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Wednesday, 08/29/2012, 01:55 pm

Hendo Isn't Interested In Jones vs. Belfort And He Doesn't Think You Are Either | UFC NEWS

“I’m not really interested to see the fight, and I’m a fan of both guys. I don’t think the fans are going to be real interested … I didn’t feel responsible. I felt horrible that I had to back out. It’s not something I wanted. I had no idea what I could have done to change that, other than not get hurt. I didn’t ask, ‘Hey, what’s going to happen if I pull out?’ That wasn’t what it was about. It was about whether I could fight or not. I didn’t need to know. In my mind, I didn’t have the right to know. I didn’t want to know if my fight was guaranteed if I pulled out, making it easier for me to pull out. I didn’t really want to know what was going to happen. I wanted to make sure I made the decision based on the fact if I could fight or not. Even now it’s unknown what will happen with my next fight.”

Dan “Hendo” Henderson” tells ESPN that he isn’t really all that interested in watching the UFC 152 main event between Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort and he also goes on to say that fans probably aren’t interested either.

Is he right?


65 Responses to “Hendo Isn't Interested In Jones vs. Belfort And He Doesn't Think You Are Either | UFC NEWS”

  1. furyan says:

    I won’t be watching.

  2. No one will be watching this show.

  3. furyan says:

    I won’t be watching it. There’s nothing even remotely interesting on that card.

    • Eating says:

      its a stacked card, idiot

      • Tommy gunnz says:

        Imma hardcore mma fan this card is pretty good,I’m going to order it.these morons probably know nothing about mma and don’t love the sport.

        • T.DADDY says:

          when you say shit like “ima hard core mma fan” just lets errrbody know you dont know shit bout mma… fukk this BS card… as much as i hate to say it Bones is gonna wipe the mat with Vitor… so shut the F UP

        • Tommy gunnz says:

          Listen bitch ur always on this forum talking shit about everything and everybody,u must be a little fag.ive been watching the sport since 2000.i train and watch mma…that’s all i do so shut the fuck up.u must be a pussy cause every little comment bothers comment wasn’t even towards u fag.sometimes I just wish I knew these kids that love to talk shit cause face to face it will be a different story.if I knew u in person i would beat the living shit out of u,believe u me,Lol…….I’m far from a keyboard warrior bro,ur the one always talking shit I’m just defending myself from punks like u that talk shit on these forums cause they know their pussys in real life.Lol….

    • Matt Gonzales says:

      benavidez vs johnson? stann vs bisping? oliveria vs cub swanson. your an idiot.

  4. lopresti says:

    well then ur not a tru fan of mma. Vitor belfort whos a good veteran who imo shuld be in lhw caus he weighs at least 220 but anyways he’s versing Jon Jones. Veteran vs. the new breed thts an awesome match up. ur just a gay towel

    • B-rad says:

      lol well said, especially the gay towel part.. I think it will be an exciting fight and im interested in every fight that goes on.. That being said im not watchin this PPV, il be sure to keep up with live updates tho hahha

    • Kyle Smith says:

      TRUE fans of MMA would never support this paper champ.

      • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

        It’s comments like this that are the reason and entire event rests on the shoulders of 1 fighter. TRUE fans of MMA will watch the entire event for every fight not just the last one. Your version of a TRUE fan of MMA is the reason 151 was cancelled.

      • MaxHD says:

        Paper champ? A paper champ that defeated, in spectacular fashion, every legit contender in the lhw division. They literally ran out of lhw guys to fight him.

    • T.DADDY says:

      grandpa Vitor dont got one shot.. and thats to land a big shot.. but it wont happen cuz Bones will take him down and destroy him with his elbows… rumble johnsons weak ass was takin vitor down know problem what you think bones will do??? SMH

  5. magoo says:

    I could take it or leave it, Henderson or Gustaffson would be a hell of a lot better IMO

    • guest9 says:

      what?? henderson would have got murdured! vitor has a much better shot, idk how henderson even got a shot in the first place i thought shogun won that fight.

      • Not required says:

        Your a dumbass, hendo got a shot because he’s one of the best ever! and that war with shogun had no real loser. wtf makes you think vitor has a better chance aginst jones? hendo would put vitor to sleep if they fought now.

