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Wednesday, 06/19/2013, 06:25 am

Hector Lombard confirms drop to 170, wants Nate Marquardt

Earlier this week, it was rumored that former Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard (32-4-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC) was considering a drop from 185-pounds to the UFC’s welterweight division.

Lombard dominated all of his competition from 2007-2011, going 24-0-1 in that time, which included a lengthy title run with his former employer Bellator MMA.

However, Lombard failed to find the same type of success within the UFC’s middleweight division going 1-2 in his first three octagon appearances.

Hector confirmed to “UFC Tonight” that he has in fact decided to make the drop from middleweight down to the 170-pound weight class and that he has his eyes set on former Strikeforce welterweight champ Nate Marquardt (32-12-2 MMA, 10-5 UFC) for his first opponent.

There has been no word from UFC officials as to when Lombard will make his welterweight debut or if they will grant him his wish and give him Nate Marquardt as his first 170-pound opponent.

Is this a fight you would like to see? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


7 Responses to “Hector Lombard confirms drop to 170, wants Nate Marquardt”

  1. HI 5 Mike says:

    Thats cool but i rather see Lombard vs Tyron Woodley.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      +1 , I like it!

      Lombard will be a beast at 170, I have no idea how he will/can cut down to that weight…

    • GET RID OF Nate "THE CHEAT" (forever) says:

      AWESOME!!!!!! That would make my year to see LOmbard knock that ROIDED UP STEROID ABUSING pile of scum Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt right out of the UFC.

      NOONE in MMA is a bigger CHEAT than nate. The man has been abusing steroids since he was in pancrace all way back 1999.

      NOONE has been busted for PED’s more than Nate “THE CHEAT” marquardt

      Dana should have never went back on his word that nate would never get a 4th chance after testing positive for 3rd time

  2. JAY C says:


  3. Guss says:

    Do it! Do it!

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