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Friday, 04/27/2012, 05:05 pm

Henderson vs Edgar II set for UFC 150

By Evan Stoumbelis:
Lightweight champ Ben Henderson now has a date set for his first title defense. His opponent…none other than the man he defeated to win the belt, Frankie Edgar. The rematch doesn’t come as a big surprise to fans, after Ben Henderson defeated Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 in a thrilling fight, there was immediate talk of a rematch. Dana White and Joe Silva had opposite scores for the winner of the fight, which may have had an impact on him getting a rematch.

Dana White originally had different plans for Edgar; He wanted him to drop down to the 145 pound division and face Jose Aldo for the featherweight title. Edgar wasn’t as enthusiastic about joining the featherweight division, he wanted to continue his career as a lightweight.

After the UFC 144 press conference Edgar said “I’ve been so dominant at this weight class, I beat some very good guys, and I don’t feel it’s disrespectful towards me, I feel it’s disrespectful towards them.”

Now it seems Dana White is willing to give Edgar his chance at redemption by giving him an immediate rematch with Ben Henderson. Edgar gave 2 opponents (BJ Penn and Gray Maynard) immediate rematches, which may have helped tipped the scales in his favor when debating whether or not to change weight classes.

Henderson will be defending his title at UFC 150 which is set for August 11th in Denver Colorado.


37 Responses to “Henderson vs Edgar II set for UFC 150”

  1. warrior808 says:

    I cant stand Edgar and all these rematches, KO his a$$ bendo!

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      YAY… more LW title rematches!!!!!

      icon:fuck that

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      If Bendo doesn’t KO him he will have to fight Edgar again in anotehr rematch just wait and see. Edagr has single handedly put the LW divsion on hoild for like 3 years because he always gets the sh’t beat out of him real bad and everyone including judges feel sorry for him for just surviving meanwhile they completely forget to give the otehr fighter credit for all the knckdowns and massive beatings and blodd and broken noses, concussions Edgar sustains he is rewarded with draws, rematches and wins he really didn’t deserve. When hasEdgar really done any damage or done anything than pitter patter except in maynard 3 fight a fight that shoudl have never been since Maynard was screwed with a draw in 2nd fight. How does a guy get knocked down 5 times in one round and his opponent is only given 10-8 round. Sorry pitter patter and running away isn’t fighting IMO and i am tired of hearing about a 165lb Edgar being too small to fight at LW. The fact is he knows he will get his as beat by Aldo. Edgar steals decsions by running away and at FW he will no longer have speed advantage and Aldo is way way stronger and has 5 times more power and his kicks alone with make it so Edgar can’t run away. No Edgars being too small excuse is getting friggen old. why don’t all the same fans go tell Jon Jones to quit dropping 30 pounds an dgo fight someone hsi own size? no you never hear that. GSP walks around at 195 but is afraid to go fight A. Silva at 185 and uses the excuse he would need to take a few years to put on muscle which is lame. Whats ok For Edgar is not ok for anyone else. Everyone feels sorry for Frankie so that means all his opponentsa re bullys. Edgar is waiting for Aldo to move up plain and simple. Edgar proved he was afraid of Aldo when Dan offered him an immediate title shot after he got his ass kicked by Bendo. yes that was abeating if I ever saw a beating. How anyone could say that fightw a sclose i will never understand. Everytiem i watch that fight Edgar looks more beat up. Even Lorenzo feritta said Bendo beat up Frankie and he and Dana are teh biggest Edgar fans on planet. PLEASE NO MORE REMATCHES

  2. maurice says:

    who fucking cares bout this fight. hopefully edgar wins, cus i would luv to see diaz spend 25 minutes beating that lil midget to death.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Ben whooped his ass for 25 minutes but because Frankie whined he got this rematch. I’d love to see Ben and Nate throw down, that’d be classic.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I think Edgar should retire before his brains are completely mush and change sports and become a jocky. Every jocky i ever saw looks just like Edgar. They have that little lepracon look to them and are tiny little guys so horses can run faster. Frankie needs a break from running and i think it would be rewarding for him to help horses run instead of him always doing all the running. Yep everyone i watch MMA with is tired of seeing edgar running away and winning fights via pitter patter. Noone in UFC has been given more gifts for decisions than Edgar (maybe Diego Sanchez) How does a fighter who always takes 90% of the beating in all his fights always get the decisions? In a real fight the guy that looks beat half to death is considered the loser. Frankie may be real nice kid but he has sustained more concussions/brain damage in a shorter amount of time than any otehr fighter in UFC and as Dana has said many times he is very worried about Edgars longevity in the sport

