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Tuesday, 03/19/2013, 09:18 pm

GSP’s Trainer Claims Georges Was “Sick” and “Uneasy” Prior to His UFC 158 Title Defense

There seems to always be controversial news that leaks out of fight camps following huge fights. The news can often change everyone’s perspectives on the fight and its outcome. The post-UFC 158 aftermath was flooded with news regarding cheating (hand wraps and spies in camps), unpaid taxes, retirement, and new number one contenders.

However, none of this breaking news really seemed to impact the title fight that took place between UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and challenger Nick Diaz. GSP successfully defended his UFC title for the eighth straight time and notched his eleventh straight victory inside the famed octagon. But, wait for it…

Now we’re getting news that The Champion was feeling the onset of a fever prior to defending his UFC gold. This, ladies and gentlemen, may not seem like a big deal but the reality is that if Georges was indeed fighting off a fever he was probably feeling weaker and slower than usual. That’s the way the body works, regardless of how great of shape the individual is in.

Here is what Georges’ head trainer, Firas Zahabi, told “The MMA Hour” when he appeared on the show after UFC 158:

“He was sick, you know. He had a bit of the start of a fever. He was a bit warm. But, what are you going to do? You’re not always going to have a perfect fight, you know? Everybody is a little injured, everybody is a bit busted up. He wasn’t sick enough to pull the plug on the fight, but he did have the start of the fever. He was warm and he was feeling a little uneasy. He was feeling a little sick.”

We’ll never know how much of an affect the fever had on St. Pierre and his performance but it could very well be the reason GSP was looking toward the clock on several occasions and why he seemed to slow his pace in the championship rounds.

We also have to credit Diaz for pushing Georges to his limit and then beyond but if GSP was also feeling the onset of a fever then that could also explain why Diaz told the media after the fight that St. Pierre hit like a girl and he still thought he could beat him. Georges, although he put on a solid, smart, and commendable performance to hang on to his strap, did look slower, weaker and worn out toward the end of the fight. This is something we have never seen from The Champ. He’s usually a cardio machine (ask BJ Penn and Thiago Alves) and his power is usually pretty respected (ask Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck).

Being sick absolutely hinders a fighter’s performance…that’s a fact. But only GSP himself knows how much it affected him inside the cage and what could have brought it on. For example: GSP cuts a lot of weight before his fights. This sudden weight drop, if not done right, has been proven to lower immunities and make you much weaker. So could the sickness be something he brought upon himself?

Regardless, “Rush” put on a quality performance and remained at the top of the welterweight mountain.

So what do you think Penn Nation? Did GSP look sick and did a supposed “fever” seem to hinder his title fight performance? Lets here what you have to say about Firas’ statements on “The MMA Hour.”


64 Responses to “GSP’s Trainer Claims Georges Was “Sick” and “Uneasy” Prior to His UFC 158 Title Defense”

  1. GET RID OF NATE "the cheat" (forever) says:

    Thats what happens when your body depends on so many differnt PED’s that when you have to taper off your body doesn’t feel right. Who’s a bigger cheater Nate Marqiardt or GSP? “COIN FLIP” IMO

  2. pk9grrr says:

    sick cause hes a softass

  3. Dee says:

    Sick? I buy that because he looked like crap.

  4. MJ says:

    Wasn’t he eating pizza in his post fight interview?

  5. Justin Wall says:

    Good thing for Diaz GSP was sick. Had GSP been in full health I would have hate to have seen the beating he would have thrown Diaz… Considering he manhandled him for a full 5 rounds..

  6. Knowitall says:

    I gaurantee he will be sick after Johnny gets done with him. He’ll be sick of getting his booty kicked.

  7. YoMama says:

    Great excuse as to why he could do nothing but try to drag Diaz to the ground and land 0 effective shots. Loved watching Diaz crab walk to the cage each time. GSP is the worst champ in the history of UFC. after getting KOd by Serra he has not fought an honest fight. Diaz looked alot better at the end of the fight than GSP. GSP was winded and face was battered. he wins by holding down smaller guys. period.

    • Sasquatch says:

      Sounds like your vagina is hurting along with the rest of the haters. I for one thought it was hilarious to see GSP humiliate Diaz with the same game plan Nick always ridicules him for and claimed “he can’t do it to me”… classic!

  8. Fox says:

    everyone keeps saying oh this guy is going to whoop gsp this guy is going to do this to gsp and then what happens they all end up going home with a loss gsp out smarts his opp everyone was hype o yea diaz is going to tear him up and what happen gsp took him down used his wrestling and stayed out of danger Hendricks is one of my favorite fighters but he going to be starving for that one punch and it will leave him open and the same thing will happen what happens to all of gsp opps I really don’t see no one beating gsp in his class he probably wont lose until he has a super fight and rory McDonald already said he would never fight gsp and he plans on moving to middleweight so everyone needs to stop hoping for that match because it wont happen

  9. Mademan says:

    UFC needs to put a stop to all of these fight jumps….this is a sport and talking shit should not get you the contentions it has been lately. Jake vs. Maia for contentions should be the next fight. Story wins 1 more fight plus a win over loser of Jake vs Maia to be in contentions….. UFC please structure this BS before it’s to late.

  10. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    That makes perfect sense. GSP looked a bit tired and he STILL beat the crap outta Nick. Lucky for Nick. New news; Hendrickssssssss……

  11. Ddddddd says:

    He probably got mono from Rohnda when she was teaching him Nicks secret moves.

  12. YoMama says:

    ironic that people on this site talk about Diaz as if he is not a top level fighter, yet he didnt get scratched by GSP, and after what he did to BJ and all. BJ is a living legend and Diaz worked him at his own game.

  13. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I just think it’s funny to read comments from people who were all butthurt when JDS or Silva said they had to deal with an injury, they said it were just bullshit excuses and Brazilians always say that.

    Now it’s GSP and it’s not an excuse?

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