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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 05:20 am

GSP Willing To Give Up His Title To Skip Condit And Fight Diaz?

According to his teammate Kenny Florian that is what he said…

“It’s interesting actually. At dinner after UFC 143 Georges said that he wants to fight Diaz so bad that he would be willing to give up his belt just so he can fight Diaz and then he would fight Condit, this is how bad he wants to fight Diaz.”

Probably just speaking in the heat of the moment, but this is the message Kenny Florian spouted off during last night’s UFC Tonight broadcast on FUEL TV.

The Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz fight has eluded fight fans on three different occasions. Originally the two were scheduled to face off in the main event of UFC 137. Diaz was removed, GSP got injured and the matchup was then scheduled for UFC 143. GSP again got injured and Diaz faced off with Carlos Condit.

A win over Condit would have put the twice scratched bout back into the UFC’s rotation, however Diaz failed to get the job done and with that lost his opportunity to fight GSP.

At least for the moment.

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48 Responses to “GSP Willing To Give Up His Title To Skip Condit And Fight Diaz?”

  1. DAMN! says:

    I think GSP and Nick are secretly best friends. GSP faked an injury to let Nick win the Interim belt but Condit came in and spoiled everything and now GSP wants to fight Nick so that he could prove that he’s better but secretly they’ve plotted that the winner of this fight should take out Condit because they’ve traded fight secrets to each other… But that’s just me…

  2. Thom says:

    Big talk george.. If you wanna fight nick that bad then stop talking about it and actually fight.

    • jacob lee says:

      Well that is impossible because GSP doesn’t fight. He may win, but he doesn’t come to fight wether he is standing up or on the ground he is just looking to win. Not exactly something that a true fight fan like myself is interested in seeing. I promise if GSP stands with Nick Diaz, Diaz will pick GSP apart. Styles make fights and GSp will not be able to do what COndit did, he is to heavy footed! Nick will chase him down and wear him down. And if it goes to the ground, Nick will Submit him very fast!

  3. maurice says:

    dumbest shit i ever heard!! lmao. wtf??

  4. Jb says:

    This is getting to be like a soap opera. George would crush Diaz. If Diaz couldn’t get condit to fight his fight you guys think George will?

    • jacob lee says:

      You clearly don’t know mma. GSP has different style than condit, he can’t do what condit did, and if he tried Nick would try harder cuz he knows how the judges are and what happened last time. Wether Diaz fights condit or GSP next, Diaz will finish the fight. And I hate DIaz

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        On top of this, Diaz is in GSPs head. He’s never acted like this before, and couple it with the fact that the world saw him as WEAK AS FUCK against those chumps Koscheck & Shields, he’ll be angry and want to “prove” something.

        And Diaz will fuck him up, cause if Shields could hit him, Nick sure as shit can.

        • WTF. GSP beat Jake Shields. KOS got fucked up by GSP badly that’s why KOS had to get surgery afterwards. Did you not see his face? GSP did that with his striking because nobody thought he would stand so he proved his point.

      • Mr.Rusk says:

        Really? Gsp can’t hop on a bike and point spar for 5 rounds? Really? No seriously, really?

  5. Calabama says:

    Bitch hold my belt while I smash this fool, then it’ll be your turn to get some…

  6. maurice says:

    lmao. da roids is starting to effect gsp mind…

  7. John says:

    Sounds like the UFC is gonna pressure Condit into an immediate rematch so Diaz can try again. Unanimous Decision and Dana White’s agreement of the result isn’t enough for a W any more. You have to fight twice so the Gsp/Diaz fight can try and be salvaged.

    • Calabama says:

      Yea it reminds me of how Condit “agreed” to step aside so Diaz and GSP could fight the first time.

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        If Condit would have TRIED to finish him, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

        I agree though, I fully expected the judges to give it to Diaz regardless, so they could skip all this bs.

        People keep saying “Condit wants the fight”. Bullshit. I’m not saying he’s scared (although he obviously wasn’t his usual self Saturday night), but he said MULTIPLE times during the post fight press conference he didn’t want to, his manager said the same, and so did Greg Jackson.

        Until early this morning, anyway. Now they keep saying “he’s asking for it”. Only if the fan response is getting to him, but I think he wants this as much as he wanted to step down the first time.

