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Thursday, 07/12/2012, 03:35 am

Henderson Talks Jones And Anderson Silva Rematch ‘I’m Worried About The Other Tall Skinny Guy’ | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
The UFC Light-Heavyweight number one contender Dan Henderson comments in an interview with TATAME.

Henderson is set to face UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones at UFC 151 on September 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Henderson comments on Jones DWI charge and does not think it will have much of an effect on Jones going into the UFC 151 main event.

“I’m sure he’s a smart kid and he’s going to train hard for any fight that he has.”

Henderson also comments on Jones strengths and he states his length is one of his biggest assets as well as his work rate and attitude. However Henderson is not getting caught up in what his opponent does well and plans to focus on his own skills.

“As far as the biggest assets, his length, his goofiness, his elbows and I think he continuously tries to get better. It’s up to me to make sure I do what I do best.”

Henderson was submitted by the UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva at UFC 82. He comments on a potential rematch and admits if he never gets the chance to avenge the loss then it wont haunt him.

“I’m not waiting for anything. I’d probably cut weight for it, but right now I’m not even thinking about it.”

“If it never happens, I’ll still live my life just fine. If the fans want to see that, if there’s nobody else at 205 and they want to see me the fight, maybe. But I’m not worried about that right now. I’m worried about the other tall skinny guy (laughs).”

This past weekend at UFC 148 Tito Ortiz retired following his decision loss to Forrest Griffin. When asked if he had any plans to retire Henderson stated he would have to be kicked out.

“I’m not thinking that I’m going to stay around until they have to kick me out.”

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46 Responses to “Henderson Talks Jones And Anderson Silva Rematch ‘I’m Worried About The Other Tall Skinny Guy’ | UFC News”

  1. NiggerDick says:

    Where does it say he would have to be kicked out? He says the exact opposite.

    • Tapitout21 says:

      Read it again they ask him if he will retire on his on or if he will keep trying to fight until Dana says enough is enough like he did with chuck

  2. NickTheSpick says:

    Dan Henderson will lose. Not cuz he sucks or anything. But because his groundgame is inferior to Jones. He is easily mounted, as we saw in his fight with shogun and in Strikeforce when he got dominated by Jake Shields!
    Hendo will get grounded and point pounded until he gasses or loses on points.

    • Chael Sonnen says:

      Groundgame is inferior?? You do know that Hendo is an Olympic wrestler right? He got easily mounted by shogun cause he was gassed. Remember this guy is old as shit! I think if he takes jones down, he could do some damage. Although, we all know what he is going for, the H bomb lol

    • Josh says:

      and if hendo gets on top? you know… the olympic wrestler!

  3. DMAC says:

    Jon Jones is going to finish this old trt head via anything he wants. He literally has only 1 chance to win, H bomb, where as JJ has 100000.. It must be nice to knock off every 205 legend in a 2 year span..

  4. Wrestler66 says:

    If he manages to beat Hendo Jones record is gonna look like the best in the sport

    (finished Shogun,Beat Rampage, Finished Lyoto, Beat Rashad, Beat Dan Henderson,)

    That is pretty awesome He’s gonna be the best in history and go down as the Ali of the sport.

    • King Prodigy Levreau says:

      NEVER!!!…Ali represents more than just what he did in pugilism. Boxing isn’t the only reason we consider him the greatest of all time. ALI stood up for what he believes in and gave up his freedom to show who he is and what his beliefs are. I agree that Mr. Jones record is pretty awesome and that he has looked dominant against all the big names in the sport. I will never say never (lol) but, I can’t imagine Mr. Jones lighting the olympic cauldron, representing and or standing up for so much as Ali has done in his lifetime. He’s chasing C.R.E.A.M. like most people in this world and thus will define him. My “Ali of the sport” is Mr. PENN…a hilo warrior and only because I like what he represents “ohana”. I do agree with you “wrestler66″ he’s on his way and could be the greatest in the sport of all time…but maybe more compared to someone like Sugar Ray Robinson (who was the greatest boxer of all time) than ALI who is an American icon and should stand alone for what he’s sacrificed in his lifetime. One love from central cali’s “NO”.

      • Wrestler66 says:

        I agree dude I did not take these things into account and got carried away making a point maybe more so a Mayweather …… At the rate he is going at he will have defeated a absolute all star list of MMA guys he’s already beat all the Pride era guys and the future offers little challenge as of yet

        • Reality says:

          I notice you said “Beat Rampage” .. HE finished Rampage too. Just throwing that in there. That is a great resume though.

      • Rock says:

        Yea ali was known as a draft dodger complet nonamerican best fight hyper in history but buy no means is he the best fighter great boxer but couldn’t dodge all the punches it’s crazy how people who have never watched an Ali fight still treat him so great he didnt have the head movement that mayweather has he didn’t lead with his chin on purpose he just couldn’t get it out of the way like Anderson does he was fooled by his camp that your faster and stronger now look at him how far did it get him everyone talks about things he did that he can’t even remember he was not what you all make him out to be hype man most def

        • WrestlingRules says:

          This is correct. He got couldn’t even support his country that allowed him to make his life. He was a coward in my book like ALL the draft dodgers during that time.

