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Tuesday, 04/09/2013, 12:42 pm

Hector Lombard To Partner With Mike Dolce

Former Bellator Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard has had a recent rough stretch with his new organization, the UFC. After going undefeated for nearly 5 years and 25 fights, Lombard has recently posted a disappointing 1-2 record in the UFC.

It is evident that the Cuban-born Judoka needs a change in order to secure his place in the competitive UFC middleweight division. At only 5’8″ with a 71″ reach, he fights with a severe height and reach disadvantage. It has long been speculated that it would be much more fitting for him to drop to welterweight.

According to his recent Twitter post, it seems Lombard might be embracing the idea. He has confirmed that he will begin working with diet and lifestyle specialist Mike Dolce.

It is still unsure whether Lombard will make an immediate drop to 170, or make a more gradual transition, but one thing is certain: hiring Mike Dolce is a step in the right direction, as he has been an integral part of many elite fighter’s success at this level. Furthermore, dropping to welterweight will open the potential of fighting men closer to his size and frame.


2 Responses to “Hector Lombard To Partner With Mike Dolce”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    If he makes 170 watch out WW’s!!

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Just get off the roids and work with Dolce. Should make 70 and might be a beast there. Still needs to deal with the top wrestlers tho’.

    • Not You says:

      Lol, roids.

    • FU says:

      I swear I am so sick of fuckin people like you saying that shit.God forbid anybody have good genetics and have fast twitch muscle fibers ffs you automatically on roids.Why don’t your pussy ass get off the couch and lift some so then when you bust your ass and show a little bit some other couch warming douchebag can discredit all your hard work and say your juicing too.Thats his natural frame he could do push ups and get pumped like that ffs.Its obvious genetics like palhares just naturally thick.I know because me and my whole family are like that and I fuckin start lifting again and here we go duuuuude your juicing so fuck you pussies who jump on the juice wagon.

      • real homies says:

        @ FU

        Palhares got busted for elevated testosterone levels.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        First of all, if you are naturally thick and not using steroids, then who gives a fukc if someone thinks you are on roids??? Second, as a wrestler, I am already in top shape. Also as @real homies has stated, Palhares has been busted for using? Now I do agree with you, that I have no fukcin idea if Lombard is on roids or not. But chances are he is or has been. The real question is, why are you so sensitive and hormonal?

  3. KingOfQueens says:

    If he’s going to drop down to 170 he definitely needs to work on his wrestling if he’s going to compete against those strong wrestlers.

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