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Thursday, 04/11/2013, 12:16 pm

Gustafsson Wants Title Shot or Lyoto Machida

In an interesting turn of events it seems that highly ranked UFC light heavyweight striker Alexander Gustafsson thinks he still gets to call the shots on who he gets next. News has broken that “The Mauler” is calling for a shot against number one ranked contender Lyoto Machida…that is IF he can’t get an immediate crack at the light heavyweight strap currently held by Jonny “Bones” Jones.

The lanky Swedish fighter, who is currently riding a six fight winning streak and is one of the few contenders that has not yet squared off against Jones, was supposed to fight Gagard Mousasi at last weekend’s UFC on FUEL TV 9 event but had to withdraw just days before the bout due to a nasty cut directly above his eye (see the cut here). Mousasi instead displayed his high caliber skills against replacement Ilir Latifi in an impressive performance. Common sense would say that now he should get the fight with Gustafsson in a true contender fight as soon as Alexander’s cut heals up (it needed three stitches and 2-3 weeks to heal).

However, after the bout we found out that Mousasi entered the fight on a banged up knee that requires immediate surgery and will keep him sidelined for the next few months.

With the Gustafsson vs. Mousasi fight now officially on the backburner that leaves Gustafsson searching for a new challenge to keep himself in the light heavyweight title hunt. And when we talk about the light heavyweight title hunt we have to mention Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, who recently defeated Dan Henderson earlier this year at UFC 157 in an official number one contender fight and was looking to get the next shot at the title, which Champion Jon Jones will defend against Chael Sonnen on April 29th in New Jersey.

It seemed that a victory over Henderson would guarantee a title shot for Machida (who already lost of Jones back at UFC 140 in December of 2011) but his performance was far from impressive and much of the fight consisted of Machida avoiding the big overhand right of Henderson. UFC President Dana White was not thrilled with the performance but who else is in line for the next title shot? Oh, that’s right, Alexander Gustafsson!

Word is now circulating that Gustafsson is campaigning for a fight against Machida if he cannot get an immediate shot at the UFC strap next. That fight, before either gets a shot at the title, seems to make perfect sense. Both fighters are on solid winning streaks and have proven that they are indeed at the top of the light heavyweight food chain.

It is likely that nothing will come to fruition from this until Jones and Sonnen do battle for the UFC light heavyweight strap at the end of this month at UFC 159 but there is a chance that the UFC will indeed want to see Gustafsson and Machida battle it out for a shot at the UFC light heavyweight title just to prove who the real number one contender truly is.

So what do you think fight fans? Would a scrap between Gustafsson and Machida be worth holding off a title fight for a few extra months or does one of these men already deserve the next shot? Let’s hear your opinions Penn Nation!


30 Responses to “Gustafsson Wants Title Shot or Lyoto Machida”

  1. Slim Charles says:

    that’s a very interesting match up… I think Lyoto would take it; he’s too crafty.

    • GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

      I would like to see Andersen Silva take out Gustaffson. It wouldn’t last much longer than the Forrest Griffin fight IMO.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Yah feed Machida to him. The runaway man will get choked out like Jones did to him. Machida is one of the most boring fighters in the UFC. All he does is feint and run away. Clay Guida is more exciting than Machida. If he loses to Gus then cut him.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    This is the matchup I’ve been waiting for in the 05rs. Two guys that are excellent at following a game plan and out of no where finish. If Lyoto gets mauled ill be very impressed but I don’t think it’s happening. Lyoto has been training with a lot of the same physical attributes that the Mauler is wearing in mind. If Gus does pull it off convincingly it will give a good opportunity to speculate how he might do against Johny.

  4. 123 says:

    Alexander Gustafsson vs Jimi Manuwa

  5. confucius says:

    ill tell you who gets the next shot. its the first person to insult jones or at least refer to himself as the best in the world. no such thing as ranks anymore. its whoever is more exciting or whoever talks more shit and stirs up drama for the fans. dana has already said machida is next in line but i also dont take anything dana says seriously anymore. Hes almost lost all credibility in my eyes these days

  6. The natural says:

    U pulling out of that fight and ur replacement got beat so that shld be the closest thing to a loss as possible as far as ur relationship with ur boss goes, special being u were the main event and the whole card suffered without it. I think ur a great match up for jones but after that I would make u fight at least twice now before title. U can’t call out of wrk with an injury and come back demanding a raise

    • BT says:

      People still view match making like its the NCAA tournament. These guys aren’t ready to go 100% of the time, hell probably not even 50% of the time.

      Match making has a lot to do with timing. Injuries, rest after a fight, personal life, etc all play into this.

      Also, these guys aren’t being paid to fight by a group of benefactors. The whole show is put together by people trying to make money. While this has its drawbacks, the UFC itself is not entirely to blame. Fighters don’t want to risk tarnishing their “brand” by taking a bad match up, or a fight on short notice.

      You won’t see the most sensible match ups, unless sensible match making is incentivized.

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I’d say let him wait til Mousasi is all healed up. Winner of that fight is the next contender.

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