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Saturday, 06/22/2013, 10:06 am

Hendo picking Silva over Weidman

With a big portion of the UFC’s roster betting against the pound-for-pound king, there is still at least one great talent rooting for Anderson Silva.

MMA legend Dan Henderson told Rick J Lee that he believes Silva will test the undefeated challengers chin in route to victory.

“I really haven’t seen much of Chris Weidman, I know he’s very well rounded and very tough and just a tough dude on his feet and a wrestler as well, so I think he’s capable of putting Anderson on his back and also striking with him. But he hasn’t been tested very well with his chin and Anderson definitely will test it, he’s very accurate with his striking. I would probably have to bet on Anderson if I was going to bet.”


34 Responses to “Hendo picking Silva over Weidman”

  1. magoo says:

    Ill take Silva “just cause I haven’t seen enough of him” good answer Hendo. U should move down to 185 again maybe challenge the soon to be new champ CW, would make for a sick fight!

    • KIDD433 says:

      @Mangoo…Geeze what do you got against the GOAT?Did he go up in your girlfriends ass or what?How can u hate on such skill?

    • WWE sonnen says:

      Magoo is like gargoyle. He talks a lot of nonsense and when the fight is finished and Silva destroys his opponent he just disappears.. Or worse try to say silva cheated. Lol magoo prob got raped by a spider when he was a child. At least stay on this board after the fight and admit you were wrong. This is going to be so funny can’t wait LOL

      • GRT 3000 says:

        …”Gaygoyle is actually @Chartmonster – I’ve schooled that tool-bag several times…& that’s exactly it – all lip (& hating) before a fight, and then curled up in a corner hiding after their man gets beat. straight cowards…

    • squid says:

      magoo hates on anderson and wishes for him to lose because he knows his boyfriend GSP will get his ass handled by the spider.

    • Sasquatch says:

      Couldn’t agree more Magoo!… Looks like the Anderson @ss lickin ball sniffin posse is out in full force!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        well he is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME…so yeah he’s got a strong fan base. dumbass (smh)

      • magoo says:

        lol… Ur picking up what I’m dropping squatch!
        Ill be here after the fights so i can read about grt crying like a baby bitch!!!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          allot of gay reference there ladies – let’s talk about the fight. not interested in your 69’s and such…& since that’s all you got, I guess I’ll leave it at that – this is always the best part for me…get the KKK haters all wound up and frothing at the their moms cmpt’s, then let Andy kick some ass (over & over & over) & then watch you clowns disappear for a couple of months in shame. ahahaha

        • Sasquatch says:

          KKK???… you truly are a pube smokin retard aren’t you. Why the f**k would I disappear if Silva win!?.. I’m not like you, I don’t blindly worship Weidman like you do Silva. Just because I’m picking Weidman doesn’t mean I’m NOT a fan of Anderson (just his @ss lickin ball sniffer groupies), quite the opposite as a matter of fact. I’m just educated enough and not love blind to know Chris is a serious threat. Don’t string yourself up in momma’s basement when the love of your life GnP’d into the mat.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          ahahaha – getting all mad. assclown…I guess I’ll leave it to Silva the shut you the fuck up. he has a real knack for silencing bitter types like yourself. what a shame to have KKK haters after all he’s accomplished. & don’t talk to me abt educated – you don’t know shit if you actually think Weidman deserves the shot at this point & on top of that is actually going to win. just another Dana White hype zombie imo.

        • Sasquatch says:

          You’re a teenager aren’t you… getting all mad?.. lol.. nope not at all. Again.. I’m not like you, I don’t take this sh!t seriously, it’s just pure entertainment f**kin with no minds such as yourself. I have nothing but respect for A Silva and all he’s accomplished, he’s made me a lot of $$ over the years. You are uneducated because you know nothing about Weidmen besides his his UFC career, but don’t worry you will be soon. What’s up with your “KKK” BS!?… if you knew what nationality I was you’d feel like the retard you sound like shit kid!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          what are you an internet psychologist? lol, get the fuck oughta here with that shit. no point going all Hannibal Lector there champ; reading b/w the lines trying to figure it all out…subconjunctival hemorrhages can be serious. just read the words – “Weidman is not ready…he has jumped the queue…Vitor would kick his ass, he barely beat Maia, Munoz is fat and overrated, and the GOAT is going to light him up.”

