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Friday, 09/28/2012, 11:11 am

GSP Thinks Condit Is The Real Champ And He Is The Challenger | UFC NEWS

“I was at a point before my injury where I went to train because I had to, not because I wanted to. I lost motivation. I learned in my career that sometimes you need to break something to fix it before it breaks by itself. I don’t need to lose a fight to improve my training. I need to stay on top of the game before the fight game catches up on me. The long layoff allowed me to think about stuff. I needed to make my training more efficient for myself… In my contract, I was supposed to defend my title every year and I didn’t do it. For me, I see Carlos Condit as the champion and I’m getting a title shot.”

Yesterday the UFC held the UFC 154 pre-event press conference to kickoff the promotion of the GSP vs. Condit pay-per-view.

While fielding questions from the media, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre spoke on his place in the division and feeling like he doesn’t deserve to call himself the champ.



18 Responses to “GSP Thinks Condit Is The Real Champ And He Is The Challenger | UFC NEWS”

  1. crowan83 says:

    One of the many reasons I’ve always liked GSP. He’s always maintained his humble demeanor. Can’t wait to see him back in action. Hopefully the lay-off has sharpened his killer instict and we’ll see a definitive finish!

    • Bd says:

      Humble??? A greaser .. Juicer … Liar… All of these injuries all of a sudden .. Some research suggest that those are signs associated w past use of peds … But greaser nonetheless … He could’ve hurt someone badly all those years he was greasing .. Doesn’t anybody realize that?? Lol just saying .. Being humble doesn’t correlate with being a cheat

      • brandon says:

        i bet you are a sore loser bj penn fan that is still bitter about gsp beating his ass so bad he had to throw in the towel. if gsp used vaseline in the bj fight why did bj wait til the fight was over to say anything about it, why not mention it to the ref during the fight. people saying gsp is on steroids is just rediculous, he has never failed a test and there is no evidence to prove otherwise, just people who are pissed off that there favorite fighter lost to him

      • Truth says:

        Ha, please GSP is one of the best. He stays beating that ass, even beating fighters in thier own game,standup,wrestling,jujitsu. Not a cheater or a big fish in a little pond(jones) just a great legit fighter.

        • Bd says:

          There’s no athletic commissions that can test him in Canada .. Lol.. Just cuz you haven’t been caught doesn’t mean you’ve never done it

        • Big Papi says:

          Gsp beats that ass? LMAO. Yeah he beats ass by decisioning everyone in sight since what? 2006? FINISH A DAMN FIGHT GREASP

  2. Mr. Monster Man says:

    GSP is so freakin humble. He’s honestly such a nice guy.

    I was wondering when he’d get to the point of boredom…happy to hear he’s been able to motivate himself to get back out there and fight like the champ!

    Must say, I hope Condit wins so we get to see the WEC champ become a UFC champ and maintain his dominance like he did back in the days…he was my favorite fighter to watch back then.

  3. MMAnalyst says:

    That is a humble attitude… I think the layoff has helped his mental stresses a bit, sounds like he is fired up again, and that should make for more interesting fights, hopefully. That and opponents that can challenge him (or at least win a few rounds).

  4. Alan Peart says:

    It’s always funny when people fall for GSP’s “humble” schtick. Like how he always described every challenger as “My toughest opponent yet” (even Dan Hardy). It’s classic reverse psychology, trying to increase the pressure on the other guy by bigging them up.

    I guarantee you that NONE of the champions are genuinely humble. They think they are the shit, and they’re right! They just know you’re supposed to be “humble” and manage to pull it off with varying degrees of success. For some reason people always believe GSP, maybe it’s the Canadian accent.

    • haha says:

      YOU would know right? your comment is far fetched budddy, you need to get some sleep.

    • slacker says:

      I agree. A lot of reverse psychology going on, not just with their opponent, but with the media. As the champ, you gotta find a way to transfer some of that pressure elsewhere. I do believe, however, there is a measure of humility with GSP. For sure, sometimes he uses his accent in a phony way to try and come across humble and innocent. Also, by sounding poorer in English than he actually is, it buys him more time, as well as empathy from us listeners, for him to come up with something accurate and truthful to say. lol

  5. james says:

    Don’t you guys get it? It’s all psychological… GSP wants all the pressure to be on the Runner Condit… A defending champ has everything to lose while a challenger, everything to gain.

  6. Brett says:

    I guarantee if GSP wins we wont see him fight again for another year! Hes a drama queen! Oh and when he does fight I guarantee it will be in Montreal! If I were Dana Id fucking make him fight Anderson in Brazil on fucking 2 hours notice! Fuck GSP!!

  7. allmightysandman says:

    GSP is humble for sure.

    “canadian accent” … alan peart you are one stupid human being.

    hate on haters….the real champ will keep his belt and he’ll be classy in doing so…like he always is.

  8. maurice says:

    Rashad and gsp r the fakest dudes in mma. Get major credit for shit they did years ago, but ppl jis ignore gsp is a lay n pray specialist. Dude could barely hang wit shields. Looked like a white belt in his attempts to sub hardy, alves, etc. Condit is goin to fuk gsp up. Diaz, condit and kampmann r all nightmare matchups for gsp. I only bet on jds, penn and anderson. Well im bettin big on carlos. Literally no way u can make it a “safe fight” with these well rounded finishers.

  9. poop says:

    Without reading this.. Shut up, Im drunk

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