it could make a difference. It’s going to be a puzzle, but it’ll work”.

Dan Henderson’s Muay Thai coach, Daniel Woirin, recently did an interview with and answered questions about a possible future matchup between his student and champion, Jon Jones.

Identifying holes in the game of Jones is one thing, but to actually take advantage of those holes is something no man has so far been able to do.

Is Hendo the one to take him out?

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83 Responses to “Hendo’s Striking Coach Identifies Holes In Jon Jones Game”

  1. jonesy says:

    hmmmm if jones walks threw rashad llike the rest he will be ready to fight hendo in 3 months ….i like jones as chamo cuz he is very active…not like gsp fightting 1 time a year if hee is n ot injured…jones is a goosd chamo for ufc cuz he fight often and makes them money…i actually like jon jones…u need to be cocky in tyhe fight game,,,

  2. Yeas says:

    On any given day, any fighter has the tools to beat the other. That being said, Hendo has what it takes to be a champion but Jones is the worst case scenario for him. A tall fighter with a long reach and devastating strikes who has a suffocating ground game. Hendo stands up well, can take a HUGE amount of punishment and his ground game is basically the top. Problem is him getting in close enough to do anything. Jones/Rampage fight was a great example of how quick Jones can be, even if he has to turn and run, when dealing with the counter attack.

    • I wouldn’t call Jones’ striking “devastating. In my mind Hendo has a better chance at him than almost anyone else in the division. Mostly because he has one punch knock out power a iron chin and most importantly the greco to match Jones. honestly i don’t really like Hendo and i think there are a lot of guys in light heavy that can beat him i just think that stylisticly he could beat Jones

    • Mike McMack says:

      Hendo is a turtle off his back and that’s where Jones is going to beat him when they fight. Lyoto, Shogun and Rashad are the most legit threats to Jones, Hendo is like Rampage. He’s got great boxing to combat Jones with but that’s all he has to offer him. Hendo is great in the clinch but Jones will use his height as leverage to win in the clinch. On the ground Hendo has nothing but good sub defense, that all goes out the window against a guy like Jones on the ground.

      • Dan says:

        Agreed. Except I wouldn’t say Hendo and Rampage are great boxers. They’re more like great Toughmen. They can take lot of punishment and punch hard but they don’t have very good technique and a non-existent ground game. Jones can throw good elbows in the clinch but I think he’d take Hendo down and ground-and-pound him.

  3. Gomay says:

    Machida was hard for Jones to hit due to his footwork.. so with that said Rashad is very quick and has ample speed. I dont think Jones reach will mean much since we’ve seen Rashad gain distance on taller longer opponents from his TUF days through. It will boil down to Jones ability to handle Rashad if he gets his hands on him… Jones wrestling hasn’t really been tested. He also hasn’t really been tagged yet

  4. Kev says:

    Hendo has a difference maker in that big right hand of his however the only fighter I see giving Jones problems is Rashad, he trained with Jon so he knows what to expect from his size and reach advantage and Rashad showed against Phil Davis his MMA wrestling is elite it’s going to be an interesting fight! Hendo is great but I don’t think he can beat Jones.

  5. bryanfury85 says:

    I think ppl are really underestimating evans stand up skills. Let’s not forgot he’s just as fast as machida with his striking and has one punch knock out power. I think evans stands a better chance at beating jones than anyone has. No homo and shit

  6. E716 says:

    Counting rashad out is stupid….he has quick explosive hands…idk what this guy is talking about…imo rashads hands are way more crispy than hendos but hendos got that bomb that can put n e 1 to sleep

  7. Brett says:

    gsp fight once a year? he only did that once so far, and he got injured. and this year he’s healing you know nothing about getting injured, you ignorant cunt

  8. zetoe666 says:

    Jon Jones will not stand with Hendo for more than 30 seconds. He’ll take Hendo down pretty easily, but Hendo is pretty crafty off of his back, as far as getting back to his feet. But, he’ll knock Jones out if Jones tries to even tie him up for a takedown. I see Hendo taking this fight with relative ease.

