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Wednesday, 03/28/2012, 11:11 am

Benson Henderson | It Would Criminal To Not Give Edgar The Rematch

“I would say probably not so much (does Pettis deserve a title shot). He had a split decision over an unranked Jeremy Stephens. I believe Ariel Helwani had Joe Lauzon ranked number ten. Nice win. Good stoppage over a number ten guy, but I don’t think that catapults you over guys like Jim Miller or Nate Diaz, who’s on a nice little run. So, it’s hard to say, really. Oh, absolutely. We’re gonna do it. Before I retire, before I die — he and I are gonna dance again in the Octagon. I’m gonna have the belt for a while. I’m gonna hold on to the belt. I’m not letting go of it for the next four, five years or so. It’s a matter of Pettis working his way up to the top to be a number one contender and get the title shot. I’m definitely looking forward to it. I wanna get my hands on him. But, you know, it’s up to Dana White, Joe Silva and those guys.”

“I wasn’t as busy as I wanted to be. I thought, in my head, I was a lot busier and more proactive with my boxing and whatnot. As I re-watched the fight, I was like, ‘Oh, wow. I wasn’t nearly as busy as I thought I was.’ There were a lot of openings that Frankie left that I did not take advantage of. Going into the rematch, when I see an opening, I am going to go for it.”

“I think a lot of guys would have folded. Frankie has a great heart. He was a great champ. He’s a great fighter. Tough as heck and a great chin. I think a lot of guys, going into the third round, would have been pretty sad and would have folded a little bit. But Frankie? There was no fold, no quit in him.”

“I’m gonna get nine title defenses. Whatever Anderson Silva has, I’m gonna get plus one. That’s the ultimate goal. I wanna be the best fighter on the planet, period. It’s a lofty goal, but, to be a UFC champion, that was a pretty lofty goal. When I was first starting out as a fighter, when I was an amateur guy, guess what…I got it done. I think me going for Anderson Silva’s records and whatnot might be kinda lofty and out there and far reaching, but guess what…those are my goals.”

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