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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 05:20 am

GSP Willing To Give Up His Title To Skip Condit And Fight Diaz?

According to his teammate Kenny Florian that is what he said…

“It’s interesting actually. At dinner after UFC 143 Georges said that he wants to fight Diaz so bad that he would be willing to give up his belt just so he can fight Diaz and then he would fight Condit, this is how bad he wants to fight Diaz.”

Probably just speaking in the heat of the moment, but this is the message Kenny Florian spouted off during last night’s UFC Tonight broadcast on FUEL TV.

The Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz fight has eluded fight fans on three different occasions. Originally the two were scheduled to face off in the main event of UFC 137. Diaz was removed, GSP got injured and the matchup was then scheduled for UFC 143. GSP again got injured and Diaz faced off with Carlos Condit.

A win over Condit would have put the twice scratched bout back into the UFC’s rotation, however Diaz failed to get the job done and with that lost his opportunity to fight GSP.

At least for the moment.

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