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    “I’ve watched the fight between Jones and Lyoto and I could see some flaws on his stand-up. He’s tall, uses his reach, but he’s not that good technically.”

    I’ve been saying this forever but Hendo is wrong about Evan’s striking abilities though. He is way underrated now that he is greatly improved through training in Muay Thai striking. I just wish he had better footwork. It might be his undoing if just stand and trades with Jones.

    Like Cruz, Jones has really dynamic footwork which is one of the main reasons he beat Machida and the reason Justin Lawrence will lose on this season of TUF. Karate strikers have poor footwork moving side to side and trap themselves along the fence moving back and forth. Most likely Jones will strike and bike like Machida unless he is really in trouble, then he will use his wrestling. But unlike Machida he will move side to side.

    Anyways, Hendo can handle Jones in the stand up department because he is an excellent counter puncher and his chin is the best in all of MMA. His TDD leave much to be desired especially after watching him get blanketed on by lame ass Jake Shields. I am unsure that Hendo can handle Jones sitting on his chest or recover like Rampage.

    • Dumb Ninja says:

      Karate strikers have poor footwork? You’ve got to be joking. Machida has one of the best footwork in the UFC.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        True .

        GSP has excellent footwork too .

        Chuck Liddell also had excellent footwork .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          GSP also trains in boxing and has Taekwondo background. Chuck got his light knocked out several times so what is your point?

          You are either being sarastic or be a dumb, dumb.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          They all have excellent movement & all have a Karate background , I wasnt arguing with you just agreeing with the other guy .

          I agree with you on boxers having excellent footwork but excellent footwork in MMA & excellent footwork in Boxing are two different things .

          In boxing there is no danger of leg kicks or take downs , the fighter only has to move with defending his head as him primary concern with protecting his torso as his secondary Concern .

          The MMA Fighter has to protect his head , Torse & legs & he also has to defend the possibility of a variety of takedowns ranging from Judo to Wrestling , as he moves so boxing footwork on the whole is not applicable to MMA .

          It does have its place but it has to be modified .

          I’m still not disagreeing with you tho , its merely a conversational point .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I was wrong. I have heard that he trained in Taekwondo from different places over the years but when you look at his official page biography it says Kyokushin Karate.

        • Yeas says:

          Chuck got knocked out for many reasons but I don’t think anyone can fault his footwork. His angles and striking ability is the stuff of legends, its just easy to hate on him when you consider he basically stopped taking it serious approaching that Jardine fight.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          That was being reactive to being trolled. But I don’t think of Chuck when footwork comes to mind. When I think of Chuck I think about his KO prowess and aggressive predatory approach to fighting. His last fight with Franklin was awesome besides getting KO’ed.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Read my post a again… Slower this time….. No skimming I know you have ADD. I trained in Karate and their footwork is poor compared to boxers so STFU.

        • Dumb Ninja says:

          LOL! Poor footwork my ass. Everyone gets trapped or cornered at some time, even with good footwork. And calling Karate footwork “poor” is just dumb.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Well you didn’t show or prove your point or realize any facts I stated. Don’t get butt hurt because I exposed the chinks in Machida’s armor. His greatest advantage is his weakness. He get caught on the fence in all the fights he loses because he likes to stay on the outside and evades by running backwards. I also forgot to mention he drops his hands a lot I doubt he’ll drop that nasty habit. It’s not too late for Justin Lawrence though, he can learn… At least Machida has nice leg sweeps.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        BTW Cruz has the best footwork in the UFC.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Dont say that too loudly or Fitch & the other Prison Queers who cant stand a smart fighter using his skilled movement will be in here complaining again like a shower of bitches .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          The truth hurts but this guys footwork is crazy ridiculous like Joe Rogan says. Now if he could finish a fight no one would complain.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Appreciate the fighters talent thats on display is what I say , if you cant sit through 3 X5 minute rounds or 5 X 5 minute rounds then dont pay the money , you knew the rules before the fight started .

