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Monday, 03/19/2012, 08:46 am

Hendo Refutes White’s Claim | Has No Desire To Fight Chael Sonnen

“Chael lives up in Oregon but I know him real well. He was with me and Randy [Couture] when we first started our team. I don’t have any real desire to fight at middleweight. The only guy I’d cut weight for is Anderson Silva, win or lose that could still happen. But it’s not high up on my list at all. Silva’s the only guy I’d cut weight for. I’ve got the light-heavyweight thing in my mind and that’s it. I’d fight Anderson Silva but I’m only interested in the UFC light-heavyweight title right now.”

Ask UFC president Dana White who Dan Henderson is fighting next and he will tell you that Dan will fight anyone who holds eight the middleweight or light-heavyweight title and that includes Chael Sonnen.

This caught many off guard as Hendo and Sonnen are long-time teammates under the same “Team Quest” banner.

In this interview with ESPN, Dan Henderson denies White’s claim and said there is only one person on his list of potential middleweight opponents and that is Anderson Silva.

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33 Responses to “Hendo Refutes White’s Claim | Has No Desire To Fight Chael Sonnen”

  1. Fuck TRT says:

    Battle of TRT abusers!! lol I’m just joking=)

    • charlie says:

      why joke? it’s true. they’re both cheaters whose careers were all but over, until they discovered the magical fountain of youth. now suddenly they’re contenders.
      so pathetic.

      • EdSoares says:

        So even though it’s legal, they are cheaters who should be punished everytime they are in public?

        Why don’t you talk this much shit on guys who actually used steroids?

        Like say Vitor, Royce, or Barnett?

        • Jon Fox says:

          Thank you so much!!! Nobody knows what TRT is for and goes crazy every time they find out someone uses it.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          alcohol and salvia are legal too maybe the police should ease up whenever i try driving on either?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I agree!

        • Anthony says:

          it’s legal but it is cheating if you use it to much to boost you testosterone levels to have an advantage. like Phael Sonnen. Also testosterone is a steroid “contains a characteristic arrangement of four cycloalkane rings that are joined to each other. Examples of steroids include the dietary fat cholesterol, the sex hormones estradiol and testosterone”.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          It is cheating if abused but, everyone who screams cheater in this thread is assuming that it’s being abused by all users. The only person I can think of who has abused and has been caught using excess TRT is Chael Sonnen. Now everyone who uses the treatment is labeled a cheater without proof.

      • triangle choke says:

        charlie you are a dumb fuck who doesnt know shit about this sport stay on your couch and keep your mouth shut

  2. I remember last time he tried Fighting Silva.. lol

  3. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    well dana is a little off track nowdays. cant blame him, ufc has expanded massively and strikforce involvement ontop of filming tuf means that hes a little seperated from the fighters.
    he used to be on good base with them but times have changed.

  4. Robby says:

    I like both Dan and Chael. That would be a very good fight between them. I see Chael’s wrestling coming through though. But we will never know.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Hendo wrestled at the Olympics Fer Fuck Sake !

      I cant see many taking Hendo & of the few I can see ? Sonnen isnt one of them .

      Hendo by stopage , H Bomb style … if Father Time doesnt catch up to him between now & then .

      • baldy says:

        i think hendo’s got the advantage in wrestling…his style also translates to mma much better too. waay better stand up also.
        they aint fightin… “the only guy i’ld cut weight for is silva” translation…i dont want to fight my freind. kos and fitch all over again. i dont really mind though..would be a boring fight. imo. just like fitch v kos would be. imo

      • Kingron84 says:

        How was hendos tdd against shields at 185.

  5. banks says:

    Hendo is the man.. and id bet hed cut weight to rematch bisping haha

  6. Lightning Rod Cock says:

    Both guys can’t win without using testosterone replacement teraphy.
    All the shit you see in them on tv isn’t natural.
    Don’t get fooled when Chael calls himself the best fighter in the world. He’s lying.
    If you’re the real best fighter in the world, then don’t stick needles in your ass.

  7. Lightning Rod Cock says:


  8. ya herd says:

    @ banks! i bet he wouldnt move down to fight biisping, bispings in his prime and it would be stupid if hendo took that fight and lost because he would have to do alot of work to be in the title picture again so fuck u banks u dont know shit and btw if chael and hendo fought chael would win once hendo gets takendown he wont get back up like bisping could. styles make fights and sonnen is a very bad match up for hendo just like hendo is a bad match up for bisping

  9. levi,B says:

    hendo would kick his ass anyways hahaha

  10. Xaninho says:

    Funny…He’s basically saying the same thing as Anderson Silva said not too long ago. I saw a lot of keyboard warriors calling Silva a pussy and what not, just because he didn’t want to fight a friend….I don’t see any of those on this article….Weird.

  11. drew says:

    at the end of the day anderson is the best ever, nobody on earth can beat him even bones…side note i can still say i love the way hendo fights he stalks u down, and can somehow throw 3 lights right hands back to back to back that, if it doesnt connect closes the grouind immensly, and then his greco roman clinch is just as good as andersons maui tai clinch but hendos knees goes to the body which is still devastating, but one reason why i like it better is that it can transform into a take down and hendo does control the whole body that way…hendo is so much like couture but just so much raw power in the hands its unreal, hendo is like couture were age will probably plague him at like 45 but until then i dont see many people beating hendo besides bones or anderson,.,.,and if those are the only two who can then hendo your probably top 5 pfp right now.,.,.,i just thinkj its crazy to think that hendo, anderson, and bones could flip the heavyweight division on their head…any 3 of those facing jds or even the reem would be sick

  12. Big Show says:

    TRT match!!

  13. true mma says:

    No reason to fight Chael because Sonnen is a fucking joke. Dan wants to right the real champ not fake ass, wwe wanna be, Dick head, named Chael pussy Sonnen.

  14. Chael forced wind says:

    Keyboard warriors are a joke clearly know nothing about trt and it’s purposes. Obviously don’t know hendo is an Olympic wrestler so the chances of chael taking him down and keeping him there are… Well nothing short of laughable. Sick of people think they know everything about mma coz they follow Dana on twitter. Get real

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