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Thursday, 07/19/2012, 08:35 am

Hendo On Jones: He Is Sloppy And Still Has A Lot To Learn | UFC NEWS

“He’s young and sloppy a little bit. He still has a lot to learn, technically. My focus is to win every round, not to land the ‘H-bomb/ I’ll make sure I win every round and if I hit him good along the way, hopefully it knocks him out. A lot of people who think [Jones is unbeatable] have never fought before. They see what he’s done from the outside. He’s done well with his style but I feel like he’s never fought anybody like me. [My style] really goes well against someone like him.”

Dan “Hendo” Henderson recently sat down with ESPn to discuss his upcoming title match up with current 205 pound king pin Jon Jones.

Is Dan going to be able to exploit the inexperience of Jones?


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  1. Andersunsaliva says:

    Hendo wins by H-bomb.

    • danielrchargers says:

      no doubt. I cant see Jones beating Hendo… i always had it out for jones and i said he cant beat Rashad Rampage or Lyoto, but i new hed beat Rashad and Rampage… im sure a Rematch with Lyoto would be terrible news for Jones if he beats Dan, which will not happen :]

      you will get rid of nerds like KEEP FITCH and WRESTLING RULES and others. they would never want to put there personal profile out there to speak gibberish.

      • Bob'O says:

        Yeah, Wrestlingdork is pretty much a disgrace to this forum.

        Anyway bro, I think Hendo will be Jones biggest challenge thus far other than Lyoto. He got lucky in that fight, but he did win.

        Hendo better take out Jones in the early rounds or he could end up in some trouble. Experience is on Dan’s side though. ~Bob’O

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Bob’O I’m under your skin now aren’t I?? I knew you were easy….

        • WrestlingRules says:

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        • Bob'O says:

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        • WrestlingRules says:

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      • WrestlingRules says:

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        • Clay says:

          Your pretty popular ese! Damn! Jones is going to reck Hendo like he did his Bentley lol. These kids are in denial

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I know, I have been trying to get ALL of Keep Fitch’s hate. It looks like I am well on my way, verdad? LOL…Yah, I love Hendo, But damn the Bentley, that is f’ing funny!!!

        • Bob'O says:

          Hey Wrestlingdork? I am the guy that when you go for a take down, I throw my knee right through your teeth into your cranium.

          You say I am a thug, so I will play the part. 😉 Yep, that’s pretty much how it would go down though brah.

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        • WrestlingRules says:

          The REAL Bob’O emerges. I love it…

        • Bob'O says:

          WrestlingdORK! There you are! Where did you go bro?

          I knew you would slither out of your hole of stench sooner than later. LMAO!

          Of course you love it, you have been exposed. Hopefully this will be a learning experience. I doubt you get that part of it though. ~Bob’O

    • Mike b says:

      I really hope so dude…

  2. Xaninho says:

    He’s right. Jones’ striking is not great. Problem for Hendo will be the same problem all 205-ers have, how to get past that crazy freak reach of Jones.

    • Henderson greatest challenge will be to get within the reach of Jones @Xaninho so i do agree with that statement. Jones has shown he can be hit once you are inside so his best hope is getting in and landing some hard shots. I say that jones has the better wrestling and he will most likely utilize it in this fight

      • Saywhat says:

        Jones has better wrestling? I have no clue how you’ve come to that conclusion, being that Hendo is an Olympic class wrestler. I think GnP is the key to victory against Jones, we haven’t seen him on his back often, and if anyone can pressure him there, it will be Dan.

        The standup game lends an obvious advantage to Jones with reach and dynamics on his sound. Hendo hits like a ton of bricks though, and I believe his wrestling abilities will open up alot of possibilities for him.

        Hendo 3rd round, via GnP stoppage

        • Joneshasbetterwrestling says:

          Jones does have better wrestling. Hendo is a greco wrestler which is a lot of throws but it does not translate well into MMA. Jones is the better overall MMA wrestler. Hendo got outwrestled by shogun and shields.

        • Not You says:

          Jones is also a Greco wrestler. And here is the problem with that, he is too tall. Everyone is thinking that Jones will be able to easily handle Dan when is hits the mat but I don’t think that will happen. Hendo is nice and low to Jones’ legs and could use that to his advantage ala Cormier vs Barnett. What Dan will want to do is try and get Jones backing up into the cage and grab a leg and try to take drg him down and beat on him to get him breathing hard and get him worried about ending up there again to try and make him open up more to on the feet and maybe even get him clipped by one of those big right hand. Now, of course, all of this is easier said than done.

