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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 09:33 am

Hendo Reacts To Jones vs. Sonnen: Blasts Dana White, Contemplates Giving Up Fighting For Sh*t Talking Class | UFC NEWS

Following yesterday’s surprise announcement, that current UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former middleweight contender Chael Sonnen would serve as the next coaches of “The Ultimate Fighter” season 17, former #1 contender Dan Henderson took to twitter to voice his displeasure to UFC president Dana White.


Henderson had been scheduled to face Jones for the title this past September in the main event of UFC 151, but was forced out due to a knee injury a week before the event.

Henderson will now reportedly take on Lyoto Machida in a #1 contenders match sometime in the new year.


33 Responses to “Hendo Reacts To Jones vs. Sonnen: Blasts Dana White, Contemplates Giving Up Fighting For Sh*t Talking Class | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    did they really have to upload this picture with his teeth out of his mouth??? LOL

    Seriously though thats Fkd up how Henderson got did just because of a knee injury.

    Still cant wait to see Chael and Jones though.

  2. TheTude says:

    Dan hit the nail right on the head, nothing else to say, everybody knows chael in no way earned that title shot, seems like Chael and Dana are lock into a 69 hold.

  3. Joseph says:

    Chael doesn’t deserve it. But either does Dan. Dan doesn’t deserve it for the sole fact that he did not disclose his injury until a week before the fight back at 151. The only reason why Chael deserves it is because he is always game and ready to fight.

    • some guy says:

      how the hell do you figure that?? listen guy, people get injured when they train shit happens, but to say that hendo does not deserve the shot is bullshit! I’ll tell you what he deserves that title shot a whole hell of a lot more than sonnen! Chael has yet to even show the world that he can even compete with the 205’s! dan henderson doesn’t deserve a shot SMH what a dumbass remark! its not like he just got fight of the YEAR or anything like that!

    • SIGHNESS says:

      You’ve gotta be kidding me… Dan earned this for sure. On paper his last few fights were top 10’s in different weight divisions.

      • Clay says:

        What you guys are fighting about is pointless. Both of these ass holes would get demolished by jones. Lyoto stylistically has the best shot at winning. But I like jones so Idc if cheal wrongfully jumps ahead of them. Logically speaking machida deserves it and has the best chance over anybody in the division. You guys are all idiots for arguing over 2 douche bags that don’t matter

    • Thanks so much for saying that. It is true that Hendo knew he was too injured to fight and that he was out but waited until a week prior to tell Dana for some reason. Some people will get mad over that even though it’s the truth just because they want to hate the popular fighter. They did the same when Hendo bashed Jones’s fight with Rashad and then said Jones isn’t genuine. Jones replies with “let’s keep it classy and that he didn’t want either one of them dragging each other’s names through the mud” like Rashad constantly did to hom on twitter. As soon as Jones said that everyone was like “what Hendo wouldn’t do that, there goes Jones again being arrogant” even though Hendo did say those things and the videos are online even. People love to make excuses and hate the champ. I salute you sir for saying the truth!!

  4. JoeDaddy says:

    While Sonnen may not be the true #1 contender, He stepped up and was willing to fight Jones because of Henderson’s injury. The T.U.F brand is in trouble and Chael can fight his ass off as well as talk shit.. Dana White told that brown nosing little shitfuck Ariel helwani ( what kind of name is that for a guy? ) That Henderson knew about his injury a week or so before he actually told the UFC about it which seemed to have pissed DW OFF.. That and the need for ratings is most likely why this is taking place.. Don’t cross the boss.. Of course the “entitled brat” could have acted like a champ instead of a chump and took the fight with Sonnen to start with… But…. Machida turned down the fight because of short notice, So he had his opportunity.. Anyway, Jones has too much reach for Sonnen and thats about all that needs to be said about the actual fight.

    • You're an idiot says:

      Whomever this “JoeDaddy” is must be a degenerate and a dumbass. You gotta be the dumbest f*** to ever post on

      Thank you.

      • Durk Digler says:

        Agree 100% What a straight up jackass.

      • JoeDaddy says:

        say what u want internet troll but what i said is pretty much the truth, I didn’t say Sonnen deserved the fight, I simply explained what i think DW reasoning was to give the Gangster a shot.. Oh Yeah you f u c k i n g inbreed piece of toilet scum, There is an article on this very website that pretty much backs up what i said..

    • alfredo says:

      do you know how fucking stupid you guys sound when your only excuse to why sonnen deserves a shot is because he stepped up. im willing to fight jon jones as well does that mean i deserve a title fight as well?

  5. ballsackface says:

    lol, wonder if dan is still cool with chael nows hes fked him for a resched

  6. Steve O says:

    I’m game and ready fight and talk shit about Jones for a paycheck!! Does that make me the number 1 contender??

  7. HaVaginaButts says:

    I love Hendo, but UFC is a business… and Hendo got hurt. He had first dibs and he got hurt. What is the business supposed to do? Wait? No one fighter is bigger than the organization. Except BJ Penn… he’s my hero.

  8. captain peadophile says:

    dans great but he needs another fight before getting a shot he hasnt fought this year and jones has competed 3 times since dans last fight

  9. NoDoubtNOut says:

    hahaha Dan henderson is such a smartass hahahah

  10. rick james bioch says:

    Come on, I luv me some Hendo and I wanted him to know Jones the FO! However you can’t wait to the last possible moment to pull out of a fight and then it UFC has to cancel a fight for the 1st time in 11 year and then expect to be at the front of the line.

    All Dana is doing to rewarding fighters like Sonnen, Bonnar who steps up and are actual company men who want to help out the UFC. While fighters like Machdia get their title shot yank by the boss when you try to play games with him!

  11. Norton says:

    Does Sonnen deserve it? No. Regardless, it will sell tickets and PPV buys. Wake up people this is a business.

  12. 123 says:

    Other People Deserve To Fight For Titles, Dana White Is Soo Biased With Chael Sonnen.. The UFC Is A Joke.

  13. Nunya says:

    Dana White needs to hear all these comments about giving Sonnen a shot for his ratings to go up. At the end of the day UFC is a business, but the UFC was built on structure. Only the best man can fight the Champ. This is how UFC became so dominating, due to having the greatest fighters, fight each other. Sonnen is a great fighter and is a threat to anyone in his division. At Light Heavyweight, he might have problems, not to mention fighting the Champ. Dana is talking shit on Arum, but he’s doing the same shit in this situation. This fight may boost TUF ratings, but bad for MMA.

  14. Wall-e says:

    I haven’t watched much of TUF since it left Spike and having a Dumb@$$ like Chael coaching won’t change that.

  15. Finn says:

    I thought Dan and Chael were good, close friends. Shouldn’t he be happy for his friend?

  16. Welterking says:

    No one has been able to ground and pound Jones, maybe Sonnen can, better yet Jones should fight Overoids. Henderson needs a beat down give him Valesquez.

  17. pokers says:

    to make up for Hendo give Anderson Silva for the Middleweight championship, fighters should take care of them selves during training

  18. Kjtrlt says:

    Meh, people will watch, thats why this is happening. Machida was supposed to be next in line for the title shot. Hendo has lost his spot apparently, it will be a long time after he gets better before he gets another shot. Sonnen will get people to watch, and enough fans will hope he can school Jones that they’ll hop on the bandwagon. I think Sonnen will put on an impressive TUF coach performance (basically geting his own media platform), probably doesn’t have much of a chance in the fight.

  19. Fuck off says:

    What a fucking misleading title. JESUS

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