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Monday, 02/13/2012, 10:03 am

GSP Still Wants Diaz Fight | Offers Wise Words To Diaz Against Leaving The UFC

“As far as Diaz, of course I would like to fight him because he thinks he’s better than me. I think I’m better than him. But I think he should not retire. He did all of the sacrifice in his life to be where he’s at right now. He’s at the highest point of his career, and if he retires now, he’s left a lot of money on the table that could pay for all of the sacrifices he has made during all those years. I think the sport of mixed martial arts needs a guy like him.”

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been hitting the media rounds hard lately. I guess the time off from training has given the champ a chance to connect with his fans through all the different media mediums available to him.

In his most recent interview with the Bruce Buffer radio show he touched on the Nick Diaz situation and spoke some wise words on the topic of Nick’s retirement announcement.

The welterweight champion makes a few very solid points. Nick Diaz has worked very hard to climb to the top of the ladder, one minor setback that many deem a robbery should not be the reason he retires.

There is still money to be made, there are still fans to entertain and Diaz still has a lot to prove not only to himself but to the rest of the world waiting for the next time he steps inside the cage.

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39 Responses to “GSP Still Wants Diaz Fight | Offers Wise Words To Diaz Against Leaving The UFC”

  1. Paul says:

    Given time I still think this fight will happen one way or another. And just to be clear, I want to see this fight just to see what would happen. Fuck that lame “fanboy” status, everybody knows what I mean. All the “Diaz would this” and the “nah ah cause GSP would do that”. Let wait till they fight and enjoy the show.

  2. Steve O says:

    Hey Douche! Yeah you Diaz, you need to take lessons on how to be a man from GSP!!
    What loser smokes weed before a title fight and then whines about not winning?? You would have lost regardless genius! Hey Douche! No not you Nick the other douche,your coach, get Nicks dick out of your ass and train him to be more than just a street fighter! The UFC is not Stockton,aka the sphincter of America, the majority of UFC fighters are far more intelligent than anybody on Stockton!!

  3. TheCrippler says:

    He wants to retire because he doesn’t want his unwarrented hype train being completely derailed. Then people could say “of course he could beat GSP but he retired because he doesn’t like people running and bluh bluh”. Diaz can f*** off if he wants or he can stay and take his beating from Georges. Either way he ends up looking like a bitch.

  4. John Blaze says:

    My boy Grease St. Pierre makes a good point. UFC need bitch ass niggaz for the young champs to run through. Come back diaz!

  5. wut says:

    GSP via Grease and Fake Injuries.

  6. Mustard pancakes says:

    Yeah people can talk all the Shit they want about GSP. He’s still the best deal with it. If you can’t avoid his takedowns that your own problem. You are obviously not a well rounded fighter if you can’t avoid it.

  7. chardt says:

    GSP Is all class. And see’s himself as a professional ATHLETE, and Fighter. I Love the guy, and the way he represents himself and the organization. Great role model.

    Diaz is a scrapper, and is the living embodiment of a fighter. He walks it like he talks it. He doesn’t see himself as a professional’s just his life. Just as valid. The sport has room for both types.

    I don’t think pot should be a banned substance in MMA since it’s not a performance enhancer any more than say Caffeine.

  8. Thetude says:

    man am so sick of this diaz hype bullshit, The guy is a great fighter, tough as hell but his shitty attitude makes me think he isnt worthy to step into a ufc octagon. He shopuld be grateful that he has been given the opportunity to fight at the highest level, he loses one match and throws all away. Hes like the whiney little kid on the playgroung that loses one game of dodgeball then cries and decides not to play anymore. “Its not fair, wha wha” retire Nick cause i am tired of seeing your pouty little bitch face plastered up on this website.

  9. Steve O says:

    Hey “dog chapman” I would love to respond to your comments but I can’t understand a damn word you’re saying!! Trying learning the English language from somebody other than Snoop Dog and then repost your insult!

  10. Steve O says:

    Oh and by the way I didn’t know I have to kiss the ass of a guy who may or may not be able to whoop mine, that makes you a scared pussy!

  11. Jb says:

    Whether you like Diaz or GSP, GSP would kill Diaz. Bottom line.

  12. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    GSP is so full of shit. “The sport of MMA needs him” when he got done saying he is bad for the sport. We all know he wants to fight him, so stop trying to act like a good guy all ready. Its played out. Of course it is true that Diaz still stands to make a lot of money in the UFC. DUH. GSP keeps talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is just better than guys like Jon Jones at doing it. At least fighters like Diaz, Penn, Hardy (you see where I am going with this) say what they believe and stand by it. Just stfu already GSP. Your “good guy” persona is wearing thin.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Diaz is unorthodoxly good for MMA. His polarizing personality is good for the exposure of MMA not unlike Brock Lesnar. People will pay to see him lose just like Mayweather in boxing. Do you really think more people like Mayweather or Diaz more than they hate them?

  13. kevin9999 says:

    GSP wants to fight him to show the world that Diaz is no where near his level. Since you morons can’t see that he has to prove it. Diaz isn’t even top 5 at 170.

  14. Philippe says:

    GSP wants the money that will come from fighting Diaz. Why do you think DW and GSP looked like beat up after the Condit Diaz decision. They looked like they wanted cry.

  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    GSP is so obsessed! He has either found his arch rival or his man crush in Diaz.

  16. MMAnalyst says:

    At a certain point in your career – or at a certain level – I guess you want interesting match-ups most of all. GSP has basically cleaned the division and now just has new up-and-comers to fight (Ellenberger/Hendricks/etc) or rematches – so no wonder he wants the always exciting, and personally irritating Mr. Diaz. Now that Condit is the interim champ – that’s another good fight of course – but Carlos is too ‘average’ at specific things that GSP is great at, and I think does not pose the threat that Diaz does. Even though Diaz is more predictable and less dynamic he is aggressive, tireless and very compelling match-up for GSP. Beyond Diaz (and Condit of course) and endless line of younger WW would get boring I think… that’s the other thing, Diaz is unique in his style. No offense to Ellenberger/Hendricks/Koscheck/Pierce… but wrestlers with good striking are not that unique a match-up for GSP who tends to outwrestle them anyhow, and knows how to move better and mix-up his attacks better. Just my 2 cents.

  17. mastercraftsman says:

    diaz is a fucking pussy he failed the drug test because he nos gsp will smash him…. there is no other excuse for failing it other then he does not want to fight gsp and gsp was right in saying diaz does not want to fight me in an interview so fuck all you diaz cock suckers

  18. kevin9999 says:

    Diaz is not top 5. All the powerful wrestlers in the division would destroy him.

  19. English lion says:

    How can anyone knock GSP , Diaz tried his silly tactics against condit and look where that got him , a defeat . GSP is a credit to the sport , a great ambadssor for the UFC . And as for Diaz , well Im already looking forward to him getting smashed in in his next fight .

  20. Steve O says:

    Diaz a top 5 welterweight is laughable! He hasn’t faced a top 15 welterweight in 4-5 years and and when he did he lost!!! Hence the move to the D-League

  21. true mma says:

    GSP needs to shut the fuck up already and worry about finishing a god damn fight.

  22. Known says:

    Forget all the bullshit, there is so much money on the table. The best thing for both of them is to book the fight and put it in the bank. Hopefully Diaz comes back after his suspension and the fight happens. Let them settle it and make a lot of money while they do it.

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