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Monday, 07/02/2012, 10:46 pm

GSP Warns Silva To Not Take Sonnen Fight Personal | UFC NEWS

In one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history, Anderson Silva is ready to “Break” Chael Sonnen. After being ridiculed for years by his arch nemesis Sonnen, Silva blew up last week on a conference to promote the upcoming clash.

GSP has been through many of the same situations as Silva is dealing with and is advising Silva to fight his own fight and not allow Sonnen into his head. Sonnen may have gotten Silva to do just what he wanted, and by his outburst Sonnen may believe that he is in Silva’s head. When GSP spoke with he made the following comments on the whole situation.

“He wants to get into Anderson Silva’s head and he did it. That’s what he wants, because when you fight with emotion, you don’t fight smart.

“The crowd, they love it. (Silva) he’s going to go crazy but he can make a mistake if you do that. It’s a big mistake.”

“You have to go back to the reason he’s a champion. And the reason he’s a champion is because he fights smart, he’s skilled. More skilled than the other guys … He brings the fight where he is the best. He doesn’t go crazy.

“That’s what Chael Sonnen wants from him.”

Whether you agree with GSP or not, Silva and Sonnen will be a sure war. Now if Sonnen is in Silva’s head is still yet to be determined but the two have exchanged enough words and I do not know about you but I am just ready to see them throw down.



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