        • Sasquatch says:

          Trying to sound like an adult now hey.. lol. Bottom line is you have your opinion and I have mine, but for some reason your (and most of Silvas ass lickin ball sniffin groupies) piss flaps get all tied in a knot when someone else’s opinion differs from yours (childish). Keep on shooting blanks at the Anderson Silva poster hanging above your bed sh!t kid!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          what ever little bitch – get ready to start crying at your KKK gathering when the spider mops the floor with Weidman.

        • Sasquatch says:

          Grown-ups don’t cry sh!t kid. Still stickin with the KKK dig hey (lol).. you have got to be the dumbest kid in your school.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          OKKK – you can have the last word, cuz you’re a little bitch, & much like a 12 year old princess you just gotta have it. I have a life so I don’t have a problem giving baby his bottle. I think I’ve schooled you enough for this round, but this is always the best part… now it’s time for Anderson to school you (again) then I’ll be back to give you another verbal beatdown, yah racist hater. (but I’m positive you’ll be in your shame closet; the GOAT has a talent for silencing tool-bag idiots like you) OUT!

        • Sasquatch says:

          Tappin out hey sh!t kid! (just like your boyfriends gonna do).. You’re right.. I hate racist little f**kers like you!

  2. confucius says:

    Hey weidman, stop commenting on these boards bro

  3. KingRon says:

    So let me get this straight, Dana goes on a wild one about how the whole UFC believes Silva is going to lose yet unless I am forgeting some one Edgar, Pierre and 1 other person are picking Weidman but yet Hendo, Leben, and Boetsch have all came out on record and said they think Silva is going to win.

    Hey Dana, how about you give me an observation of someone thinking Weidman will win that isnt from the same area( jersey shore) or training camp GSP

  4. some guy says:

    nothing will change, silva will win… gargoyle will pout and so will magoo! another W for the spider and chris wienerman will lose

  5. startthinkingstraight says:

    All hype, who has he beat? Munoz? went all the way with Maia couldn’t put him out. A lot of you fool’s bought into that shi and because Anderson knew it was balogni he didn’t want to take it then a lot of you MORONS idk where you’s are now said hes scared he scared just cause of some f’d up thought that goes in your minds then Anderson takes it you’s all say Weidman’s gunna get knocked out, LMAO. Yous go against him then suddenly ur with him.. strange.. very strange. And stupid

  6. Dddddddd says:

    An observation about Silva worth reading. Anderson draws all the insecure fight watchers that are waiting on their new comic books. Be patient your comic book will come you’ll be able to save enough money to see Superman. If you don’t think everyone realizes that Anderson has the best chance always your not worth the energy it takes to post my opinion.
    I will absolutely be supporting my fellow American and fantastic competitor Weidman. I will realize the possibilities that exist in this fight for and against him. If he wins ill be a proud patriot that took a chance in backing the guy that I felt would represent my country and people the best. I read the question:
    Why do you hate on the Goat?and in my head the answer is
    Are you Funkin kidding me Anderson fans are the biggest haters of all and represent him and his legacy in the worst ways.
    Anderson fans don’t have enough range in their thinking to see anything except the obvious. My desire to see him lose grows with every tormenting and harassing reply and statement his fans make. There’s nothing clever about your clan of groupies that pretend that the obvious is being uncovered by someone that can’t comprehend a possibility that you haven’t been bottle fed by your hero. If Anderson loses you will look ignorant considering you really believe he can’t,if he wins you’ll still look ignorant to observers that can actually be observant. If your not from Brazil and your a relentless groupie, I hope you understand Anderson just thinks your a pompous American or where ever else sell out.

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