        • I'm not sure, I'm HIV positive says:

          If you don’t think trefoil Roman translates well in MMA look at Couture

        • CoCiO says:

          I definitely wouldn’t say Jones has better wrestling but it’s his physique that makes him look good, in everything..including wrestling. :/

  3. stephen riddle says:

    I like both fighters and i am rooting for henderson but i just dont see it happening but go hendo!

  4. Scott L says:

    Well, Jones fought Rampage and he and Hendo are similar in the way they fight. Hendo has powerful hands, thats a given but to get on the inside of that reach will be a difficult task. Not to mention he’s a boxer not a kickboxer so he likely will be slowed down with strikes to the leg. He’s a strong wrestler but Rampage and Rashad couldn’t take down Jones so chances that Hendo can are slim.

  5. Scott L says:

    Also, I don’t know why people are referring to Jones as “inexperienced” in his last 5 fights he’s beaten 4 former champions. If he beats Hendo the UFC will be forced to give guys barely in the top 10 title shots or give previous fighters re-matches.

  6. Jujitsu Player says:

    We’ll see Dan…..he’s not fought anyone like you, but he’s fought and dominated better fighters and some great wrestlers. See how sloppy his stand up is when he’s cutting you to pieces with elbows. I can’t wait to see Hendo get fucking brought back down to earth. Apart from the epic win against Shogun he’s only fought and won over the hill fighters in Strikeforce and had his arse handed to him by Jake Shields. He’s only getting a shot by default because Jones has dominated all the genuine top contenders

    • Adrian Williamson says:

      Well said, I like Dan Henderson (hell he is kinda hard to not like),he is a legend of the sport and will be Hall of Famer, but with that said and done he simply has a “punchers chance” against the “205er King” in Jon Jones. Jones will do what he does and use that tremendous reach advantage to pick Dan apart, make him angry, then Dan will try to close the distance and get taken down with mere ease by the champ. There he will be viciously GnP’d until said referee of the night steps in and saves him from further abuse and punishment (kind of like the 5th round of the Shogun fight) except it will be a bigger,stronger,more athletic fighter on top of him that won’t be gassed out already.

  7. Seth says:

    Henderson is a tough sob, but he is very inconsistent. Henderson is not favored in any category and is outsized severely. Not sure how he can win a round. Only way he wins is if Jones is dumb enough to circle into the h bomb. I see this being very similar to the silva vs hendo fight.

  8. Jb says:

    I’ve always liked Hendo but he’s gonna loose. He won’t be able to get inside to finish him off. Jones will use his reach and tire him out. Then submit by either a darse or rear naked.

  9. DaVinci says:

    I’m going for Hendo cause Jones is ass…hell yeah he beat former champs everyone he’s faught has been if mma for a minute and are not as good as they used to be, now rashad, lyoto, and shogun losing suprised me because they still have alot of fight left in them but Jones has got to be the worst hype fighter i have ever seen his main weapon reach. Thats it. his wrestling is ok, Rashad is still better, Jones is NOT a well rounded fighter to me he just gets lucky. Hendo for a hardcore UFC fan plz get rid of Jones. One thing every fighter knows about except jones is a loss. I dont give a fuck how good u think u r or may appeal to be u ARE NOT a real fighter until you’ve gotten ur ass handed to u atleast once. period.

    • Kingsforge says:

      Hahaha. He gets lucky?!

      Yeah being undefeated in his UFC career (disregarding that DQ, as he was basically winning before making a dumb mistake) and he’s just been ‘getting lucky’

      Jon Jones has torn through all competition thrown at him, forget all this ‘past their prime’ crap, those guys were still the top fighters as otherwise they wouldn’t have been the guys to fight him.

      Everyone who hates on Jon Jones is just mad at how inadequate he makes all your favourite fighters look. That guy is pure talent.

      Spare me the ‘dickrider, nuthugger, joneslover’ comments, they don’t interest or bother me.

      • lol pathetic says:

        you see the thing with jones is that he isnt REAL talent. he has awesome tools to win a fight, that really all it is. all he does with the reach is pick you apart from a distance and shove his hand in your face if you even think of coming in. it looks nice at first but then it just gets hard to stomach after a while. if you take a look at the shogun fight and rampage fight thats really all he was doing. hes not technically sound in the striking at all, its all about his arm length. he does that alllll night and thats all he needs. hes just the LESNAR of the lhw division. a hype train that just has to get figured out. an intimidation in the ring none the less. im sure hendo with his experience could pull of the upset though.

