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Thursday, 10/10/2013, 12:39 pm

GSP ‘very disappointed’ by lack of UFC support

“The only thing is that I do not know if they (UFC) are willing to support me. I thought they were ready to support me, but I was disappointed, very disappointed with this turn of events.

There are things I can not say. I do not want to get back to the UFC because it is my employer. However, I do not take journalists for idiots. They are able to read between the lines. They are able to see what happens.”

The fighter who is likely the UFC’s $5 Million Man as well as the promotion’s welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, tells the Canadian Media that he is very disappointed with his employer.

So what has the UFC’s biggest star fuming with anger?

For starters, Johny Hendricks has opted out of his original commitment to undergo random drug testing by VADA while GSP has remained knee-deep into the program.

Secondly, GSP had thought that the UFC would back his play in an attempt to clean up the sport of Mixed MArtial arts, which they have not.

The champ has since been thrown under the bus by the NSAC and the title challenger, Johny Hendricks, who all publicly agreed that the VADA testing practices along with GSP’s inquisitions were shady.


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  1. drew says:

    gsp your actions made you look pretty shady, and honestly vada is pretty shady now too for being in cahoots with you

    • johnnybastone says:

      yo DREW!! with a name like that it’s no wonder you know shit and anyone who thinks GSP is shady has no idea what a great rep of our beautiful country of Canada GSP is or any clue what he stands for. He’s the perfect proof that you can be a champion without using drugs! Do your home work before you type your nest comments on anything MMA or any of our great Canadian champion’s!!!

  2. americafuckyeah says:

    cant wait for this fool to get KO’d……. again.

    • ian thornton says:

      u got to hit him 1st b4 u ko him plus all those who say he dosent finish hes boring blah blah…. whos the ONLY one to FINISH penn. b4 anyone starts to yell … he made him quit on the stool between rounds. thats worse than a ko n tapping together. penn is to this day considered unfinishable. hate him all u want anyone can ko , or sub , get lucky. how many can say they’ve won 99% of the rounds they fought in. 5 rd fights for the strap.thats more imprerssive than any ko or sub ever. good luck finding another who can clean out their division of ligit ppl. even silvas comp was minor (the majority 2or3 excluded) compared to the 170s from hughes to present. period end of discussion. now sit back relaxe n watch RUSH win another 5 rds straight. break another orbital with the jab. go 98-100% on takedwn attmp. add a few more strikes to the all time most significant strikes landed and continue the longest reign in 170lb history.HATERS

  3. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

    Anyone can clean up for one fight. GSP is the least tested fighter in all MMA. Anything GSP was on during his career is nothing that would show up with the LOW RENT shi’tty testing done by commissions such as Nevada athletic commission which doesn’t even test for the BEST PED for MMA which is EPO’s or HGH. They don’t test for Victor Conte’s “CLEAR” which helped Barry Bonds hit 80 home runs at almost 40 years old. They don’t even test for synthetic testosterone so any fighter can sue as much JUICE as they please during training camps as long as they taper down like Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt was doing when he got popped the last time and since has figured out its much easier to CHEAT/use TRT without and exemption because as long as you are vigilant about having your own testing done leading up to the fight and keep your levels below the INSANELY allowed 6 to 1 ratio its cake and you will be able to run circles around most “CLEAN” fighters because SYNTHETIC TESTOSTERONE allows you to train like an animal with recovery times a fraction of what it takes a CLEAN fighter like Ben Askren or Bj penn to recover. Anyone with a half of brain can just look at GSP and KNOW he has been JUICING his entire career and when you barely fight once a year its quite easy to JUICE 10 months out of the year and clean up 30-60 out from fight time. To all the IDIOTS who say GSP has never tested dirty for anything so he’s for sure a clean fighter you are nothing but in denial. I know a trainer who has trained Olympic athletes and been a trainer for over 30 years and he once told me that he would bet his house t5hat GSP is on the best PED’s money can buy and been on them for well over 10 years.

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