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Tuesday, 09/25/2012, 10:05 am

Hardy Fighting For Love, Not Money | UFC NEWS

“… There have been a lot of fans waiting for me to come back to the U.K. and fight in front of my hometown crowd, and it’s just not been feasible recently. I have a lot of people that have been waiting a long time that maybe can’t travel to Vegas to watch my last fight, and I’ve got to go back and give those fans the show that they deserve for the support that they’ve given me… I’m doing this sport for no other reason than I love it and that’s really the bottom line for me. If I was looking to make a load of money, I would be a boxer. Obviously, now we’re seeing Jon Jones picking up Nike sponsorships, there’s money to be made now, but when I got into it, it was because I loved the sport. Nothing’s changed. I want to get in there and fight guys. I’m a fighter and I come to fight, and I think as long as you show up with that mentality, the fight is going to be exciting because you’re trying to beat the guy up.”

UFC welterweight fighter, Dan Hardy, recently sat down with MMAWeekly Radio to talk about this weekend’s fight against Ultimate Fighter winner, Amir Sadollah. While fielding questions from the host, the British slugger made it clear that he is a fighter first and businessman second,fighting for the love of the sport and not for the money!


12 Responses to “Hardy Fighting For Love, Not Money | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Amir’s striking has been amazing as of late. Hardy needs this win to at least survive in the UFC. Interesting to see how Hardy approaches this fight. He won’t be as wreckless and agressive as he once was, having been caught a few times already, so i’m not sure if that’s a good thing for a brawler like Hardy.

  2. Oomaplata says:

    Nice xyience shirt.

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    if he beats amir, and condit loses his fight with GSP; i’d be interested to see them fight again. dan hardy was winning that fight until that knockout. he’s a better striker than condit technically too so yeah let’s make it happen!!!!

  4. MMApersonalJESUS says:

    Hardy will destroy Amir. If he loses he shouldn’t be in the UFC.

  5. Jpeech says:

    ^ I think he means against Condit not GSP

  6. Mike b says:

    If hardy is being sincere we definitely need more fighters like him.

  7. 123 says:

    i wanna see… dan hardy vs carlos condit 2 & nick diaz vs paul daley 2… all fighters that come to fight.

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