          Real fights go to decisions when evenly matched opponents face up, thats a fact .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          It depends on who it is, I feel as though GSP can finish any of his opponents if he wanted to but doesn’t want to take chances. With Cruz I don’t think he has the ability to stop many opponents with strikes or on the ground. Renan Bareo has his number.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Look , when they weigh into a division at the same weight simple physics are going to tell you that they are evenly matched .

          Some may be faster , some may have better stamina but when its all weighed up one is going to counter act the other , thats why its called a fight & not Romance .

          GSP may exude that air but that’s because he is

          1: A Genuine Champion .

          First look at the Culture he has come from , they are a secular people who have fought o 1’st establish themselves in a new continent & then fought to survive .

          They are a proud French People far from their cultural home & he is their Champion , with or without a belt .

          The air of a champion is not something that can be dismissed , the likes of Couture had it even when he had no belt , its either something you are born with or you develop through experience , however he got it ?… GSP has it .

          2: A Martial Arts Student/Expert

          We can all see he is an excellent technician & very well rounded in almost all disciplines but what very few acknowledge is that GSP also studys the Internal Martial Arts as did Bruce Lee .

          Martial Arts are a wonderful intrinsic thing , a whole other world of mystery & magic if that mystery can be mastered .

          Perhaps you have never listened to a genuine Chinese master of the Ancient Arts or seen him teach or display but if you do with a non prejudicial attitude with an intelligent respect for when & where these practices come from you will come away from the experience semi thankful that he didnt kill you , that is the aura they exude no matter how nice & pleasant they are .

          Remember Martial Arts were born in a time before Mass Media , Mass Communication , Science etc etc , you have to appreciate them for what they are & I suggest you imagine a world after the fall of society then commence your learning & or appreciation .

    • Mike McMack says:

      Guys that have good footwork don’t get hit much. Lyoto is at the very top of that list with GSP and Anderson Silva. Jones’ footwork isn’t all that great but it’s getting better every fight, his main strength is his reach which he uses very well to his advantage. Hendo would man handle Jones if they were to stand and trade but Jones doesn’t fight like that, he’s a wrestler first and that’s where he’ll try to take the fight. I would love for Hendo to get a UFC belt so I’m hoping he catches whoever the champ is with that big right hand to get it.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Guys with great footwork don’t get hit. Thats funny because thats all Rogan talks about when Frankie Edgar fights how great frankies footwork is and he takes more damage per fight than anyone. My guess is Frankie has sustained 10-12 concussions in his last 3-4 fights.

    • Troy says:

      First of all this “advantage” Evans keeps speaking of cuz he’s trained with Jones in the past is garbage. They trained together like 2 years ago, which in the game might as well be 100 years. Jones isn’t even close to the same fighter he was when he trained with Evans. Bottom line Evans was out matched vs lyoto, and Jones had little problem handling Lyoto, other than 1 very nice shot jones took from him. Jones has destroyed legends. Rampage,Shogun,Machida . Evans couldnt even finish rampage on the ground, Rampage has to be one the worst wrestlers in the game! Jones didnt seem to find it very difficult. Evans is in for a very long and painful night.

  10. lex walker says:

    “Rashad hasn’t shown great stand-up skills” bullshit

  11. Bla DeBla says:

    No matter what , as long as there is breath in his body you can never write off the possibility of a Dan Henderson Victory , the man is a special fighter .

  12. carlos says:

    “So basically what were going to try and do is inside kick him and throw the over hand right”
    works everytime!

  13. @ukmma says:

    Neither evans nor henderson has the skillset to match j jones,its funny to hear one track deluded fans who believe their fave fighter is the best,full stop!!! Wake up

  14. ricky the dragon says:

    if jones striking isnt devastating, im not a steamboat…..

  15. Dick Diaz says:

    there was way too many spelling and grammar mistakes in this quote for me to even finish reading.

  16. true mma says:

    Haha, Cruz has the best foot work in the ufc. I can’t believe someone made this comment.

