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Tuesday, 10/08/2013, 11:08 am

Gustafsson: Jon Jones Knows I will Get The Belt

“People can say that I won the fight or that I didn’t win the fight, that I won the scorecards or anything. It’s all up to the judges. I didn’t do enough to win the fight and that’s enough for me. That’s enough for me, I don’t need to know anymore. It will just make me feel worse knowing anything else. But, I learned a lot from this fight, it’s just going to make me stronger. Jon Jones can fight whoever he wants and take on whoever, but I will be around him all the time and I will be ready for another fight with him.”

“He can say whatever he wants, but, I’m not done. I’m not happy with the way everything ended and I want that belt. That’s my big goal. I will have my rematch and I will get that belt one day and he knows it, too. So, I can’t wait.”

“Yeah, you know it will be a great fight. No one should count Glover out, because he’s a strong guy and he hits super-hard. He’s a strong guy. But, I think Jones has too many tools for Glover, and I think he will beat him. And for me the big goal is the belt, and if I fight Jones again and take the belt from him, that’s my dream.”

While appearing on this week’s edition of ‘The MMA Hour‘, top light-heavyweight fighter, Alexander Gustafsson discussed his recent defeat at the hands of the champ Jon Jones.

Many people felt as if Gustafsson won, but at the end of the day, the judges scored in favor of Jones.


15 Responses to “Gustafsson: Jon Jones Knows I will Get The Belt”

  1. jdog says:

    Jones won what made the difference is the championship rounds. They aren’t called that for no reason. He did a good job but what everyone is forgetting is that Jones was coming off a very bad toe injury that could/might have effected his take down game, remember he popped that thing out DOING A TAKE DOWN. I know that if that happened to me in a fight I would be worried the next fight about it happening again and probably wouldn’t try it as often. Also Gus will come back stronger for certain, but Jones will as well. Jones now knows what it’s like fighting someone that is his height so he will be MUCH better prepared next time but again, it was close next fight might be just as close who knows

    • Big daddy says:

      Yeah it was his toe that’s it! Gus just showed what a person his own size can do to jones. I saw all the behind the scenes and even jones was saying that he felt good! Then he has the nerve to say that he was only 70 percent. He won the last two rounds but Gus still won the fight. If jones goes up to hw he’ll get killed.

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