  10. cheap says:

    hendo is as good as dead in this matchup.

  11. DanB says:

    what the hell are these ppl talking about Hendo’s wrestling is not as good as Jones cause Rampage or Rashad coulnt take Jones down are we talking about the same Hendo? the Olympian in Greco-Roman Wrestling and a NCAA Division I Wrestler and National Wrestling Hall of Famer

  12. Q says:

    Rooting for Hendo but there’s almost no chance of him winning. If shogun took Dan down at will in the later rounds imagine what jones will do if it makes it there. That h-bomb is his only chance

  13. smartone says:

    You people are idiots.. Hendo could barely beat shogun, and jones mad shogun look like a child.

    • Jordan says:

      Shogun was injured. A healthy shogun would kill jones. Shogun has some of the hardest kicks of all time, just one will break jon’s scrawny little chicken leg. That being said jones is still one of the best. But saying he made shogun look like a child is just plain stupid

  14. John Evanko says:

    Yawn…Hendo is a smaller 205…Jones is REAL long, REAL young, and REAL strong…He’s going to do what he does to every fighter…He’s going to use those long legs, and long arms, to pepper Hendo unmercifully…All these Light Heavies talk the same game till they get in there…Once they do Jones style completely takes over and IT HURTS! They know they have to get inside, but Jones is KILLING them with shots when they try, and the onslaught rarely slows much…And even when these guys do get inside Jones is SO much stronger than anyone gives him credit for…I’m not saying I know anything more than the next guy…But I would be shocked if Hendo gets passed the 3rd Round…He’s going to gas from Jones pace alone…And when he does it’s nighty-night…

  15. Mick says:

    love hendo, but lets be real he couldnt beat shields, i really cant see him beating the freak jones in any aspect of the fight, i think jones by submission, i’ll be utterly shocked if hendo can win this

    • scotty says:

      Really going to use the Shields fight to determine an outcome? Hendo had an actual back injury, he was going to pull out of the fight but it was his first strikeforce bout so he fought anyway.. Look what he did before that and then after!

      If Hendo can get into Jones face, hit him a few times, beat em up on the cage and a takedown or 2 he has a very good chance of winning.. Or if he lands one of the right hands it could be goodnight for Jones.. but if Jones finds his range, like he does, it will be long night for Hendo.. But people are counting out Hendo way to much, he is going to take a couple punches to get inside.. Just see if he can do it!

  16. Zack says:

    Hendo delivered against Michael bisping when we needed him. We need you most now hendo H bomb his ass.

  17. Mike b says:

    I don’t know what it is but jones rubs me the wrong way.i think he’s a good fighter but being a hendo fan since pride I really hope hendo ko’s this guy.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      I hear you. Jones is a young brash guy that is really really good at this fighting thing. He is arrogant and confident in himself and sometimes that does rub people the wrong way. I love Hendo and I believe in his abilities. He is just tough. The thing is Jones is just super good. He does everything pretty well, but here is why he will win. He transitions awesomely. Maybe the best. Once he understands and then sees the flow and transitions where he needs to be. Look what he did to Machida. Machida had him out of sync and and he looked awkward, but once he found Machida’s flow, he moved in on transitions to Machida’s moves and made quit work of him. Machida does the same shit every fight and he is easy to counter once you get his flow. Plus Jones is getting better and better everyday. You should see this guy in the gym. Nobody can beat him at Jackson’s or at TriStar or at Grudge.

      I love Jones and I love Hendo. My heart is with Hendo, but my common sense is with Jones. It’ll be good.

  18. H-bombmyass says:

    Hendo your like my lazy teenage son, you live in a dreamworld where you think you can handle things in life but have no sense of reality. If you think you have a chance your dreaming! You call him slow? You obviously have never whatched your fights, you swing wildly and miss a lot! And win every round? Lmfao!!!!! You won’t make it past 2 then hopefully you come to reality that your old and slow!!!

    • Mike b says:

      I agree hendo is not faster than jones and was never known to be a fighter that is known for his speed.but he’s a legend dude show some respect.

  19. hbrown93 says:

    dont get american fans jon jones is amazing, its like there jelous or summert. itll be a gd fight but jones will win by submission in the 4th.