  6. Shadleigh says:

    Gonna go watch it at a restaurant where the only thing I pay for is my food. The card is not that bad, but defenitely not one I wanna spend $55 on.

  7. life is meh says:

    If I can get people to go in on it with me then yeah. Not sure I’m gonna find many though…

  8. Shadleigh says:

    I watch every pay per view and free card the UFC puts on shitty or great fights. The difference is I will go to a restaurant for this card where the only thing I pay for is my food. Not worth the $55!

  9. jesus korean says:

    if jones has nothing to gain by fighting chael, then why did he pick up a fight with vitor?

    • magoo says:

      He gets to train for Belfort not Henderson as your well aware all fighters have different styles. The one thing you can count on is another methodical beat down from Jones. And once again if you wanna ppint the finger point it at Dana the douche Joe Silva the Fertittas and the UFC !

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      Well neither fight really makes sense at least Vitor has held championships and is a legit legend of the sport, Sonnen well amusing is not a legend. In other words having Vitor in your win column is far more impressive then having Chael in there.

  10. Diaz bro says:

    This fight doesn’t make any sense, how is Vitor deserving of a light heavy weight title fight? Why not offer it to Gufsterson, that would make sense, but I agree with Hendo, not interested, I remember how pumped I was for Vitor vs Silva, wander what speach Vitor will give when he gets blasted by Jones.

  11. Yeahrightman says:

    From Hendo, to Sonnen, to Belfort. What a drop down in lvl. There are some okay scraps on the card but Jopnes Belfort isn’t one of them.

  12. albert says:

    This fight for me is dumb

  13. Nick says:

    I’ll be watching for Stann/Bisping and Joe B/DJ. Other than that I don’t see how Belfort wins.

  14. some dude says:

    Jones has made a career of beating guys smaller than him and vitor has made a legacy by beating guys much bigger than him this is a great fight and the card is sick if you dont like this card then theres no pleasing you even the undercard is sick ill gladley pay for this one.

  15. Condit beat diaz. get over it says:

    how can belfort win? same way hendo could. 1 big fuck off punch

  16. 123 says:

    its like a heavyweight vs a middleweight, jon jones hasn’t been in a fair fight for about 2 years. & he does things that look illegal, if any other fighter did the things he does they would get a warning. michael bisping vs brian stann will be fight of the night.

    • kevin says:

      what does he do that looks illegal? the only thing he has done illegal is the 12-6 vs hamel and he paid for it, i think he is a douche that has nothing to do with it. stop with all this bs that jones is a hw he isnt, its not his fault he is so long. he is a lhw there are guys that cut just as much as he does at lhw.

  17. mma says:

    I will be watching grandpa. Your the whole reason were in this mess. You should pulled out of the fight earlier and plus belfort has a better chance than you Henderson because at least he has never lost to sorry ass Jake shields.

    • Bob'O says:

      mma, Hendo defeated Belfort back in Pride. Shows that you don’t know anything.

      He knocked Fedor out for christ sake. Hendo was not himself against Shields, it was a cardio issue yuh dumb ass.

      You sit back behind a keyboard and insult an MMA legend when you’re not even good enough to eat his poop.

      Your opinions are about as exciting as your name. They both take the same amount of brain power to come up with. LMAO! ~Bob’O

  18. Nando says:

    When did fighters become such drama queens? I’m getting sick of being so close to mma. I think I’ll just stick to watching the fights & not worrying about stupid news like this.

  19. Dan says:

    I’m slightly intrigued by the matchup to see if Belfort can get inside and use his quick hands to hit jones. I don’t think he’ll win and I don’t have a lot of interest, but I’m slightly intrigued

  20. Jimbo says:

    If people thought Dan could win with his “H-Bomb” , then Vitor who has two Hell Fire Missiles can get the “W” too. I know Jones is incredibly talented but has come off quite doushey as of late. I’m be rooting for Vitor.!!

  21. Crazy says:

    This fight is going to bring some unexpected fireworks. People probably dont want to miss it. Above the fact that it doesnt make sense…nothing has made any sense the past few weeks. Its just a good fight. Be prepared to be surprised!