  17. rashad number 1 says:

    rashads got jones number and after this fight he will have dans and send that toothless old man into retirement

  18. drew says:

    hendos cardio will be his downfall, youth will simply win this…but at the end of the day hendo will tag bones within 25 minutes and probably more then once sooooo its tough call id rather see hendo vs bones then rashad but w.e good matches either way

  19. Kingron84 says:

    Even if Evans wins that just means the belt is going to get passed around, because If Evans is the champ and Machida climbs of number one , he’s taking that belt back and it is just a big circle.

    • Dan says:

      yep. Machida crushed Rashad and he would do it again. Aside from two fleeting moments, Jones walked thru Machida. What does all that mean? Who the hell knows.

  20. ali says:

    Everyone thinks they know Bones’s style but he is hard to predict and he is still hungry and sorry, but the old fighters, want a crack, but he’s young and believe me they have no answer for this young fighter, their styles are predictable, the young fighters are being taught mma and are not coming from 1 style and trying to adapt their fighting, in order to beat the young fighters an old style fighter needs to have been practising the other arts from day 1, Jones’s style Evans will have no answer for, Evans took out Machida, Machida took out Randy, Jones has something to prove as all the older fighters keep saying he’s not good enough.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Jones style isnt hard to predict .

      Bas Rutten would dismantle his style for analysis within 5 minutes of seeing the 2’nd of any of his two fights .

      Rutten is Dutch tho & Dutch are technically excellent at almost everything .

      I can tell you now that Jones relies on a very basic level of Maui Thai , he is also a strong wrestler but like Silva he also has stamina problems if forced to fight at a tempo higher than his comfort zone & if he is pushed like Machida pushed him for more than a round he becomes frayed around the edges & starts to repeat himself & therefore is very easily timed , as such a fighter with Liddells style & timing would be looking to KO Jones anytime after the middle of the 2’nd round .

      Randy Couture would also have dismantled him very quickly & still would if he is in the corner of whoever is fighting him , but Randy like Bas is a special one , very few can break down an opponents style & then implement a game plan against him like Couture could , Couture was on you like Vengeance from hell for every minute of every round , a nightmare to fight .

      Jones is hype .

      Realistically he has good potential but in reality he is very basic & against the highest levels of striking in particular isn’t that good .

      Evans should have more than enough experience & know how to give him plenty to think about no matter what way it goes .

      • Ray says:

        You are all talk. Bet money if you’re so sure. You’re just another MMA arm chair master. Go make a sandwich and stuff it in that pie hole!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Even if you are right & I’m not saying that you are , what the fuck is wrong with that ?

          Cant arm chair fans express an opinion ?

          After all its arm chair fans who contribute over 90% of The UFC’s income .

          Cus D’Amato & Angelo Dundee , two of the greatest trainers & managers of all time produced some of the greatest Champions of all time in Boxing & neither was ever a fighter .

          Try not to be an ignorant prick all of your life & acknowledge that the world , which the internet has kindly exposed you to is a wide & varied place with all kinds of people in it , not just gormless media fed couch potatoes like you .

        • Ray says:

          Cus and Angelo trained fighters….Are you a trainer now? Go get some cake and ice cream you bloke!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          What if I am ?

          What if I am not ?

          What the fuck has it got to do with you ?

          What difference does it make to validity of my comments on BJPENN.COM ?

          Are you a trainer ?

          Are you a fighter ?

          No you are neither , you are a fucking slob couch potato parroting the media bullshit you have been force fed .

      • Dan says:

        I agree with the stamina issue but “hype”??? Jones’ records clearly speaks to the contrary.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I’m not naive enough to believe that there is no such thing as a “Padded” record within a Closed organization with Contracted fighters .

          You must at least acknowledge tha possibility of corruption .

          From my own experience , not from what Rogan or anyone else tries to tell me I have seen serious flaws in Jones & I have seen serious flaws , very uncharacteristic flaws in a few of the fighters he fought .

          For example Machedia …

          Round 1 was the Machedia we all know .

          Round 2 he for some strange reason stops moving & throwing his usual straight punches & instead stands flat footed in front of Jones with a wide stance swinging wild “Arm Punches” like a Novice begging to get knocked out .