  20. Nuge Higger says:

    just kick the shit out of those toothpick legs..they look like they can break easily

  21. Bjj BB says:

    i like hendo but he is not gonna even get close to beating jbj, he lost to a out of shape shogun but got da nod for da win, yea he beat fador but when u watch that fight fador had him hurt and went for da kill and hen do threw one of them (OH SHIT WHILE CLOSING YOUR EYES PUNCHES) and landed it, rampage beat him, jones would beat him, machida would smash him, i really don’t see how people really think he’s gonna win cause u guys hate jbj so much, I’m not hating on hendo, I’m just stating facts and trust me he won’t even be close to beating jbj.

  22. Adam bones jones says:

    Guys come on and get real…Dan is gonna lose this…you think bones can’t take a punch his brother plays for the ravens and is a starting def end….he’s huge and that’s who bones had to fight growing up…bones has no fear of him…he fault a better opponent growing up…his brother!!! And bones is super athletic black and strong.. He’s a bigger silva i mean the brother is six foot four…he’s a freak for being able to make weight…as long as he’s making the weight at 205 no body is gonna beat him unless some other freak comes along with the same genetics reach and nigger strength…that’s real haters bones is a stud

  23. Adam bones jones says:

    And all this talk about kick jones in his legs…really try it his arms are as long as his opens legs they will get an elbow to the face….I think jones should fight h.w. but hey silva should fight l.h. But they make weight!!!!! That’s all that matters and they destroy there opponents machida oh poor machida that choke was awesome I’m 6.1 220 at 10% body fat I’m 30 years old and I’m on steriods and I wouldn’t want anything to do with any of bones opponents. He beat… Bones has beat great great fighters… All of them have been legends guys give the kid credit.

  24. killerbee says:

    they dont have the skills to add facebook commenting easily, i do

  25. Troy boy says:

    Bones is gunna end Hendos career, is gunna be a repeat of bones vs shogun match-up.

  26. Say what? says:

    Hendo’s sure in for a rude awakening… I can’t help but agree with Troy boy.

  27. Nunya says:

    I have huge respect for Hendo and what he has done for MMA, but in his prime he would have trouble with Bones. Jon Jones will dominate the LHW division. He will eventually move up to the big boys and thats where he will struggle, but not to say that it wont be anything Jon Jones cant overcome due to being so young in the game. With time, he will only get bigger, better & stronger. Anyone can get beat in the UFC, but i dont see anyone in the LHW division that poses any type of threat to Jones losing his belt.

  28. John says:

    I think hendo has a great shot,I think jones focus will be an issue.just too much going on I think that’s going to hurt his training camp.hendo needs to stay tight and score a big fan of both fighters but I think hendo is going to shock everyone

  29. jdog says:

    people quit dreaming, does Hendo really have a chance?? Yes he does, but…… I feel he is over the hill and it will be a devastating loss for Hendo, I feel Hendo will land on his back and get busted open quickly by his nasty elbows. I like Hendo, don’t get me wrong but he is way too old and far from his prime, now if it was a prime Hendo, I really think that would be a GREAT challenge for Jones but not a pushing 50 year old Hendo.

    Only way Henderson wins is by KO or submission. No way in my mind he can go 5 rounds and NOT be KO’ed by Bones (TKO ref stoppage.)

  30. Wrestlingnibblesballs says:

    Before each of jones fights the forums are always filled with talk about how this is finally the guy to win…did anyone notice hendos cardio vs rua? It was fucking awful. Ain’t happening. Bones for a long long time son.

  31. Pijan says:

    Not a Jones fan, but I see him winning this one…fairly easily.

  32. stephen riddle says:

    Hendo is just trying to hype his self up. Wouldnt u if u were going to fight bones. Try your best hendo thats all u can do.

  33. Ron Thomas says:

    I like Hendo and I like Jones but Jones is the champ for a reason and Hendo isn’t the champ for a reason. Jones’ style is more flexible and more adaptable than any 205er out there he’s adapted and overcame every champion he’s faced and every challenger he’s faced. and a majority of them where former champions at the top of their game. More than wrestling more than striking the thing that makes him stand out above the rest is his ability to adapt and overcome no one else in that weight class can do that better than him yet.

  34. stonerman says:

    Im sick of hearing jones saying that its his destiny to be champ STFU. He beat rampage because rampage stood in front of him and did nothing. He caught Machida coming in. and against rashad, that was plain boring it was basically a sparring match. Take away his reach and he would be a crap fighter. The only way he can win is by decision. I hope that hendo drops the H bomb and Knocks him out cold.

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