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Friday, 09/14/2012, 12:05 pm

Hawaii's own "Ricky "The Real Deal" Wallace Protests TPF 14 Stoppage

Despite the back to back title fights, the action at TPF 14 was repeatedly marred by the poor officiating of referee Marcos Rosales.

As Dallas Winston pointed out in the live results post, Rosales failed to stop the action in several of the fights he refereed. Most notably, he completely botched his call in the Andre Fili vs. Ricky Wallace bout.When Fili locked in an arm-bar, Rosales stopped the fight before there was even a sign of a tap. If you look closely you can actually see that Ricky was just getting his way out of the bad situation and his arm was bent to the side and readying him to switch over and get on top of the face down Fili. It’s very hard to give Marcos Rosales the benefit of the doubt here. However, since he has a solid record as a referee, we’ll hope there’s never a repeat of last night’s performance.

This was in my opinion and many others the fight of the night and to see it stopped in such a fashion is bad for the fighters, coaches, and the fans.

A fire fight where Fili decided to take it to the mat after getting caught with a good 1, 2 combo in the first 30 seconds. Wallace fought his way back to his feet quickly and the kickboxing battle continued with both men landing nice shots until Wallace stunned Fili to the point where the officials had thought a tooth went flying out which was later determined as his mouth piece which resulted in another Fili take down.

Wallace again worked back to his feet, pressed forward then secured a double leg take down of his own. Back on the feet, the featherweight scrap continued and Fili came back with a vengeance, landing a series of nice knees to Wallace and getting another take down. Fili landed an absolute barrage in the final seconds that had Wallace reeling all around the cage, but he made it to the bell. Fortunately the ref did a good job in the first round by letting the fight continue, as you can clearly see Ricky Wallace used the time before he answers the second bell to completely get his legs back and come back strong.

I mean after Fili did some damage in the second and just when Wallace looked to be fading he got back to his feet and got a take down himself, getting himself right back in the fight. The featherweights went back and forth on the ground for the duration of the round, with Wallace maintaining control on top for the majority of the time. Fili locked in an Armbar from his back.

While it appeared Wallace did not tap, referee Marcos Rosales made another questionable decision and called a halt to the contest, awarding Fili the submission victory. You can clearly see in both angles of the video link above that Ricky did not tap.


17 Responses to “Hawaii's own "Ricky "The Real Deal" Wallace Protests TPF 14 Stoppage”

  1. The natural says:

    Wow kid u got fucked up and u got caught in an arm bar u shld thank the ref for saving ur arm yes u showed your tough but oviously u were beat. Toughness sometimes doesn’t equal skill nor does willing to have ur arm broke mean anything either ur lucky u shld b thanking ref he didn’t let go till ref stopped him

  2. The natural says:

    He wasn’t escaping he didn’t escape till the reff patted him on back ref seen that he had the grip locked. Ref knew he wasn’t goin tap so he stopped him from breakin his arm he shld be thanking him on goin on like so retarded barbarian that would keep fighting till hes dead that does prove anything but he tough or underdeveloped brain wouldn’t allow it I’m goin with that one

    • Keoni says:

      I was actually there and honestly right before the ref stopped the fight Hoku “Ricky” had his arm out of Fili’s grip and his arm was bending towards him and also he had his arm towards him away from Fili’s crotch “breaking point” and if you watch or know Ricky he comes back strong in the later second and the third round a lot. At that time right before the arm bar attempt – Fili was starting to gas and was getting hammer fisted pretty good. No matter what you have to give it up for both fighters – yes Ricky got pretty damaged at the end of the first but he is a lot like Edgar when it comes to taking damage – comes back strong – like he did in the second before that arm bar. Ricky was JUST getting out of that arm bar right before the ref broke it up. And a great fight like that is a fight that should be watched to the finish.

    • Break it says:

      That should be the fighter’s call. If he doesn’t tap and wants to keep fighting til that shit breaks, let em’ break it.

