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Tuesday, 10/18/2011, 07:35 pm

GSP trainer comments on injury

“After he cooled down, I knew he couldn’t fight anymore. I’ve been around, I’ve seen injuries, and I know that that kind of injury is going to take at least two to five weeks of not standing on it for it to be really good (and) sturdy to fight. I don’t know what the medical term is. I don’t know which tendon, or ligament, or whatever is sprained. I’m not a doctor, but I know he’s [had] an MRI, he got tested, and he won’t be able to fight… I don’t want Georges coming back too early and making it worse. I want him to heal 100 percent and have plenty of time for the next training camp. I’m disappointed, but I don’t want to discourage Georges. I don’t want him to feel guilty at all. It’s a lot of man hours that he put in, a lot of sacrifice, and I would have liked to see him get (the reward). It’s unfortunate, but it’s going to be delayed.”

Tri Star Gyms Firas Zahabi talks to about his star athlete’s condition.

Up until this afternoon, welterweight champion, Georges St Pierre, was expected to defend his title next weekend at UFC 137, when all of a sudden the MMA world got turned upside down with news that he was injured and could no longer compete.

According to his coach’s standpoint, the injury will only have his fighter out of training for a few weeks and then, he can resume training for the Condit fight that has now been postponed.

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24 Responses to “GSP trainer comments on injury”

  1. robert todd says:

    Sucks but injuries are part of the fight game. Tore my pcl and sat out for 5-6 months. Just not worth risking injury to the other ligaments.

  2. wayuk says:

    hoping for a fast recovery then give us a very good fight once you’re back

  3. mmaislandjunkie says:

    id like to see proof of his injury, something just seems fishy about gsp’s last minute excuse. at least nate marquardt tried to fight even though he was busted for peds, it seems gsp is being extra cautious not to have his usage discovered.

  4. qwerty says:

    GSP was trying to emulate his hero, Van Damm. While doing the splits he stretched too far and tore his vagina open.. he can no longer compete in this event due to a stretched punani.

  5. Rob says:

    I’d rather Gsp fight healthy and it be a good fight thn him be able to lose nd have excuses

  6. Delaying so he can get through his p.e.d cycle.

  7. HarmZKR says:

    What is it with fighters training at Greg Jackson’s getting last minute injuries? Rashad right before he was due to fight Shogun, Frankie after his 2nd fight against Maynard, Jones after he fought Shogun and now GSP?

  8. James Toney says:

    I bet he could still fight if he wanted to. He turns into such a pussy when ever he gets hurt though. IMO he does not have the heart of a true fighter. Too scard to lose.

  9. Joe says:

    yea my friend and i discussed this last night, what if the roids were to show up on a test???
    so back out asap….

  10. Mach00man says:

    Ok? So what happens now? Will they have to create another stupid Interim (paper) Champ like they did with they heavyweights? How long before he gets to fight?

    • hecjr82 says:

      its easy to be motivated when your on peds lol but seriously when you have a history of cheating and all your fellow fighters look at you in that light, (always being greasy, using vasaline in the penn fight and hireing a guy to kiss penn on the cheep prior tp entrence on the cage leaves me to believe that he’ll try anything to win and I’m sure 100% of the world would believe the same if you/ they knew those facts. use to be a gsp fan but he doesn’t define what a Champ means, bj does, he always keeps it real with his fans, he was honest about his performances and training, speaks his mind and lets the world know when he sees something fishy or wrong, thats what a champ is strivint to be the best and not following the masses a true worrior leads a right path o did I menton he has/ had held to ufc titles in two diff divisions, and the man still aint done by far, this time against gsp I hope all eyes are on gsp to assure he doesn’t cheat or be grease.. can I get a AMEN 😉

  11. Bloodsport says:

    Peeps like to talk allot about GSP doing Roids. But I dunno…is there anybody out there that is as dedicated as he is? I mean, the guy is doing gymnastics for f-sakes; eats breaths and shits mma. Someone compared him to Van Damn in Bloodsport. I think the dude is just unbelievably disciplined and hence well conditioned.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      yea ok bud even gsps mom knows he didnt cycle off his peds correctly this time and to make sure no one knows of his ped usage he faked a knee injury. did u see a pic of his knee or and x-ray of it? i saw fitch’s proof when he went down but you wont find no proof from gsp because hes a phony.

      • Bloodsport says:

        meh. I dunno man. Sounds like you just don’t like the dude. Not much validity in your argument. Your saying that GSP is on roids – even his mom knows it (??) and because he hasn’t youtubed his Doctors appointment, it’s proof of him faking an injury to avoid being caught…?!! That about sum up your bullshit? Rashad is injured, so is Silva – I haven’t seen any proof of those injuries – they on roids too?

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