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Tuesday, 07/31/2012, 09:42 am

Guillard Believes he has Striking Edge Over Cerrone | UFC NEWS

UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard is set to face off against Donald Cerrone next month when UFC 150 heads to the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colo.

The “Young Assassin” spoke with “Inside MMA” recently about how his improved kickboxing under famed Dutch trainer Henri Hooft would help him defeat “Cowboy” Cerrone, with whom Guillard trained before leaving Greg Jackson’s camp for the Blackzilians earlier this year. Both men are looking to gain a foothold in the lightweight division.

“For me, when I left Jackson’s, I left a great team. Donald was one of my main sparring partners. We went at it in practice. He had his good days. I had my bad ones. I had a lot of bad days, sometimes. But my style is a little bit different now, now that I’m with Coach Henri. More of my kickboxing is built around the Dutch kickboxing. It definitely blows American kickboxing out of the water. I’m definitely the guy that can go and deliver the tools and get the job done. I’m definitely excited about this fight. My whole style is different. I’m not the same fighter when I was at Jackson’s. I think it’s gonna make for a great fight.”

Guillard has said previously that “there is no way Cerrone can beat me, because for the first time ever, I will be fighting at my full potential. I can’t wait for Denver.”

Who will emerge victorious, Guillard or Cerrone?

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40 Responses to “Guillard Believes he has Striking Edge Over Cerrone | UFC NEWS”

  1. Greg says:

    If Guillard is fighting at his full potential, he can beat Cerrone. But anything less than that may not get the job done.

    • mike r says:

      Guillard is straight garbage, he fights like a hot head, nonstrategic, and realize solely on power shots. Donald Cerrone will make light work of him.

      • Blocc Monster says:

        i swear all you fags are racist everY black or Mexican fighter that has a bout coming up , you all hate , oh hes this or oh hes that, you guys are FAGGOTS SUCK A BIG BLACK DICK, PUSSY, GUILLARD IS NOT GARBAGE, AND CERRONE IS GONNA LOOSE. EAT A DICK RACIST PUSSIES

        • Powerdbl87 says:

          Your an ignorant fuck go vote for Obama based on his being black again if anything black people are the most racist of anyone people are stating a fact that Melvin has more fights then a majority of 55ers and he won’t evolve his game so he gets tapped all the fucking time

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          This nigger guillard has a better shot at robbing an old lady’s purse than beating cerrone.

        • Pancho says:


        • Mike says:

          Dude that’s fucked up.

        • Greg says:

          Not cool to drop the N bomb in this forum dude.

        • bones says:

          fuck u fucking cracker u know how fucking ignorant u dumb fucks sound

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Race card…nice one. The comment was referring to his reliance on simply power shots. Cerrone will take him apart because he has superior technique. Gulliard has huge potential and great athletic ability but he’ll never hold a title in the UFC. He’ll always lose to technically superior/smarter fighters.

          You need to do some growing up before you post your ignorant smack talk on this site.

        • Jeff says:

          WOW lol ANger Issues?

    • Bob says:

      Yeah he claims to be the best striker yet got knocked down by Joe lauzon and Joe lauzon doesnt even claim himself to be an elite striker..


      Anyone who thinks this cocky crackhead is any good doesnt know shit about MMA. This guy is garbage and is too retarded to be a good fighter..

      All he has is explosiveness but thats it. Hes too retarded to connect that.

      • Mike says:

        I bet u any money he’ll mop the floor with ur pussy ass.people think they sound cool or smart on this website but they just sound like a bunch of fucking school girls.people really don’t know how stupid they look when they post their comments.

        • TheIrony says:

          i wish I could bet “any money”….
          I also bet “any money” that I could beat up at 5 year old too!

          You see the irony? MIKE? You’re an idiot.

  2. Mwill says:

    When people spar, they know who is better. They may not say who is better, but they still know it. The fact that Melvin felt the need to stress he is a different fighter tells me he was the one on the wrong end of the sparring with Cerrone. Melvin has always talked better than he fights!