  3. Brody2680 says:

    Baad call. Its not up to the ref when to stop a fight from that. If you want your arm broken(which it never would have broke, he was gettin out of it) thats your chose. Ref is there to protect the fighter, not stop it for stuff like this. Thats like gettin hit clean, and the ref stops it. Bad call

  4. Huge Fan says:

    the only jackasses sayin the ref did the right thing… are the trolls. the ones that want to feel important because someone is typing to them. ignore the trolls. Ref was wrong, should be penalized.

  5. Trevor says:

    I was there and bottom line that fight shldve been stopped in the first. Guarantee Wallace wldnt take a rematch. Dude knows in his heart he cant be fili. Prolly doesn’t even remember this fight.

  6. Trevor says:

    Furthermore the writer is a douchebag trying to make the
    Fight seem a lot closer than it was to sell his story. Talk about Wallace walking to his corner like a waisted homeless man in between rounds. Or how his face was swelled like a pumpkin bleeding profusely. No story here. Move along.

    • JonLi says:

      im a douchbag? I am the author of this article, how ever this article was written by an editor of mine that was at the fight, and I was with Ricky with in 15 hours after that fight he drove straight back to Vegas and was completely fine. Look at the video all of his swelling is down and his arm is fine. Yes he walked to his corner with a damaged face but he came out in the second just fine – completely regained his composure and was actually taking the fight – winning on points , strikes, and take-downs….trust me he took that fight on 3 weeks notice and wasn’t nearly trained and ready as Andre was. He would and will get a rematch. Honestly also your on a website that I work for I don’t think there’s any reason for name calling here. That was a great fight and going back and forth. If the ref didn’t stop the fight I am most positive Ricky would of got his way. If you watch his fights he’s a tough and game opponent. Any ways – douche-bag signing out ONELOVE

  7. Trevor says:

    Ricky was not landing more strikes. That is a straight up lie. So now you’re a doucebag and a hack writer to. Fili had more takedowns more strikes, more instances of making your opponent fall around like a sloppy irishman, and more submissions attempted. Multiple websites scored round 1 a 10-8 for fili and he came out and rocked Wallace almost instantly in round 2.


    • JonLi says:

      im not going to sit here and get into a keyboard argument with you, yes your correct Ricky was losing the fight and got pretty beat up – but to say it wasn’t an entertaining fight and that they did not trade off on inflicting damage is just plain stupid. My point stands the fight should not have ended the way it did. Your clearly just getting your heart rate up over nothing. Maybe you should go get your ass in the gym to do that instead of getting on here playing the role of a tough guy. I guess you “TRAIN UFC” to lol so you know it all. Im done talking to you. Have a good one tough guy and remember, don’t let your mind wander, it’s far too small to be let out on its own. Seriously I don’t know what makes you so dumb but it really works. ONELOVE

  8. Trevor says:

    I never said the fight wasn’t entertaining. And wallace did a hell of a job. I just said you were a douchebag and a hack writer with an obvious agenda. My heart rate is fine I TRAIN UFC and we do CARDIO FOR DAYZ. Make sure to watch the full unedited sherdog fight and make your own opinions people.

    Yours truly,

  9. Trevor says:

    Also in your first response you said Ricky was “taking the fight” and “winning” but now you say “you’re correct ricky was losing”. Now you’ve changed your stance and have no legs to stand on. This whole thing is a pretty spectacularly Epic fail.

  10. Mike says:

    I must agree with Trevor. If you watch the full fight, its very obvious Fili was better than Wallace in all aspects.
    For him or anyone to say “he only had 3 weeks notice and Fili was more prepared”, its just an excuse. Wallace was VERY HURT at the end of round 1, should have been stopped when Fili was raining punches non-stop. And Ricky did nothing the entire 2nd round that was impressive (And no, the takedowns Wallace had were NOT impressive, Fili stood up right away without damage)
    This video interview and the article combined are just his 2 attempts to keep some attention on himself.
    Fili won that match.
    Fili would win the rematch…Easily.

