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Wednesday, 02/19/2014, 12:18 pm

GSP Speaks Out: ‘I’m Not Afraid Of Dana White’, Still Set On ‘Attacking The System’

What Credentials Georges?

In a recent interview with Michael Landsberg of TSN’s Off The Record, former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, talked about his newfound mission in life. Cleaning up the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Since his UFC exodus the Canadian fighter has been more vocal than ever about his role as a UFC Fighter and the failures of his past employer. Or maybe it really is all just a “Smoke Screen“.

Here’s the latest:

“What do I want to attack? I want to attack the system. I don’t want to attack the individual. People have to understand, I don’t want to attack the UFC. I’m one of the guys that stands for the sport, stands for the UFC. I want to do that to help the brand, help the sport. I’m one of the guys that fights for the legitimacy of my sport. I think right now there is a big problem. When I came out with this I got so many text messages from guys who are afraid to speak. Not even fighters, reporters are afraid to lose their credentials, but they tell me ‘You’re doing the right thing. We support you.’ Lorenzo is the boss. You have to understand, I’m not afraid or mad at Dana. Dana is the promoter. He said stuff and I don’t take it personally. Dana is the business guy. He’s a promoter and it’s his role as a business man to want to make a rematch [with Johny Hendricks] because it will attract a lot of people. That’s his role. He doesn’t care if you like it or love it or hate it, he wants you to tune in. That’s the main role of Dana White. He did it well. Everyone reacted. He doesn’t care if people say, ‘Oh he’s so bad!’ No, he’s not. He’s a promoter. Probably the best promoter in the world right now, of all sports.”


2 Responses to “GSP Speaks Out: ‘I’m Not Afraid Of Dana White’, Still Set On ‘Attacking The System’”

  1. greaseygranny says:

    Please go away for good GSP. All respect for this guy is long gone. True colors have really come out. For someone that says he can’t handle the pressure and needs out of the public eye, he sure is trying to stay in the public eye. Now he’s saying he left cause of roids and other bs. He was either lying then or lying now. Just go away.

  2. gaffirl123 says:

    got to love the “im not afraid of dana” headline….. fuckin asshole journalists

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