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Friday, 08/23/2013, 11:37 am

Hendo Coach Looks To Bring In Sonnen, Wants Vitor Off TRT For Upcoming Bout

image via ESPN

Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson are both posters boys for the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

These two MMA Legends do it the right way, legally and get the proper exemptions from Athletic Commissions for fights.

There’s a hiccup in Brazil though, one that could restrict Dan Henderson’s use of the therapy and his coach, Ricardo Feliciano, says if Dan can’t use it, Vitor shouldn’t be allowed to use it either.

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“If Dan [Henderson] can’t use [TRT], so won’t Vitor! Vitor has already been caught in a doping exam and Dan hasn’t! Dan has been using it for a long time and I think he won’t have problems. I am sure Vitor won’t come to [Las] Vegas because here he won’t be permitted to use TRT as he has been using in fights in Brazil. That’s why he only fights there.”

Team Hendo is also talking about bringing in Chael Sonnen to help Dan train for this fight.

“I want Chael Sonnen to come and help us, I even spoke with him. I like him and admire his qualities. I recommended Sonnen to Henderson and he liked the idea, but Sonnen just fought and we will give him some time. We like wrestling very much and I believe this is what makes the difference regarding the cardio.”


0 Responses to “Hendo Coach Looks To Bring In Sonnen, Wants Vitor Off TRT For Upcoming Bout”

  1. doc says:

    If they both use it and stay within the rules then what is the problem?

  2. 757 says:

    +1 Doc good point. I am sorry but it almost seems like Hendo’s camp looking for an excuse already. I love how they bust on Vitor for it and who knows how long Hendo was using TRT….and he was using. It’s legal, it’s regulated, and Vitor hasn’t violated it. Maybe Hendo’s confidence is rocked after his recent losses. I’m not going to disrespect him. I have always liked him and enjoyed watching his fights. It’s always a shame when these dudes from a fighters camp start talking for them. Get Sonnen brother who cares. Hendo is the one between the two who was the Olympic wrestler. I like Hendo, but I do think Vitor is going to win.

  3. drew says:

    if they both use trt and use it accordingly then fair game it will be a rowdy fight

  4. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANKS DANA says:

    It amazes me after everything Sonnen has done and been involved in from massive JUICING to Federal Felonies and god only knows what else. Hendo is to honest and good of a person to even consider being assicaiated with such a scumbag like Sonnen.

    Amazes me how Sonnen gets a pass from fans for being a ROID CHEAT who obviously abuses the hell out of his LEGAL JUICER card. Sonnen had enough JUICE in him to jump over the damn moon in the first Silva fight but no one seems to care that he cheated just like he has with everything in his life. The man is pure scum

  5. 757 says:

    +1 GOF on that point for sure ^^^

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