        • Gabi says:

          Why are you on here and not in a military career Mr. America? There was more to just dodging. Just like how it was segregated and blacks were sent on will die missions while whites were kept safer. Same as WW2 that’s historical fact. But why do you not have a military career if your so patriotic buddy

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @Gabe…you actually do KNOW that MORE white people have died in wars in the 20th century than any other race distinction COMBINED!!! Did you know that. I hear race coming out your mouth every day on here. Guess who is the LEAST RACIST Country in the world is BITCH???? That’s right USA USA USA…..And I have observed that the most Racists people i know are those who always SEE racism wherever they go, That mean YOU are the racist. Besides WE ARE ALL of the One Race……The HUman Race you stupid bitch. Get you head out of the gutter bitch and wake up…

        • Gabi says:

          Are you joking. No head movement, then compare to a modern day boxer. The sport itself evolved fool. Way more then a great hype man

    • KIDD433 says:

      Ya he probably would have the best record,but the only reason hes beaten those men is because all those fights were mismatches.Much smaller men.He walks around at 240,with a 84″reach.He’s a heavyweight and should be fighting at HW.Dos Santos fights at 235 usually,Thats 5 fucken lbs less than Jones natural weight.Ovareem weighs 255,and Cain usually 245.These are guys he should be fighting.Not these little 5′-11″ and 6 footers

  5. Wrestler66 says:

    Read a few comments and agree. I’m a Henderson fan but he’s got so far away from his wrestling it seems like it was never there

    • Brend0magic says:

      Yea for sure. I can understand being gassed and sloppy, but his wrestling has been looking terrible lately. And when he’s gassed and sloppy, it looks even worse. He needs to train a lot on the ground and work that h-bomb non stop to beat Jones. But, I like Hendo, he’s one of my fav’s and I want him to KO Jones bad.

  6. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Jon jones would get killed at heavyweight
    Sooo hell only really be a 205 er
    So fuck em he’s not that good !
    Just really lucky ..
    After a while when he can’t get 2 205
    We won’t see anymore of him…
    Name me one top heavyweight who wouldn’t just rip off his head and shit down his throat

    • The Realer Question says:

      can any of the heavyweights drop down to LHW and beat Jones? If they were tough, they could, but none of them could.

      Jones will no doubt go up to HW. Would you bet big money against him in the HW division in his first fight there? Doubt it.

      Jones is the man, for now. If you don’t think so, look at the past two years of his career. beyond impressive.

    • Wrestler66 says:

      Guys who say Jones should move to heavyweight really mean ( I don’t like JJ is is far too good and a lot better than any LHW and I want him to lose because he’s so smug)

      Say Jones beats dudes at HW what then guys will be saying shit like “I want Jon Jones to fight a ligit Great White Shark that is 16 plus feet (in water)….. He would never beat that”

      Do people say oh Anderson is so dominant it’s not fair he should go to LHW ….. no because they suck his balls ….

      Do people say oh Aldo should go to Welterweight / Lightweight ….. No because they suck his balls ……

      You know what else bugs me “Jon Jones ‘IS’ a Heavyweight ” Honestly Jones can be whatever he f–king wants to be if he weighs in at 205 he’s a f–king Light Heavyweight end of topic is he cuts to 185 he’s a Middleweight simple as that….

      Face it he’s got really long arms and is pretty good at fighting and will keep on winning !

        • Wrestler66 says:

          For sure dude In some guys eyes the rules should be different for Jones it’s a joke

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hey Bro – Damn, I didn’t know you could throw down so good. You are always just the level headed one making nice comments. I like the ass-kicking you just did and didn’t call anybody names!!! It’s official, I no longer look to Sonnen as a smart witted fighter, but it is now YOU that I look up to!! I just have so much fun beating these zombies asses!!! lol

      • WarDiaz. says:

        @Wrestler66 very true man. Alot of people think Bones needs to move up just cause his length and size, but he’s also very skinny and even at HW his reach would still be insane? I see him going to HW but not yet.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Dude …I am going to cut and paste this shit over and over again and I WILL NOT be giving you credit for it!!!

        • Nuitari X says:

          Wow man, you just totally kissed that guys asshole and then you turn right around and say I’m gonna steal your shit and not give you credit for it. You’re a total turd nugget.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          It was a compliment….you didn’t understand that??? This coming from the Father of the Year recipient….NOT…..Quit being a hypocrite and lecturing people about being more respectable. You are NOT respectable so just admit it and quit your sanctimonious bullshit you put up. I already know about you and you are a slimeball…You are NOT fooling anybody…

        • Wrestler66 says:

          Haha I just went off yesterday dudes are just so stupid sometimes !

        • WrestlingRules says:


      • Gabi says:

        Wow you are a major hater. Lol you want to see someone lose. You need to not be so envious of people. Easy to tell you don’t like or are content w your life. No wonder you are how you are. All makes sense now

      • Gabi says:

        Btw that’s the way terrorist think. Jealous bitches. They’re too good so let’s try and hope they suffer. What a joke. Think about that captain America and your talking about an American fighter at that. Lol

      • KIDD433 says:

        You cant compare ANDERSON to Jones on moving up in weight.ANDERSON has been beating everyone because his skill, Jones has only been winning because of a 10″of reach on everyone and size and strength advantage of being a HeavyWeight

  7. Brend0magic says:

    Hendo will have to work his wrestling and h-bomb soley for this fight. GnP or H-Bomb are his only chances. I love Hendo and hopes he can pull it off.

  8. william h. bonney says:

    nobody that has fought jones has gone in there to fight. while jones is trying to be all technical hendo will fight. hendo fears no man and might just decide to stare jones into submission

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  13. Jon says:

    JJ needs to fight Forrest Griffin. I would love to see JJ hit someone and have them laugh at him.

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