  22. Reg says:

    This card is stacked, good prelims and all. People think not buying this PPV will teach Jones a lesson or something… C’mon. There’s 2 title fights so I’ll be watching.

  23. Drain_Bramage says:

    Jones shouldn’t have turned down a string of fights after that though until he got the fight he wanted. He refused to fight Sonnen, who a smaller champion beat twice. He said no to Machida, whom he has already beaten! Jones is supposed to be the champion, the champion should take whatever challenger they are requested to fight. (part of the reason they get the nod in decisions imho) Even if this *is* a good match up I am super disappointed in Jones for being so prissy about his match up, hes a giant in that weight class and super dominant. Picking and choosing is for those who really need a win not those who are wrecking their weight class.

  24. nate says:

    I think folks are really underestimating Vitor Belfort. He is one of the best strikers in all of MMA. Unfortunately he gasses after the 1st round, but he always has a great chance of winning within the 1st round. If Silva didn’t sneak that legendary front kick in it would have been a long fight for Silva I believed. I think Jon Scared to the Bones Jones will win, but I think Vitor will make it respectable.

  25. 123 says:

    kevin… jon jones does spinning elbows to the back of the head is that not illegal? because i always hear the ref saying dont hit the back of the head.

  26. stonedaddy says:

    The only reason that I am interested in this fight is on the off chance that Vitor does pull off the win, I want to be witness to it. There are most certainly other match-ups that I would rather see. I will watch this fight I just will not be watching while wearing anything from Nike.

  27. bryant says:

    Its a stacked ass card. Theres really no reason not to watch it if your an mma fan.

  28. chad says:

    Im not interested in the main event one bit

  29. jwheezy90 says:

    yeah its not interestig for all the new era fight fans who only wanna see a one round knockout fight, this fight should be highly technical, not to mention the other fights on the card, this card will prove who are the real fans and who are the phonys

  30. Paul Harris says:

    Definitely watching this

  31. 808 says:

    This card is stacked from the prelims to the main event. On the brighter note of this fiasco, I saved money from not buying the PPV.

  32. The Beast says:

    Love Hendo but hes dumb this fight however it ends will be closer than his fight would have been Vitor has power in both hands faster n just as big with better bjj

  33. Chaelisdead says:

    Id rather watch that fight than fail sonnen getting knocked ou in the first 30 sec

  34. I’ll be watching… for every fight except the main event. It is by far the least interesting fight on the main card and there are even a few prelims that I’m looking forward to seeing over it (Vinny/Igor, Hettes/Brimage, Dunham/Grant, Noke/Brenneman)

  35. Rob says:

    Vitor by triangle mark my words

  36. Sam says:

    vitor is a living legend , yes i would watch it and it is way more exciting than the hendo vs jones fight.

  37. CombatRusse says:

    I am very interested in watching this fight (more than a Jones vs Hendo, Matchida or Shogun)
    Because I think that Belfort is better than Hendo
    Hendo’s winning chances rely on his one punch KO. While Belfort will be throwing fast combinations with almost the same power.
    And if (when) the fight will hit the ground, Belfort will have more chances of submitting Jones
    Hendo’s main advantage, compared to Belfort is his wresteling (which isn’t as sharp as before)
    I’m a fan of Henderson but he’s wrong on this point, Belfort is better than him and poses bigger challange to Jones

  38. KIDD433 says:

    Vitor has a much better chance to win IMO.Faster and more ways to win.I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who’s counting him out faces when he puts Jones sissy ass to sleep…PRICELESS


    WAR VITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Is that a string or your leg Jon says:

    Knowing Jon doesn’t trust his own instincts
    in a matchup with Chael has ruined it for
    me. Jackson should be sitting on his
    shoulder screaming out orders like Jon
    is some oversized Frankenstein.

  41. LK says:

    I agree! Everyone is talking shit about Sonnen not deserving the shot but at least he stepped up. But tell me why Belfort deserves a shot. I, for one, don’t see where he has earned or deserves it. I will not be watching this, or any other “Chicken Shit” Jones PPVs. Dana White should implement some kind of disciplinary action to Jones for the crap he’s pulled.

  42. Joe Silva says:

    Ufc update: Vitor pulls out due to broken hip, his replacement has been found
    Jon Jones vs Vladimir Matyushenko 2

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