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Tuesday, 09/27/2011, 02:22 pm

Henderson Sounds Off on Upcoming Fight with Shogun: “Im Better in Every Aspect”

With Dan Henderson now ready to make his return to the octagon at UFC 139 on November 19th against former light heavyweight champion Mauricio Shogun Rua, “Hendo” seems thoroughly confident that he is still one of the best fighters in the world. Henderson and Shogun will get down in just over a month and a half at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California and his return couldn’t be against a tougher opponent. Henderson vacated the Strikeforce light heavyweight belt to make his UFC return and is coming off of a KO win over Fedor Emelianenko back in July. With his confidence sky high he recently spoke with Clinch Gear about his upcoming battle with Shogun. Here is what he had to say:

“He’s just well rounded. He throws some nice knees, some nice kicks. He’s got some power in his punches. With that being said, I think I’m better in every aspect. I think I should definitely do well in that fight. It’s a five rounder. I think I can wear ‘Shogun’ out, so I think that will be an advantage for me. I hoped that the [UFC] would have wanted to unify the [Strikeforce and UFC light heavyweight] belts right off the bat with me. But, who knows? I’m not the guy writing the checks or in charge. I’m just out there to fight, do well and make sure that every fight I have is a big one.”

This is a great fight for the fans considering both men are already legends of the sport, both are former PRIDE and UFC champions, and both are still very dangerous for any opponent they are paired up with. So is Henderson right in his assumptions that he is “better in every aspect” of the sport or is he in for a rude awakening against Rua on November 19th in his UFC return? And is a win over Shogun enough to place “Hendo” in line for a light heavyweight title fight with the winner of Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans? Let’s hear it fight fans: Is Hendo over confident or is he literally still one of the most dangerous men in the division?

All I know is that come November 19th in San Jose we need to be ready for some serious leather to be thrown as these two legends square off inside the UFC octagon. Can’t wait!


14 Responses to “Henderson Sounds Off on Upcoming Fight with Shogun: “Im Better in Every Aspect””

  1. Creature says:

    I dont think hes better in every aspect, but I think hes better in most of them.. Hendo has been in the top 10 at MW and LHW for years and minus the fight with jake (he fought injured) he has been on a tear. He deserves a title fight if he gets past Shogun

  2. Scott40272 says:

    I don’t think Hendo will have too much trouble with shotgun but he’ll get choked out by jones.

  3. Casey says:

    Hendo is just over confindent cuz he beat fedor (who hasent proved shit since 2005)still be a tough fight. Not saying henderson wont win, but being better in all aspect……i highly doubt that

    • Calvin says:

      he is way too damn full of himself since that i could careless about him vs jones and all he keeps talking about is a title fight i would like to see him vs machida if u ask me

  4. 1 says:

    hendo is a great fighter and has ways to win. superior wrestling and gnp for sure. on the feet hes really only got that big right hand and if shogun is 100 percent his striking will outclass dans. exciting fight and dangerous for both guys

  5. MichaeL says:

    Hendo sounds like a bigger dick every time he opens his mouth. Saying that Silva is scared of him and that he’s better than Shogun in every aspect…umm, are you serious? More delusional thoughts from delusional fighters. That being said…Hendo will win this fight lol

  6. Going to be a rumble and a half.. I’m a fan of both! Can’t wait..

  7. Robsta says:

    I can’t wait for this fight. I hope that Hendo dominates by clinching and outworking Shogun.

  8. Jmad says:

    I like both fighters but I’m a bigger fan of Hendo so I got to pull for him in this one. Should be a war though.

  9. CL0 says:

    Its going the fuck down. If hendo doesn’t take it to the ground or land that right hand it could mean trouble for him. Even on the ground I think Shogun has an advantage with his jiu jitsu. Not taking anything away from Hendo’s wrestling kuz its phenomenal. But I honestly see Shogun winning this by submission. Before that it’ll be an all out brawl.

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