          When he does get put on his back , remember this guy is a BJJ black belt , he lays their motionless begging to get struck , which Jones obliged him with .

          Even a BJJ Blue belt would have been flapping like a fish outa water to escape the position , Machidea done nothing .

          Finally , he was finished not even by a standing Guillotine , which in itself is the very most basic choke in all of BJJ but he was finished by a school yard standing front headlock which Machedia done absolutely nothing to defend .

          The guy is a black belt in Karate & BJJ & has been fighting MMA for years , he is no babe in the woods .

          He took a dive , plain & simple .

          I also believe Shogun took a dive against him .

          I suspect Vera took a dive against him .

          I suspect Jackson took a dive against him .

          I suspect Bader took a dive against him .

          I’m not saying that Jones isnt a talent I’m just reacting to how uncharacteristic sloppy those guys were on the night .

          Its more than suspicious to the trained eye .

        • ethan weber says:

          your stupid jones just pushes his strength and will on people no one in the UFC is gonna take a dive retard. This is there name and careers on the line, not a couple of marbles or something.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          They are under contract FOOL !

          Their name & career is (Possibly) defined from the very moment they sign on the dotted line !

          They are not Prize Fighters !

          Fucking Blind Ignorance mixed with Blind egotistical arrogance !

          At least acknowledge the possibility of corruption .

          Regardless of if they win lose or draw they are under contract & therefore are being paid exactly what they want otherwise they would never have signed a contract in the 1’st place !, none of them have to work a 2’nd job to make ends meet between fights .

          At least acknowledge there is a possibility of corruption even if you don’t believe its happening because its impossible to deny the possibility unless you are a complete retard !

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Yeah so you’re the real trained eye? You have the least knowledge of MMA than anyone that has ever benn on BJ Everything you type is a bunch of garbage prison flack from a man who is obviously have to be someones bitch. You are without any shadow of doubt the biggest piece of shit to ever walk this earth. I have never come across someone that has been more abused and who’s brain is more warped. In a perfect world someone would just take out and put a bullet in head to put you out of your own misery. You sir are a complete waste of oxygen. I would however pay just about anything to spend 5 minutes ripping your fucking head off and then kicking your teeth down your throat for all the garbage you hav e spewed on this website. YOU ARE ALL TALK and i promise you I could beat your ass on my worst day

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Youre a loser Anti-Fitch .

  21. Ray says:

    Evans will get Knocked the Fu** out. If you don’t believe it, bet your money on Evans or shut your pie holes. Bunch of arm chair MMA masters!

  22. Dan Donofrio says:

    I like Evans in this fight. Not only does it upset the Jones fans, it’s facts. A lot of people don’t know how much a good loss can help someone. This could be that ‘one’ loss that makes Jones unbeatable…Henderson better hope Jones beats Evans, because if he doesn’t, and Hendo and Jones eventually fight, it’s lights out for my man Dan…Peace out to all, and to all a good fight!

  23. Dan says:

    Seriously? Lyoto got a few good shots in on Jones, more than any other fighter, but still it wasn’t that many. Hendo doesn’t move well, telegraphs his right and got dominated on the ground by Shields. Jones would take him down and split him open in no time. It would be Hendo’s first KO or TKO. Evans has more of a chance than Hendo. He’s fast and strong so he has a puncher’s chance.

    • wandy silva says:

      stand against hendo would be hard for jones i think he was doing what machida was doing, he was waiting and he got caught him getting hit by hendos right is dangerous but idk i think joens would beat him

  24. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Rashad no doubt will do a good job of running away which he ahs always done when he’s scared but in a5 round fight Jones will eventually catch up to him an dput a beating on him. Rashad doesn’t stand a chance not even a punchers chance. Would I like to see Jones get beat up? heah yeah he a fake ass prick arragant bastard but so is Rashad, who worse? coin flip throw Greg jackson in the mix and I would say he is the worst of the 3. that man is so friggen in love with himself it makes me puke. jackson has done more damge to MA than Jon Fitch as far as exploiting shitty ass rules and pushing the rules to edge

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