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Tuesday, 06/18/2013, 08:30 am

Henderson leaks word of possible UFC dress code

It appears that the UFC is drawing the line when it comes to fighters and their wardrobe at official events.

According to lightweight champion Benson Henderson’s Facebook feed, the organization has called on stricter guidelines when it comes to appearance.

The first reference was a week ago when he posted this about UFC president Dana White:

Guess when the UFC big boss-man goes on an impromptu shopping spree for you, means you gotta think about stepping your game up…

Bye-bye board shorts & plain tees??? We all gotta grow up & dress the part for work at some point in time, hehehe…

Then yesterday Henderson posted word of a more formal announcement:

Mwahahaha!!! Guess @ufc decided to make it official…I’m a start calling them the NBA…guess it’s one thing to be encouraged to do or dress one way & entirely another thing to be told to do or dress one way…

 “Per Jackie, effective immediately, fighters and talent traveling on press tours and PR/marketing-related appearances are no longer permitted to wear shorts or flip flops. Jeans are acceptable and shoes are a must.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna dress how my employers want but doesn’t mean I gotta be happy about it…”Don’t let the man hold you down” “Fight the power” “You can take my life but you can never take my FREEDOM!!!”

Is this move a sign of things to come? Is the UFC becoming too much like the other mainstream sports? Or is this just further proof of the sports progression?



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  1. K2 says:

    No flip-flops? WTF??? I won’t pay for another UFC PR event ever!

  2. David says:

    Speaking as a fan and someone who trained in MMA before it hit the mainstream this is more of the antithesis of what the sport is about. Fighters were always part of the counterculture. The whole awesome thing about it was that people got to be real and it was like any of the sports the ufc used to be real and all this Dana White trying to make it more accessible and to bring it in to the same format as the other sports is kiling it. This is exactly why real fighters hate the UFC. They want to be their because it is the biggest stage, where they can make the biggest name and the most money but honestly everyone hates selling out. THis is exactly would War machine was talking about on here the other day. Bellator is real and thats why its exciting because the fighters love to fight there. Hopefully the UFC brash will push so hard to be more mainstream that it will create a backlash so big that bellator or another organization can pick up some legit talent run as a true competitor and be the organization for the true old school mma fans not the ones who think it should be more like monday night football.

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