    • geir hÃ¥land says:


  3. Xaninho says:

    Good then Bendo can shut the little crybaby up.

  4. Mike McMack says:

    Joe Silva had the fight for Ben not Edgar. It’s stupid that people can even debate who won that fight, Frankie got his ass kicked. I hope Ben finishes Frankie this time, I’m tired of watching fighters who rely on the judges the way Frankie does.

  5. The natural says:

    It was a good fight. Def wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Nobody else deserves shot anyway. Except Diaz if he wins and thats not really messing time line up by more then couple months As far as teammates fighting each other they train toghter soo whateve but I can c it happening anyway Edgars already fought miller in a champ matchfive years ago and they trained together before and were friends. He didnt have a prob and I don’t c ceasar turning it dwn

  6. David says:

    Can’t wait for this one these two are always entertaining to watch.

  7. true mma says:

    Diaz better hope Ben wins because his stupid ass already said he wouldn’t fight Edgar.

  8. Yeah, That's right says:

    he did say that…Nate doesn’t have to worry about that because Bendo’s gonna win. He’s gotta worry about Miller. I hope Nate destroys Miller like how Bendo did.

  9. rondo says:

    Nothing against Benson,but rootin for Frankie….would love to see the little man win, give up his 55 title. Then fight Aldo for his 45 title and take it,then all you FE haters could cry a little harder….Booya!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Too bad Frankie already turned down an immediate title shot with Aldo cause he knew he would get his ass kicked AGAIN. Sorry i just don’t don’t like fighters who win by point fighting and running away. With Edgar he always takes a horrific beating and usually steals the decsion which is total B.S.

      • Jay says:

        Edgar out boxed Penn twice plus he was able to take him down which nobody at.155 had been able to do in YEARS. Then he showed heart.against Maynard by.coming back and in the 2nd title fight he knocked Maynard out after overcoming a first round beating. The guy is the only fighter in the UFC whose heart is a major factor in his fights. He simply refuses to lose and his fights show it. Ppl that hate on him probably didn’t like the Rocky movies either.

        • Xaninho says:

          Dude the rematch was because the first one was a controversial decision…BJ got ROBBED to be exact…

          out boxed Penn twice…..GTFO!

        • Jay says:

          N yet a lot of ppl think Edgar beat Bendo which is why they are doing it again

        • Xaninho says:

          Nope it was because he wouldn’t stop crying about it, using the previous rematches as leverage.

          DW gave him the rematch just to shut him up.

        • Jay says:

          Or he gave it because he believes Edgar won lol plus he gave rematches to Penn and Maynard so for once Dana did the right thing and gave Edgar the rematch he deserved since some ppl think Edgar won. Want to talk about a controversial decision that one was def it. Bendo throws kick to body kick gets caught Edgar delivers punches circles away and repeat lol

        • Xaninho says:

          He didn’t catch the kick, he caught the leg after the kick landed. And I didn’t see any significant punches in those occasions .

          Maybe we should just agree on disagreeing haha.

