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Monday, 01/21/2013, 11:14 am

Gustafsson Promises Finish Of Mousasi This April | UFC NEWS

“Gegard is by far the most dangerous opponent so far. He’s young, he’s hungry and has a lot of fight experience. It’s gonna be interesting. I’ll win the fight, no doubt. It’s not going to be a decision that’s for sure because two decisions in a row now, it’s too much. I’m going to go for the finish, I want the finish. But Mousasi is the toughest opponent so far. It’s going to be a great fight.”

Rising UFC light-heavyweight fighter, Alexander Gustafsson, tells MMA Viking that he is set on finishing Gegard Mousasi this April for the UFC on Fuel TV 9 card taking place in Sweden.


13 Responses to “Gustafsson Promises Finish Of Mousasi This April | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jordan Brown says:

    “Gegard is by far the most dangerous opponent so far.” I took that heart. Shogun was by far his toughest opponent!

  2. Time To Wrestle says:

    Rua is not the Rua of old. He is not dangerous at all now. He was scared and passed on a fight with Glover. He’s beat up and no longer dangerous. Mousasi, if his head is on right, is definitely more dangerous today than Rua is. These old Pride guys are done now. They are on their way out. The new breeds time is now.

    • Trevor says:

      What’s with you having a stick up your ass about the Pride guys? Not bashing you I’m just curious what they’ve done to you.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        No Worries Bro on your inquiry. I know what you mean? The Pride fighter’s have never done anything to me, I am just stating the obvious in my mind. There seems to be allot of old farts on here that keep thinking about how badass they were 10 years ago!! To me these old Pride guys are done. Which one will ever be champion? Nobody, their time is up and They know it!! So for me thinking they are still badass’ and are going to beat the young guns is just retarded. I see them as nothing but gatekeepers and would rather see the new guys get shots so we can have real champions come forward. I think these old farts are just taking up space and slots from younger fighters that need the chance to see if they can be champions. I would rather see them make a UFC Legends league and get these old fighters out of the UFC. I like to see the young nobodies come forward and get their chance. It;s embarrassing listening to a roided up old fart like Belfort spewing shit about he should fight Jones cuz he;s a champion. Don’t you see how f1ckin deluded that guy is? That’s why!

        • Time for you to shut up says:

          The sad thing is i actually have to agree with you for the most part… most the pride guys are from a time where all you had to do is brawl better than the next guy… but as far as vitor is concerned, the dude came the closest anyone has ever come to beating Jbj (who Im a fan of) and other than that he’s only lost to the other pound for pound top dog (who Im not a fan of) and he beat the perennial top 5 contender named Bisping (just so we are clear on this again vitor won rnd 1 u retard) i kno he made u swallow in the locker room one time but leave vitor alone man, dude has more guts and heart than most fighters nowadays

        • Time To Wrestle says:

          Just admit it dork, these old Pride fighters suck!! Belfort lucked out that Bisping was being tentative and you are a blind retard if you don’t think Bisping was winning until his face got shinned. How does someone(Belfort) win a round when they throw a total of 10 strikes and only one kick lands and one punch??? So get Belfort’s roided up cock outta your mouth and wake up!!

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Anderson silva, overroids and hendo all from pride

  3. Slick Rick says:

    Funny thing about your guys argument is Mousasi ain’t that young and he fought in pride going 2-1

  4. Jackson says:

    Mousasi will finish this clown… mousasi is 27 with a 33-3 record (and please take a look at the long list of tough guys he ran through) but still he’s not getting the respect he deserves. Gus got a good thing going but Mousasi will put an end to his run… Mark my words!

  5. Dan Jenkins says:

    A couple years ago I thought mousasi was the one to beat Anderson he’s got good Dutch style kick boxing when he’s on he looks crisp, fair grappling (you would hope he learned something training with fedor). But now not so sure although I do think he’s gonna be a handful at lhw but his wrestling might have a question mark. Regardless glad he’s in the ufc he’s too good to be in dream or strikeforce

  6. manyac says:

    Ha I heard this promise the last fight against rua. Just focus on not getting knocked out or submitted.

  7. GURU says:

    Gus is good but he hasn’t finished anyone since he fought mediocre guys, Thiago Silva: Decision, Rua: Decision, and Gegard is overall better than both those fighters so I’m pretty sure if Gus hasn’t had a breathrough in his training hes either going to lose or win another decision, which doesn’t look good when you’re trying to get a title shot. Of course I just would like to see a good fight, but I personally want Gegard to win, he deserves a run for the title because he’s beaten alot of known guys in the world of MMA and I’m sure he feels a impressive victory over Alex will get the resepct he rightfully should have.

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