  11. real talk says:

    I hope you saw the main event tonight “jones vs belfort” first round belfort had Jones in a tight arm bar! not half as tight as Fili had Wallace. Just nearly 2 weeks ago me and 4 of my other buddy’s has watched the fight a few times only one of us have met Wallace a year prior to this fight at the beach on Oahu & he seemed to be a cool down to earth guy. He spoke to him for a short period of time and he was really mellow and truly genuine. So with that being said, we are making an assessment on the fight as a fan of both fighters (given the fact that Fili is a beast) as we watched the fight over and over we had the fight for Wallace as he did score more damaging strikes in the trade off. He was the aggressor, and had his rhythm going and controlling the paste of the first round, by backing up Fili for most of the first round. How ever there after Wallaces damaging strikes Fili did manage to score the take downs, yet with his take downs he did not land any damaging shots nor did he hold Wallace down for more then 30 seconds before Wallace got back to his feet – at this point not only did I have Wallace ahead but so did the crowd and the announcers. Now the round comes to a minute mark – and at this point as a fan or a judge you would have to give Wallace the edge of the round, then Fili scores a take down, Wallace gets up around the 30 second mark and gets hit with a barrage of strikes which had him on wobbly legs which in most eyes it should have been stopped but fortunately the ref let it go because Wallace was defending himself by still throwing punches and keeping himself in the fight even though he was on wobbly legs, and stumbled over him self in the final seconds – yet he did pop right back up as the bell sounded, with that being said because of the last 40 seconds the round looked to be a 10 to 8 in Fili’s favor because of the damage inflicted after the barrage of strikes he managed to land after his take down . Before the second round the officials were checking on Wallace to make sure he was ok, Wallace was responding and was completely composed with the officials and his corner man to continue the bout. At this point the bell sounded for the second round, and amazingly Wallace at this point has seemed to completely recover, Wallace and Fili come out to the second round and meet at the center of the cage and right after an exchange of Strikes that Wallace got the best of Fili how ever Fili managed to score another take down, yet doing no damage from top position. Wallace manages to get back to his feet once again, and after another exchange Wallace scores a take down of his own. At this point Wallace is looking for the mount yet Fili is doing a good job of controlling his head as he tries to escape from bottom position. Wallace then pulls Fili away from the cage, and controls his hips – and goes in to mount position, then with in seconds gets rolled over and lands on his back. Wallace then attempts to get back to his feet, at this moment Fili attempts a flying triangle while Wallace is on his knees which puts him in a dangerous position. Again Wallace escapes a bad position and actually gains top control and reigns down a barrage of strikes, having his way with ground and pound in Fili’s guard. You can even hear the announcers quoting on a come back stoppage due to the strikes. Now at this point Wallace gets to comfortable and leaves his left arm laying on Fili’s chest. As a seasoned and game fighter, Fili takes advantage of Wallace’s left arm and shoots a nice arm bar from guard, Wallace then attempts to stack Fili, yet Fili does a good job of securing Wallace’s arm, Wallace then turns over to escape the arm bar, and at this point Wallace’s elbow is below Fili’s hips as he pushes Fili’s leg down with his right hand as he tries to pull his left arm out which is already past Fili’s hips, at this point the ref steps in and calls the bout fili’s favor by arm bar – in a controversial ending, as there was not a single tap from Wallace. Now back to my point to the main event last night between Jones and Belfort, in which Belfort had Jones arm fully hyper extended. Jone’s even said he heard it pop and continues to fight and finished Belfort in the fourth round with an americana submission. If you have not fought before in an mma fight with all your heart and adrenaline going. Then you would not understand the technicalities of getting in a bad position which you are able to escape, only to keep on fighting. If you have seen any of Ricky Wallace’s fights before in Hawaii or recently in the US you would understand that the Wallace was on his way out of a bad position, and would have kept on fighting. The reason I say this in response to some of the negative comments i have read about this match which concludes to Wallace being out matched, and he would not take a rematch. I am saying this as a fan of both Fili and Wallace – I know that Wallace will take a rematch with out a doubt – I saw his interview 2 days after his fight on youtube and he looked perfectly fine and was being very classy yet seemed eager for a rematch if you want to hear it for your self just type “Ricky Wallace vs Andre Fili Interview” in the youtube search engine. As a fan of mma I will say, I respect Fili and Wallace Equally and would love to see a rematch!

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