  3. dante says:

    Cerrone is a better technical striker. His muay Thai is great. Guillard needs at land a one punch ko to win. But I have a feeling its.gonna be cowboy by rnc

  4. Powerdbl87 says:

    If Melvin loses again by submission he should be released from the UFC his striking is nice but his ground game is shit and he is very overrated with his lack of jits

  5. Jason says:

    He certainly has the speed to catch cerrone,going to be a great fight!

  6. ctyn says:

    Should be a great fight. Would love to see BJ win his fight against Rory, then drop down to 155 and fight a top contender or whoever has the belt.

  7. Thom says:

    It’s hard to say. Cerrone definitely is the more technical striker but his strikes aren’t nearly as fast, powerful and explosive as Guillard’s. It depends on how you look at it. I think Guillard could very well finish Cerrone standing up but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cerrone finishing Guillard standing either. This could all be avoided if Cerrone decides to take this fight to the ground however. I think Cerrone has the tools to take Melvin down and I now for a fact that he can submit him. Anyway,FotN? I’d say so.

  8. Thom says:

    Oh and Melvin is right, Dutch kickboxing absolutely destroys American kickboxing. Whole different level.

  9. Michael hamlin says:

    He always says the same shit and gets beat!!!

  10. Nick says:

    Cerrone has this one. Cerrone is a better striker and has way better jiu jitsu. Cerrone has an iron jaw so I don’t see Melvin knocking him out. Only way he can win is by submission and that’s a minimal factor. Cerrone 1st round TKO.

  11. monstersnatch says:

    Melvin has this one in the bag and he’ll be the featherweight champ once again very soon.

  12. Mike b says:

    cerrone has the striking edge over Melvin.melvin is fast and explosive and has legit KO power.but cerrone has the all around better stand up game.he has sick muay thai,his kicks are nasty he has an effective clinch,knees,everything.his ground game is good also.melvin might have better hands than cerrone and more power but this is not boxing.melvin can catch cerrone for sure but I see cerrone winning by submission.but we all know anything can happen in this sport so I wouldn’t count Melvin out.

  13. stephen riddle says:

    This dude is way too cocky man like worse than rampage! For some reason i hate on this dude, cant stand him just go away! And yeah melvin is going down one way or the other.

  14. Ruben says:

    Cerrone Sub 1

  15. Blocc Monster says:


  16. Noah says:

    Cowboy by rear naked choke, round 2!

  17. Black Jesus says:

    It’s hard to watch two fighters you really like. This fight could go either way. If Guillard stays patient and doesn’t get caught rushing in, he could win this. If Cerrone gets to measure Guillard up with his kicks, he’ll win. Will be a great fight.

  18. You Cant Be Serious says:

    This jigga-boo is smokin rocks if he thinks he has a striking edge over cowboy. Anythung Guillard can do Cerrone can do better. Theres no question about it

  19. danielrchargers says:

    i say this fight goes exactly like Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley.
    with Cerrone being Nick and Guillard being Daley…

  20. Bjj BB says:

    Did any1 see melv

  21. Bjj BB says:

    Did any1 see how guillard was beating da shit out of nate diaz b4 u got stupid and git tapped?!! Then does any1 remember the nate and cowboy fight? Nate was getting the better of the two so trust me, guillard will smack that damn cowboy around like a lil red headed step child in K mart, then he will get tapped! Lmmfao!! Guillard needs to calm the fuck down and work on his jujits and jujits defense cause thats where hes lacking as a fighter, if he works more on that then his already great stand up then he could be great!!

  22. josh y says:

    some of you are just plain dumb as hell. A dude with that many wins is garbage? Why because he fights emotional and gets choked out? the fuck out of here with that. For the dude that called him a nigger i bet you wouldnt say that to his face or pretty much any black mans face. Fucking stupid as shit. Why dont you just talk mma and leave the race shit out of it. What the hell does that have to do with anything other than the fact you dont like non whites.

    All you are the same that said diaz didnt stand a chance against cowboy and look how that fight turned out.

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