  8. Jb says:

    If I was condit I would wait for GSP. Not saying nick is a terrible fighter but at that level. Very few are just gonna bang with a belt on the line.

  9. omg says:

    George just needs to stay quiet for a while with his fake injuries and grease.

    • Brandon Wheaton says:


      My favorite thing, in an interview a few days ago, in his broke ass french accent he was talking about “I bean en mo striit fight then Neek Diuz en hees life”.

      Yeah, sure homie. On those brutal streets of french Canada.

      • Mr.Rusk says:

        Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Gsp really has been in more fights then Diaz. Parts of Canada are fuckin brutal. Half the fuckers are lumberjacks and the other half are fuckin hockey players.

        • zach says:

          No part of Canada is brutal like area in the us lol I dont know what your talkin about half of them are French, they haven’t even won a war in a fucking century, gsp is just a freak of nature

    • .... says:

      Oh Oh! wait, wait, wait!!!Look at this bad mothafucker’!Bitch, all you just need is to be reborned’ again and take that gay picture off, faget!

  10. notthis says:

    To OMG. Shut the fuck up u skinny oxyhead monkey, trying to act like u know what your talking about, go back to trying to be a rapper or basketball player or drug dealer. Gsp would beat the shit out of any of ur monkey fighters you love so much

  11. Brandon Wheaton says:

    lol GSP sees Diaz’s growing fan base and is starting to act like him.

    It’s true what they say, the more they talk, the more scared they are.

  12. GK says:

    The controversy and attention the welterweight division is getting is definitely making things exciting. This press is great for the UFC.

  13. magoo says:

    In his prime Nick Diaz couldn’t tie St Pierres shoes,I’m getting tired of all the yacking I hope this shit goes down,Diaz will get beat down!

  14. Moses white says:

    I keep hearing that GSP is a point fighter and doesn’t go in to win. What is that based on? He smashed Koschecks face for 5 rounds with nothing but jabs. After all the talk Kos did on TUF, I would’ve punished him the same way. GSP humiliated him. The Shields fight was a bit boring, but you could tell he was basically practicing his overhand right to try to knock him out. He couldn’t see most of the fight and still wooped Shields. An angry GSP is extremely dangerous… Just ask Hughes, (twice) Koscheck, and Serra. Not to mention his domination of Fitch, Hardy and Alves. Everyone talks shit about GSP, but almost no one has even put him in trouble other than his loss to Serra and Hughes. (Both viciously redeemed btw)

  15. Eqrem says:

    People can still get GSP – Diaz.. if Condit beats GSP. Nobody thought of that, did they?

  16. slacker says:

    GSP needs to come out and make this statement officially. Othewise, it’s just dinner talk with his pal Florian. If he does come out and say that publically, then the back – door Houdini better step – up.

  17. Chuck D-Cruz says:

    Just scrap and get it over with…GSP want it that bad knock on his door and do a back yard scrap like kimbo slice used to do…LOL!

  18. Chartmonster says:

    The Saint knows after watching Condit tear Diaz apart that Diaz will be a walk in the park against him! Make it happen Dana FK belt it’s about the battle..the Saint v the sinner!

  19. Johannes says:

    Id rather see Diaz gettin beaten the fck up than seein him lose like this. Now Carlos will get the chance to so just that, as he was SUPPOSED to do. Sometimes the W isnt enough, as u all can see obviously ! Also GSP is the man if he meant what he said.

  20. A.James says:

    Until Pierre comes out and says this I don’t believe it. I think it would be a great idea though.

  21. Peter says:

    Wow diaz supporters need to stop the crack pipe, Diaz was too stupid to recognise conduits gameplan and adapt after 5 rds you think he’s got a chance against a faster stronger more experienced fighter in GSP??? Diaz can box and has got good jui jitsu but has won most of his fights cause of his reach and height advantage over his opponents against condit he didnt and was stiffled. Diaz isn’t
    In GSP s league full stop

  22. mma is my religion says:

    Fuck GSP and his lame ass fighting style.

  23. ricci says:

    yeah GSP! go beat him up…don’t knock him out…just beat him up to a pulp!!!
    stupid attitude that nick!!

  24. Bigtime says:

    Just beat Condit then beat Diaz, …patience young padawan.

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