        • Jay says:

          It just seemed like Edgar couldn’t do any damage. Rogan was sayin it all fight but I agree to disagree lol the rematch will be good tho hopefully by time its over they will have a #1 contender for the winner. I think that played into the rematch as well. As deep as 155 is I don’t think they could say any of em deserve the shot at the champ

        • Xaninho says:

          It will be a good fight, Edgar did put up a good fight the first time. But I’ll be glad when the rematch saga will come to an end.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          whats really bullshit is all the rounds Frankie steals because of flash takedowns where he jumps right back up and runs away. takedowns are the most overrated thing in MMA judging today. Not just frankie but countless otehr fighters mostly from jacksons will take a beating for 4:50 of each round then get a flash takedown and steal round on judges cards. see it happen 100 times. I have seen countless BJJ fightrs dominate off theri backs where the lay n prayer on top was defending submisions the entire fight but the lay n prayer gets the decsion everytime. hopefully someday MMA will get rid of all tehse clown (ON TH TAKE) judges like cecil peoples (bisping/hamill judge) ( Shogun/ machida 1 judge) who are eitehr incompetent or on the take like Cecil. I think all juding should be done by retired MMA fighters who know better than anyone who actually won the fight. screw the 10 point must system where fighters like Frankie expoit with pitter patter and the Fitch’s who use lay n pray to bore us fans to death and are too afraid to fight. hopefully dana will weed all teh Fitch’s out of the UFC as he has hinted on many occasions he is doing. Look up SB nations dave meltzer “Dana wants to get rid of Fitch” Thats where i got my name from. dana had said if BJ was to beat Fitch he was going to release him because Fitch was stinking up all his fight cards and Fitch had almost no fan support

  10. Jay says:

    Diaz brothers will never be UFC champions. Nick will stay retired since he a cry baby n mad that Condit worked him for 5 rounds. And Nate isn’t good enough to handle the wrestlers at the top of lw. I wouldn’t mind seeing him an Edgar tho it’d be a great boxing match. Bendo didn’t beat Edgar in the first fight he may of messed up frankies face but some ppl show damage a lot more than others. Bj Penn a perfect example of that can honestly say the only time I seen bj look like he really got his face beat was with Nick Diaz. GSP gave Penn a worse beating yet he looked like normal. Joe Silva and Dana both had Edgar winning the first fight. I wonder if the altitude will play into this fight.

    • Xaninho says:

      Bendo didn’t beat Edgar? That decision was the first non-bullshit decision in Edgar’s fights in the last 3 years!

      He got beat up, his face showed exactly how the fight went. Bendo was playing with the little crybaby.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Thats funny i’m not even a Diaz fan and always (WAS) a huge Condit fan and everyon e i know thinks Diaz won the fight a nd Condit ran away. I would pay to Nick Diaz fight any day before i would EVER pay to see GSP. Diaz bullied Condit the entire fight and that decsion was a dicrace and showed exactly what is wrong with MMA judging in todays MMA. In Pride Diaz would have won that fight hands down and Condit would have been handed out yellow cards the entire fight. That same fight in a cage would have been a blowout for Diaz. condit ran away teh entire fight. Do i think without a bullshit pussy ass Greg jackson gameplan Condit could have maybe won just fighting like he always had (MAYBE) but I will tell you this Condit may have stole the victory but he lost massive amounts of his fanbase being a pussy an d running away

  11. Me says:

    Frankie “Rematch” Edgar

  12. Fuck You says:

    Bendo vs Diaz would be epic! That’s a real fight! Idk who thinks it wouldn’t! And Bendo throw diaz around like rory? Wow you’re an idiot

  13. Yogurt slinger says:

    Edgar all day over this curly haired loser!

  14. High times99 says:

    Edgar going to it to this fool like he did BJ! 5 rds of destruction….mile high babyyyyy

  15. Homer pimpson says:

    Had Edgar winning the first fight and I think he takes the 2nd one in thriller

  16. jbeamazing says:

    edger lost against bendo to me and a lot of people but it was a good fight I’ll pay any day to see a warrior like Frankie he did own bj 2 times in a row bj got a rematch because he is bj and I think he beat gay 2 times in a row but in gay vs frankie 2 it was a draw by the judges so how could there not be a rematch also but I feel the pain of the fans that want to see different matches for the light weight belt but what if he ko’s bendo what will they say then

  17. The natural says:

    Did any of you haters read the article how it said Dana and this site and many fans all scored the fight for Edgar the only one who didn’t was Joe silva and the judges screwed up again but whateve keep coming on site saying how Edgar got his ass whooped it just makes u look like the nube dumbass nuthuggers

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